Dec 9, 2010


Wow…The Land of Dreams is 500 posts old now…time for celebration..and I did…!!!

The best part of the 500th post [link] is the day it is posted. Dec 5th 2010, Its my mom’s birthday so very special to me. Though am away from her, I can feel her presence all around. She is the sweetest mother in the world and I love her to the best..!!!

The second best part is the author of the post, Leo aka Vinay[link], who is not only a very good writer and one of my best friends, but also a person whom I adore and depend on when in need.

The third best part is it was this week that my prompt was posted on One Single Impression [link] and have many poets from all around the world submitting their work. Many of whom wished my mom on her birthday through OSI. Thanks to OSI.

The fourth best part is it was that day when I attended the 25th Pune International Marathon for the first time. Though I didn’t run, I had fun.

The fifth best part is the end of the day, when I had a great dinner with one of my very good friends in Pune, Anusha Varshney. She made the day complete..!!!

So the fifth of December 2010, I had enjoyed five best things..!!!

The day was not only a happy one with friends and the world around, but it also taught me some lessons that I shall treasure for life..!!!

1. When you are hurt, let someone know. Speak to someone who is ready to hear you. You will feel good.

2. It is worth all the fun to wake up early in the morning and spend time with friends on a weekend and definitely life is all happy when you are out of home on a weekend.

3. Never lose hope, fight for what you deserve but in a right way. After you get what you are fighting for, you shall treasure it all your life not coz’ its special, coz’ you fought to get it.

4. Have fun in life. Never bother what others around you shall think. They are least bothered who you are and you may not meet them again in life.

5. Enjoy the nature’s beauty when many others are still sleeping. It is pleasant to see a sunrise on a winter morning while its rays kiss you through the cool fog.

Life is all about celebrating it. It is not about who you celebrate it with or how you celebrate it. It is all about how happy you are and how big your smile is. It is about who you are and how happy you want to be.



Someone Is Special said...

Great, 500 is a huge number and you have to be proud of this..

--Someone is Special--

Jingle said...

way to go..

keep it coming...

lakshman said...


Way to go! Keep up good work.