Jul 31, 2010


Those small li'l things we cherished as joy are still very much alive in our lives, but do we really thinking about them? Those small li'l things brought us the world's greatest happiness but do we really have time to enjoy li'l smile thinking about them today? May be No.

Remember, the pleasure we had while leaving paper boats in the rain water. It was a voyage of our li'l heart traveling through the streams of muddy water. Still we enjoyed it. Our parents encouraged to make an other boat when one collapsed in the stream. May be this is whe we learnt our lesson "Never give up". But today do we really have time to leave paper boats in the running stream of water. Forget about making them, do we atleast have time to smile at those little children who are enjoying the innocent childhood same as we did once upon a time??

What about the gully cricket we played with our friends in the streets infront of our home? Remember how we used to shout and make the old man in the next house shout at us for the noise. Hey how can you ever forget the window pane that we broke hitting a big six not knowing that you would be out it the ball goes behind the wall? I remember batting and scoring 12runs(the highest in my cricket career) and the same day hititng a friend's nose while bowling. Come vacation , and it was time for some "Gully" Cricket, all that's needed is some space, a little shade, a bat & a ball and a bunch of people. But today we find ourselves shouting at those li'l children playing on a sunday evening in our gully while we are enjoin our weekend. Even when we are really interested to play cricket, why are we goin in search of a decent ground when our gullies are in place even today for some wonderful action? are we really forgetting the beauty of the life around, while searching for the same else where? May be, yes...!!!

Amidst all these, how about our grand parents stories? what in the world dint our grand parents talk about? Stories of Panchatantra to great epic of mahabharata. Stories of Tenali ramakrishna to the magic of Aladdin and his lamp. We were the kings and queens of the world of fantasy. We heard the hardships of Cindrella and were enthralled in the beauty tale of snow white. We knew the human touch of Jungle Book and logics of the Birbal. The Arabian Nights occupied our nights story times while the adventures of li'l Hanuma in the Day. But are our children really enjoying all these?? Are they atleast taken to their grand parents once in a while? I think our children know of Noddy better than Moglie, They know about Tom n Jerry than about Aladdin and the Genie.The know more about Mr.Bean and nothing about Tenali Rama Krishna. Bad but true.

ohhoo...how in the world can i forget playing the mud and making cutlary out of clay?wow.it was fun. Getting dirty with clay was what we enjoyed. Though our mom yelled in the back, we never left the clay infront. Only we knew how much fun it was. But today, the same 'we' give weird looks at the li'l children playing with the clay and if its our children, we leave no time to catch their arms and drag them home. Are we not taking away the precious childhood that we once enjoyed in the nature, by fixing them to the video games, play stations, etc.Our clay toys gave us immense pleasure and a sense of belongingness which the today's toy trains may not give.

Not just the above, our childhood gave us immense pleasure doing many other things too, our first song, our first dance, the season's first rain, mamma's special cookies, traditional festivals, Dancing in the streets for Ganesh festival, shopping for Raksha Bandhan, and what not? Are we not missing all of them today?

I agree that our careers are not allowing us to do all these today, but friends its our life. Probably we have to live it. If we spend today building a career to see a happy life in the future...who is gonna live our life today? Happiness doesn't mean that we win an oscar award or a Grammy award.

Happiness is about the ability to smile in life. You smile not because you are happy, you are happy because you smile. Some one rightly said
"Life is what we live while planning for a better tomorrow"

This is a post published for a change in our busy lives. Lets live from today, not with our computers, our project files, or our costly gadgets. Lets live with our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, our nature, our people around. Lets make our life a simpler and a happy one. Keep smiling as Life Rocks..!!!

Jul 30, 2010


Hello Dreamers

How are you all doing?? Am here today in my Land of Dreams for a thank you post. Its been a long time that I had written a thank you post. Earlier it was for my blogger friends who constantly supported me. But friends, this is for a different reason.

I was ill with viral fever from the last five days. Today is the 6th day and am still not out of bed completely. During this time, I was also very depressed of being away from home and having no one to even help me out to have some food. There was a time when I decided to go home but that means to travel 600 Kms. So had to drop the idea too.

While i was suffering frm such physical and mental illnesses, i had some angels who constantly checked with me and reminded me that i have people who care for me.

The first and very important of such angels is Hemanth. He was there constantly messagin me on phone and asking me about how my health was. Even today, I wake up to see his good morning message followed my "How are you feeling now?" message.

Hemanth thanks a lot yaar. Every time i felt alone, your message brought me a smile. I got strength to go to the hospital though i was feeling very weak. I may not have gone to the doctor that day if you weren't behind me insisting to go the hospital. You dont know how much your messages meant to me while i was sick.

