Dec 19, 2010


Wowie...everytime I write something for my Land of Dreams, I felt proud about my pen. Everytime I saw someone following the Land of Dreams, I felt happy. Everytime I dreamt here, I felt special..!!!

Today, I write this for a special reason. The reason that makes me smile big and be happy for everytime I here from now on. The reason that makes me feel more responsible about being here as the Creator of this land..!!!

Today, I celebrate 100 followers who liked this place and who enjoyed being here and wanted to be here often. To every follower, I dedicate this post. To every dreamer here, I dedicate this post. To everyone who know me through this Land of Dreams, I dedicate this post...!!!

every thought
so nice and good
not as I believe in
but as you value it

every dream
indeed special
not as I see it
but as you admire it

every verse
I fondly write
for you to greet
with love and care

Every time here
I was happy
I felt boosted
I feel special

For all you here
a special thanks
deep from heart
for being here

A thanks for your words
for your hearty support
for your everlasting friendship
for your special presence



Sumit Sarkar said...

Lovely post...
I can understand your feelings...
Thanks for sharing your happiness :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Thanks for Dedicating a post. Congratulations to you :)

lakshman said...