Dec 14, 2010


Hello dreamers

how are you all doing?? hope you are all having a great time in life...and enjoying your presence in my Land of Dreams. Am doing good too and my life as usual happy..!!!

Today, away from poetry, I want to write something about a person whom I admire and adore the most. She is a special person in my life and in the past 1.5 years, she has been the reason for my smile most of the time.

Pramoda Meduri[link], my sweet sister who is a cousin to the world but not to me. We definitely share a special bond than real sisters. Prams (as many know her) is my family in Pune. She is my dad when my pocket is empty, my mom when I am ill, my friend when I am lonely, my sweetest sister all the while...!! She is one person I can depend on forever in my life..!!

Today, I really dont know why am I writing this for her coz' there is no need of this post to let her know how much i love her...but I just feel like writing :)

Prams...this is especially for you dear ..!!

I have been with my sister for the all the years long but being with you from last 1.5years, brought me a special joy. Every time i come to your place on a weekend, its like coming back home. Dear, you are special to me..may be more special than chinni. I love you not for the way you are with me, I love you for the person you are and the respect you give to me and my dreams...Love you Di..!!

Di...just be with me always and i can assure you that with you beside, I can win this world anyday and any time..!!!Loads of Love..!!

I dedicate this post to Ms. Pramoda Meduri, my sweetest sweetest sister :)


Reflections said...

Very sweet post. May you continue to be blessed by this relationship and may your days be filled with love.

An Ordinary Gal said...

wow lovely post :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hyyy thats a lovelyyy and awesome gife for me to bigin the day newlyyy..:) Thanks ra...