Sep 29, 2010


Hey visitors…how are you all doing?? Today I wanted to write something different in my blog..not the regular poems, nor the short stories..nor the regular stuff…but I am here in my land of dreams to list out my dreams as a young girl…so read them…hope you will enjoy them too…and yeah these are my real dreams ..for which I am working hard day in and day out…!!!

1. “I am his daughter today” but my dream is the day when he says “I am her father”.

2. To earn and give my mom so much money that she should never again say “This is the last note I have”

3. To take my sister all around Hyderabad and buy her whatever she wants. To take her to the finest restaurant and buy her the best meal ever. To buy her everything she wants.

4. To buy my Dad the best Diamond Ring (since my childhood he dreams to have one).

5. To give my mom everything she dreams of( the other day she asked me to get nice kebabs but I couldn’t as I had not enough cash)

6. To live in my home that’s small sweet and beautiful.

7. To live with Octaves forever, I mean we should live very nearby so that we are there for each other often

8. To make my NGO one of the best in the country, not because it will make us famous. It is possible only when we help the maximum in need.

9. To see a country where no citizen sleeps with hunger.

10. Talk about dreams and how can I forget my Dream Boy?? My dream for him is I should share his responsibilities and he should share mine.

11. Other silly (may be for you) dreams are to have Icecream while dancing in the snow, salsa with my dream boy, etc

12. Apart from all these I also dream to be an good Entrepreneur

That's are dreams?? nice na...i know...coz they are MY dreams...and hello hello dont just leave now....its time to go to the comments page and wish me All the Best...arey without your best wishes how can I achieve them???

Next dream very soon...till then happy dreaming..!!!

Sep 28, 2010

MY Home-Hyderabad…Take #1

Wow…finally my Land of Dreams is hosting this new series about my home city…the city where I had spent 22 years of my life…the city which has seen me grow up and the city that I have seen transforming..!!

Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India. This city is special to me and to most of the people around the country. Diverse, colorful, happy, cheerful, developing, special these are the adjectives that define my city.

But what do I start with? The old city of magnificent Charminar, the purana pool, the Golconda fort, the Buddha statue, the museums or the new city of Cyberabad that has the IT hub HITEC city, the games village Gachibowli or the many universities or the always busy streets or the amazing street food or the biryanis and kebabs, or the amazing people where should I start??

Hyderabad is a place to be once in your life time…the reasons for this.... just follow this seriesand you will know... and yeah, you will definitely fall in love with my city too..!!!

But for now, I am leaving it here. Will be back very soon...with the amazing stories of my city, my home..!!!


Sep 26, 2010


every turn in life
well carved
every joy of life
beautifully designed

celebrated every smile
thought upon every sorrow
jumping high when happy
folding small when sad

swimming in my life's reality
its now strong and hard
but still soft as a petal
lovable as a doll

A monument of my life
A treasure of smiles
its my little heart
helping me be alive
Written for One Single Impression...!!!


Her changing colors
fresh fragrances are a joy
to my sacred heart
Written for Haiku Heights...!!!

Sep 25, 2010


Silent whispers
of his breathe I hear
my name it speaks
his name I think of

Gentle touch
of his fingers I feel
brushing my hair
his hair I search for

Warm hug
of his arms I enjoy
caressing my senses
hug him back I await

Soft rythm
of his heart beat I know
a lullaby to my little heart
hear it again I yearn

As I near him
the dawn breaks
the alarm rings
the dream lost

Am waiting for him
the love of my life
to complete me
to live life of dreams

Sep 24, 2010

My Brother...!!!

"Will Daddy come to take us home?" she asked him with all innocence filled in her voice.

"No dear, he has left us already not to take with him ever" he replied not knowing how to tell her that her parents died in an accident just a couple of days back.
"Then who will take us home bhaiyya? Its already getting dark here. I am scared." she asked him again looking at the dark clouds in the sky.
"Munni, I will take care of you till I am with you. I will take you home. I will get you ready for school and also play with you. So, never again ask about Mom and Dad. OK" he told her hiding his tears.
"Bhaiyya, will you also take care of my Guddi?" She asked innocently showing her favorite teddy in her hands.
"Yes dear. I will" he replied and kissed her.