Next come my sweet sister, Pramoda. I am in her home now. Though she is busy with her office work, she constantly asks me about how my health is. Keeping beside the care she takes of me, I have someone to talk to. She is a sweet heart. I feel like am back home being here. If I am able to sit and blog today, that's b'coz of her. LOVE YOU Di...!!!

Amidst all of them, ow can i ever forget Leo. He is a friend who is always there to boost up my morale when its down. Leo knows that blogging makes me better. He reminds me that and encourages me to write..so that atleast for a while i can forget that i am ill. Leo, you are true. Blogging makes me feel better. Thanks da..!!!

Above all, Thanks to each and everyone who cared for me during this boring sickness and prayed for my wellness..thank you all..!!

With Love

Jul 29, 2010


She was busy arranging her home on her weekend. She was planning to rearrange her home sine a long time but today, she finally set to do it. While she was emptying the old cartons, her hands went over to an old album of her childhood memories.

She sat there flipping the photographs and recollecting her memories. But at the back of her mind, she was searching for a photograph f her long lost friend. To her dismay, she couldn’t find it. She again started to work with the other cartons where an envelope suddenly flew off from the pile of papers.

She consciously picked the envelop to check what it was and was astonished to see it on her name and is still unopened. She, sitting in the couch, opened it to find the photograph that she was searching for with a little tag attached to it which said:

“Dear, I love you for what you are and not what you want to be. Though I am leaving you today, my wishes shall always be with you. One day I shall certainly meet you but today, I have to leave. Bye friend.”

She could just find herself crying after reading the note. She was waiting for her long lost friend since last ten years and today she finds a letter left to her ten years back by the same friend.

As she sat there crying, he entered home with lovely bouquet of flowers expecting her cleaning the rooms. He is now her dearest friend whom she met a couple of years bac in college and he was her support in this world where she had no one else. Her parents died in a plane crash four years ago and since then she is all alone when this friend gave her a little hope to live.

Seeing her cry, he almost ran to her.
“What happened sweety? Why are you crying?”
She told him the story of her friend Immy and she passed on the envelop to him along with the photograph. The sight of the photograph astonished him.
“Who gave you this photograph? Please let me know, I want to see her.” he asked her anxiously.

“This is my photograph John. How do you know about this photograph?” She looked at him puzzled not knowing how he knows about the photograph.

“How can this be yours Jones? This is Annie’s photograph. I sent this to her.”
She almost couldn’t believer both her eyes and ears.

“Mr.John, I don’t understand how you got this photograph but it is in the right hands now. I am Annie, Annie Jones.”

“What? I cant believe this Jones. In the last three years, I never thought of even asking your first name. Neither did you bother to. Ms. Annie Jones, I am your long lost friend. I am Immy, Immy Johnson.”


I dedicate this tale to OCTAVES, my best friends. To meet them I am waiting from sometime back which to me seems to be like ages. I miss Octaves very badly...!!!

As of the tale, I dint know how to end it. So am leaving it here. I think I am satisfied with Immy n Annie meeting again, rather than giving the tale an end, as their eternal friendship shall never end, so shall my tale..!!!

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all the visitors of the Land of Dreams...!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Jul 28, 2010


Under the blanket of love
She wrapped me with care
Showing the beauty of life
Through her heart, her eyes

Understanding my pain
Before I uttered a word
In the desert of sorrows
She is the spring of smiles

Fashioned my dreams
Painted my hopes
She gave me strength
To achieve them for life

Angel of my life
My sweet special mother
The best in the world
I crown, is my own

Written for One Single Impression..!!!

Jul 19, 2010

OLD HOME...!!!

She was on a holiday to the place where she was born and brought up, after seven years. She had to leave that place since her had was in debt and had to sell their home. They had no place to stay and hence left the city looking for shelter.

She had enough money today that she wanted to buy her home back which the memories of her father who left her just an year back.

While walking through the street of her old home and the sight of the bicycle parked on the side brought her tears of her lifetime.

She remembered how her dad took her to the meadows on the same bicycle and how they had fun together. Having no one else in the world except her dad, he was her "world". But today, her world left her. She is here to get back those memories forever and ever.

Wiping her tears she entered that beautiful building to find elderly men and women all around. She soon found a young girl sitting at a corner desk busily working with her papers. She approached her to inquire about the owners.

