Dec 28, 2010


"And the winner is Ms. Jenny Rose" he announced and the whole gathering burst into a great applause.

She was already waiting her fingers crossed while the nominations were read aloud. She was nominated for the World's best poetry awards, "International Poetic Merit Award" given by the International society of poets every year to the World's best poet. She was nominated every year for the last 9 years and this was the 10th time. But till today, the dream wasnt true.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Put your hands together for Mr.Jenny Rose" the anchor calls out.

She was still waiting at her chair unable to believe that she is called and this time not just nomination but she has actually won the award. After a while, when she realized she walked towards the dias to collect the award.

In the black evening gown, she looked at her best. Walking elegantly with her head high trying hard to stop her tears carrying a beautiful smile, she was the most beautiful lady in the gathering. Every eye was looking at her admiring her beauty and cherishing her success. It was like a happy moment to everyone present there.

"Congratulations Jenny. Good job" He wished her while handing over the award.
"Ladies and Gentleman, its Ms. Jenny rose for you" announced the anchor while handing over the mic to her.

"Thank you dear. Thank you everyone for this award...." the list was very big. she thanked almost everyone she knew in life.

After the thank you session, she continued to speak "Now that i hold this award in my hands, I am falling short of words to express my joy. I was sitting there for the last nine years waiting for this moment and today when my dream has come true, I feel I was not prepared."

"I enjoyed writing all my life but today while stand here with this award, the only thing that comes to my mind is the picture that my dad clicked when I was 5 and the first time I took my pen. I dedicate this award to my dad who has been a constant support and my best critic"

"I promise to come back here the next year and get nominated again and I think, I will better be prepared with the speech from the next year as you never know, any day you may win"

"Thank you everyone. Thanks a ton"

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!


The Write Girl said...

What an inspiring story Yamini...this sounds like a great honor for any writer and poet. To have her dream realized is truly sweet. Lovely story dear!

Creativity!! said...

Fantastic Inspirational Motivational Uplifting Write Up Yamini :) :)

Wish You A Very Happy New Year Dear :) :)

Someone Is Special said...

Very inspiring one..

Someone is Special

Someone Is Special said...

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