From that day on, he worked hard to take care of his sister and their old servant took care of both of them. They studied in the same school and lived in the same home for years. Thanks to their parents who left them everything thats needed. Years passed and Munni never asked him about their parents again as she also understood that they are no more.

*********After 20 years, on the graduation day of Munni**************

"Now let us invite the Gold Medalist of our university. Ms.Munni Thiagarajan" the announcement was loud and the applause was louder. He sat in the crowd to see his sweet sister take the medal that she deserved.

He saw her happily walking towards the dias and that was a very special moment for both of them.
But before she took the medal and the degree from the Chief Guest, she took the mic to say something. He was curious and also happy to listen her talking to the crowd.

"Dear friends, Congratultions to all of you, including me for this wonderful journey in life. This day is special to each of us and may be thats the reason that you came here with your parents. But I have come only with my brother. There is a reason for it. 20 years before today, my parents died in a car accident and my brother never told this to me. He asked me to promise that i will never ask him about it. He took all the pain to take care of me. He is a special brother and I am proud that he is my brother." she announced and he was already in tears listening to all these.

"My dad left him and me when we were very young. But still even today I am known as Munni Thiagarajan. On this special day, I would want to change my name as Munni Vishwanathan and also request the management to give the degree to Mr. Vishwanathan, my brother" She requested the chief guest who immediately approved.

Vishwanathan had just tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He moved proudly to the dias and kissed her again. He took the degree and walked with her back.

Amidst all these, Munni remembered that day when her brother kissed her while promising his life for her. She felt the love even more special today while he kissed her again.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Sep 22, 2010


Wealthy not poor
educated not illiterate
Nourished not famished
I anticipate my country to be

Girl welfare not her deaths
Greenery around not deforestation
Living together not fighting against
I anticipate my country to be

Happy not deplorable
enough not deprived of
Leader not follower
I anticipate my country to be

Healthy not hungry
loving not hating
smiling not sad
I anticipate my country to be

Written for A-Z challenge..!!! Word Courtesy Leo..!!!

Sep 7, 2010


Social problems await solutions
Enough time spent we
Very action shall improv
Enlightening lives of those
Raise voices together for
Evils to be free

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Now and forever great river
In fertile soils, desert sands
Loved all over the world
Egyptians live along to survive

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Save green save earth
Highly popular, vastly campaigned
Actions are least bothered
Mother Earth is dying
Ever shall we act??

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Affecting general social behavior
Usually see in in children
The disorder gradually develops
Illness to the brain
Synapses disturbed interaction lowered
Makes child live alone

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Heavenly rhythm
Uttering wings
Move across
Mother Earth
I admire
Niche beauty
Gifted bird

Best speed
Innate talent to
Rate nectar
Deserving flowers

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Caught it by clips, he just pulled
Roar not to stop, yet I was fulled
All I thought was death
Zeal to kick him born
Yet cant, he my dentist, my tooth he pulled

***My first attempt on Limericks...hope its written well..!!!***

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Grinning over
Rest of life
I live today
Making it special
A smile I
Ever not to leave

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Complete lovely woman
In dirty rags
Now gorgeously dressed
Dancing with prince
Right time missed
Every dirt back
Loved prince had
Luckily found her
A lovely tale

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!




Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Fairly dressed I wait
Umbrella of love guarding
Lights all turned off
Looking amidst dark clouds

May you find me
Oh my dear love
Only to see you
Nevertheless I wait smiling

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Used to dream you
See you I wait
Usual life am living
After you join me
Lovely it shall be

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Worldly pleasure
All mine
Love walking
Keen winds
I enjoy
Natural solace
Gifted treasure

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!

Sep 5, 2010


I have a bundle of choices
each one worth enough
choosing one is tough
so trying to hear inner voices

each time I find one better
to think about others I incline
strength about a choice decline
leaving me in the same confusion later

I saw dreams higher each day
thoughts of freedom rushed
even about him, I blushed
now together, they come my way

What shall I choose
the freedom of life
or settle as a wife
am just confused

people say both can be done
can be free as a wife
sharing with him my life
how can I say am one

am a confused soul
with bundle of choices
strong inner voices
but unable to decide as a whole

Written for OneSngleImpression..!!!


Is within I feel
The beauty I yearn to see
a joy forever

Written for Haiku Heights..!!!