"Excuse me."
"How may I help you ma'm?"
"I wanted to know about the owners of this place. i am interested to buy it."
"I fear you can't do that ma'm. The man who own this expired an year back and wrote the authority of this place to this trust. Also ma'm, he many elderly citizens live here in peace. Please don't disturb them."
"Can I atleast take the bicycle that's parked infront of this building?"
"I fear, you can't too ma'm. The only request that old man made before he was dead was not to take that bicycle from that place at anytime."
"May I know the reason? If you don't mind?"
"Ma'm he says his daughter loves that bicycle to be placed only there."

She suddenly couldn't believe her own ears. Tears rolling down...she asked the young lady if she can see the Old Man's Picture and the she get it for her.

Its her Dad...and the trust is on her name....!!

Instead of buying her old home, she adopted the whole home and continued to stay there along with others. But a question never left her mind.

"Why dint Dad tell this to me?"

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

Jul 13, 2010


"where are we going?" she asked him.
"We are almost there. You shall soon know" he said smiling at her blindfold.
They got down the car and he took her to the place where he first saw her and unfolded her blindfold and he was on his knees when she saw him.
"I LOVE YOU darling. Will you be with me forever?" he asked her.
She knew she could never say no.
"YES" she said with tears already rolling down.
As the docks stood there, they promised to live together forever.

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

Your's Truly Me #11

I wonder "why people shout to the top of their voices
and become aggressive just to make others agree to their point?"

Anyways, people are only going to agree with only what they believe in..!!!

Jul 10, 2010


Dreaming high
Working hard
Making it real
It may not always be
Still shall live life happily

Wow...after a long time i have attempted a new form of poetry known as Gogyohka(5-line poetry). To know more about this form click here. Am feeling really very good for having tried a different form after a long time..!!!


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

On a dawn of cool breezes
As my alarm sings
I cuddle my teddy
To bunk college, I wish

During a boring class
As the sky pours down
Think to walk out
To go for a long walk, I wish

After a boring day
Beauty of twilight engulfs
Tired to do anything
A sizzling coffee, I wish

During the dark night
As the moon brightens
With something cooked
To have mom’s food, I wish

While my eyelids kiss
As my day ends
Smiling at the whole day
For another wonderful day, I wish

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Jul 8, 2010


Earthly fragrances
refreshing senses
cool breezes
special moments

enjoying best
season's rains
dancing n smiling
with joy

eternal moments
of happiness
I capture
in rain

Jul 5, 2010


Forever you are free. You can run along the meadows, dance in the rain and do whatever you want” he said to her knowing that she is soon going to leave this world. As he said this, she ran into the green meadows with the balloons he brought in for her enjoying the cool breeze and the colors of nature.

Roughly for the last five years, she has been seeing the same room of the hospital and the same nurses but different patients around. He was with her all time along to let his love live for as long as possible. He loved her to the fullest and so did she. She knew that she in the hands of the best of the doctors in the world.

Everyday she literally saw hell with needles piercing into her nerves, bitter medicine running down her throat. The radiations, the chemotherapy could no longer affect the cancer cells but he never lost hope until today.

Even today he knew she is going to die but how soon was an answerless question. Until today, he did everything he can to take her away from the death bed but the reports said she can’t. Until today, he never had tears and was very strong but today everything changed when she asked him something for the first time.

Darling, I want to live like everyone. I want to see the colors of life. I am sick of the whites and greens around. I know I will die soon, but please let me live till I die. Please” she pleaded for which he couldn’t say No to.

ne day she shall for sure die. But he let her live today. He let her live everyday until she is dead and he has left a note for all of us to think of.

My dear world, there are many lives like my angel’s. I know you are going through a bad time. But dear, just let them live their last moments of life to the fullest. Let them live today. As you never know, they may never see tomorrow.”

Written for Acrostic Only and Thursday Tales...!!!


As I walk along

Now I start running

Know not how its

Loose running behind me

Ever will it leave

Bites not I fear

Injections later threatens me

To the heights, to

Enquire I look back

Rather to find none

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Not useful to any
Unknown is the reason
Indians suffer their insanity
So called leaders of
A large and diverse
Nation today known for
Careless politics, hopeless politicians
Ever will my country live

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Things dear to us

Remain for little while

In journey called life

Forever with us do

Live are people and

Eternal love adore it

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Remain lost in the
Eternal joy of reading
A lovely special book
Dear friend of mine
I enjoy reading it
Not just for fun
Great knowledge I gain

Written for ACROSTIC ONLY...!!!

Your's Truly Me #10

 "Amidst the busy days, the hectic schedules
find some time for yourself
you will sure be a better person
may not be for the rest of the world 
but definitely for yourself. "