Mar 22, 2015

My First Love...!!!

You must have held me high
I would've laughed out loud
Turning pink out of joy
Up in the air, you taught to trust

You must have held me beside
With my finger in your fist
And stories in your words
Walking along, you taught to lead

You must have smiled along
At my words, plays and myself too
 Just by being there, some times to
Growing along, you taught to share

You must have seen me fall
From the swing once or the tree
Tears rolled down to touch your fingers
Pushing again, you taught to be strong

You were just around
Your eyes on me
Sharing, teaching, loving & living
My life as yours, you held me through

Dear Dad,
You are my first love
And shall always be
For its me, your little daughter
However grown up I may be..!!

Mar 9, 2015


One of those days
When you feel sick at heart
Clock still ticks not the time you feel

Shades of grey you experience
Light though escapes darkness
No sun seen nor the moon

 The beautiful horizon is hid
Amidst the fog and clouds
Standing with thoughts occupying you

You sense the cool breeze
And the warmth of your tears
As loneliness eats you up

With every beat of heart
You know the time is passing
With the world standing still

Looking back I know
Everything was so beautiful
When did it change, I wonder

Mar 8, 2015


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Dear world

Days and years passed on but I  could never decide how to start this letter but it's high time I write. 

I know how difficult it was for me to take this birth. None rejoiced nor act a fake smile. Every one behaved as if the world has turned grey only because of me. I tried showing them colours but shades of grey they decided to see. I was deprived of love... Still I learnt smile. the smile continued along with a struggle to live and be loved yet he held the upper hand each time. World loved him more and that wicked smile of him made me stronger..!!!Then it sunk in that all my life I am his slave but that's NOT what hurts more..!!

What hurts is...
when he  kills my little girl
When he denies to respect my womb
The sacred place where he took birth too

What hurts is...
When he hits me hard  
With a whip once, a leather belt other
He is strong he thinks, but who shall tell I'm stronger

What hurts is...
When he looks at me to satisfy himself
Abusing me physically
And more psychologically

What hurts is...
He treats me as a slave
To cook, wash and clean
To be abused like never

What hurts is...
My flesh, my kids take only his name
Are known only by him
When they joke about me and my family

What hurts is...
The pain behind my smile
Tears hid in my eyes
Anger filled in my heart

What hurts is...
Above all this, I can't voice my words
I can't whip him back nor abuse him on the streets
I can't kick him nor kill him

An ordinary woman

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Mar 2, 2015

For her..!!

Waking to the dawn
A tear drops, a smile escapes
Sight of the mighty mountain
Built a fresh hope

She awaits a door knock
Through every tick of the clock
Counting her yet another day
Waiting for him to return

Dawn to the dusk
And the silent night fell
The mountain hid in the dark
Not her hope to see his spark

Who shall show her?
Her shattered dreams
War of the nation
Has long engulfed him

Who shall tell her?
To shed the tear of love
To show the smile of pride
To live the life in his memory