Sep 4, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Shared my mother's flesh
heard her heart beat
saw nothing but darkness
amidst the smooth fluids

I felt my mother's breathe
I touched her precious womb
I knew not how she looked
the most beautiful I ever imagined

To see her I yearned
and the day finally arrived
when I left the bag of wool
to the basket of love

I saw light for the first time
it almost scared me
her arms gave me comfort
her hug brought me pleasure

In her comfort I slept
only to wake up in trash
am abandoned by her
may be she was forced to

I cried of hunger, of pain
no one heard, no one cared
I left that cruel world
returned to eternal darkness

am a girl, just like my mom was
am a girl, who shall give birth to a world
am a girl, my womb shapes lives
am a girl, is it my mistake??

What shall happen if I decide
never to return to that dirty world
never to enter a sacred womb
never to see light, so not to be killed

But am a woman with heart
I shall return back to let live world
you may be cruel to me
but I cant be as I am a Mother too

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Sep 3, 2010


Silent evening I
In this
Little Life

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!

Sep 2, 2010


Before you starting to read ma tale...i want to warn you that it is a bit long as i have exactly 777 words tale..!!! Here goes my tale...!!


As dawn pierced her rays into her hut, she woke up with the same anxiety as every day. She ran out to check the footbridge and the entire smile had suddenly faded. She went back into her home and started her daily chores. She saw the bridge day and night every now and then, but no one understood what she was looking for.

He is 15years old now and from last 10 years he has been seeing his mom do the same thing every day. She never left their hut. He never understood what actually his mom was searching for. He asked many a times but had no answer in return.

………15 years later……….
She woke up the same way as before and went to check out the footbridge and today the smile dint fade. She was happy as heaven and tears of happiness rolled down her wrinkled old cheeks.

Her son who had just come back from the United States to see his mom who lived in the same old hut even when he earned enough to afford a beautiful home, was surprised to see his mom happy seeing the bridge.

He wanted to know what kept his mom waiting for 25 long years. He joined his mom and could see a lady in her mid forties waiting for someone eagerly.
The footbridge was abandoned years before and a sight of a lady amazed him.
He asked his mom who that lady was and her mom finally sat down to tell him the story.

Dear son, this is a story of me and the people you are going to meet today.

….25 years earlier….

“We shall meet here one day when we prove ourselves to the world that we are no less than many successful people today” Arnav said to the whole of his gang.

Arnav was a part of that group of people who met me every day for four years while in their college. I used to sell some fruits over that bridge when their college started. Over four years there were not enough passengers over that bridge but every day I had customers. That was this group of friends. They came to me even on Sundays when it was a holiday for their college. I love them as much I as love you. They were those young ambitious souls who departed one day promising each other that they shall meet on this footbridge again.

To me friendship means them. They were there fore each other whenever anyone was in need. They teased, they smiled, they laughed, they giggled and sometimes even cried only together. They enjoyed life to the fullest. Amidst all these they planned their careers, they had set their goals, they designed the path they shall move on. They lived happily for four years and so did I.


“Dear son The day they promised to meet again one day on the same foot bridge. The happiness they brought into my life faded. I was happy bringing you up, but even you were the gift of their smiles. They named you Khush and I call you only by that name as they were in your name.” She said with tears.

The lady standing there is definitely Ruchi who is one among the group. This must be the day of reunion. “But mom, how can you recognize that its her and not anyone else?” Khush asked her.

“It’s the white dress she is wearing with a smiley badge pinned to her chest reveals the identity friend. The group’s favorite color is white and each of them owned a smiley batch as the symbol of their group.” she rushed inside, opened a small box that was always locked. She opened it carefully and took out a small white pouch from it. He couldn’t believe himself to see the same badge with his mom.

“Khush, I am a part of that group and today as you can see, is our reunion day” she said happily.
Khush rushed to the nearest mall and got her mom the best white sari her mom can ever imagine and he asked her to get ready instantly and she did the same in little while. He pinned the smiley badge to her sari and took her as if a father taking his daughter bride to her wedding ceremony, to the foot bridge where by now all the group of friends already assembled.

“Your group isn’t really complete without my mom joining it” he announced while all of them turned to see who it was.

That was the moment to be scribbled in their lives as the epitome of happiness.

Thanks to MaNik for the wonderful pic that inspired me..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!