Jul 23, 2011


a glorious art form
to celebrate you am here
you are worth all dreams

a three lines from heart
admires our nature's beauty
is the Haiku art

theme blog Haiku Heights
celebrations just begun
so am here with mine

"Nature a canvas
beauty redefined each day
Thee, a great artist"

This dream is for celebrating the 550th post and also anniversary of Haiku Heights, a meme blog dedicated to Haiku art form....Thanks to Leo for constant encouragement and I truly salute his dedication...congratulations dear...may the journey continue forever..!!!

Jul 21, 2011


falling down
lifting me up
pooling up
all my smiles

my little friend
though you are late
I welcome
with open arms

With you I feel
like the bird
free to fly
up the world so high

dear rain drop
dance with the tune
special to you
close to my heart

Jul 13, 2011

JAB "WE" MET..!!!

Things have different every single day this July. To me, July was a boring month, coz’ there are no birthdays, no special dates, it was kind of boring month every year. But this year, it has actually turned interesting.

This July, I got to know who HE is. I now see those dreams complete as I could actually see him in it. Yes, am engaged. Everything happened just like that. Before I realized that I was actually going to get married, everything was confirmed.

The most interesting part of this special moment is that I knew who he was and how he looks like only after 10 days of me saying YES. July 1 2011, I said YES but dint know exactly how he looked like. I met him a couple of times earlier, but didn’t know who he was.

10 July 2011, the day when we first met as the To Be couple. Though I knew him earlier, that day he was different.

When I first met you
It's you, I never knew
now time revealed
that we are meant to be

The special bond
makes me feel new
Long have I searched
Finally I found you

Complete is my heart
with you in it
complete is my dream

as I see you in it

You are the one

The moment I knew
I smiled, I blushed
and started to love

I do believe that God above,
Created you for me to love.
He chose you from all the rest,
Because he knew I would love you best.