Apr 30, 2009


Mind you all..its a very long post..!!! But do read..its a bit important and special for me... i dont say you will enjoy it...but for sure you will all have your friends in you mind for a while...!!! and i tell you i am not adding any pictures for this post...i dint find any one that can better match my post today..!!!

today is a special day..it has got many specialities...!!!

1. it is the last day of the fourth month of the ninth year of the twenty first century...!!!
2. it is the last day of my Friend month in this Land of Dreams..!!!
3. it is the last exam of my B.Tech life...!!!
4. it is the last day of my life's most happiest days...!!!
5. it is the last day of sitting in the college bus..!!!
6. it is the last day of my college...!!!

Here is a poem dedicated to all my friends at CM Engineering College and specially the Gang of Octaves..!!!

Together we were, everything to share
to play, to study, to love, to care
were in joy, in happiness, filled it in air
had every minute for each other to spare
not enjoyed a moment, this must be very rare
everything, till now, was neat and fair
enter the new phase of life, we now dare
with our lives, we alone now pair
we are no more for each other there
in reality, a feeling of presence we wear
the beauty of time we spent, we now stare
wish to get it back, will never leave it, we swear
like never before, we will hold it with care
but we know, its just a lit lamp in the air
Lets move on, with memories in heart, there
with confidence, lets achieve our goals, lets now dare..!!!

I know....its a bit different poem i ever wrote...i am seriously gonna miss those days...

when we had lunch together in the last bench,
when we played with water in the class room,
when we bunke the lectures just to spend some time in the canteen,
when we cheered our Cricket team in red hot sun,
when we organized events for the department and the college,
when we spent long days in the canteen,
when we had ice creams in the lawn,
when we took pictures for no reason,
when we laughed the fullest,
when we gave out our exams,
when we planned our parties,
when we fought for silly reasons,
when we cried if we were hurt,
when we passed comments on our juniors in the corridor,
when we enjoyed the time near the class window,
when we prepared and presented seminars,
when we did our project,
when we were tensed with the tests,
when we lived the most happiest days of our lives.

we are gonna miss those happy days alot....it was four years back when we joined this college with the fear of new place and the most important ragging...we are the first outgoing batch of our college and we now feel proud of it...the last day was a memorable one tooo.....juss like the very first day when we were in fear but today we were left in tears...!!!

Today, when it was time to leave, i felt like i am leaving something more important than my life in that special place...i still dont know what that feeling is....there was a farewell in the school too where i studied for 12 years,....also in my +2 but i never felt this bad....i dont know anything when i joined this college....but today, i know what is right and what is not...!!!

also, this is a special place for the poetess in me. this is the place where i wrote my first poem...it has seen the change in my poetry since the last four years....!!!

think of college i get to me the time specnt with best gng in the world....the Gang of Octaves...!!! its not four years old...guess, its just one and half year old....we were just friends till then and now we are the best friends for each other....we had all the experiences together....!!!

Sukanya, Chandu, Vijay, Swathi, Jitu, Karthik, Shashank, Chaitu.....every one are special. each of us are different at attitude...we fight daily...but we are back to normal in just the next two minutes...!!! we had the best time together...!!!

i think i am making the post too long..kya karoon....i orget time when i speak about my college...!!!

Gonna miss my college very badly..!!!

Apr 29, 2009


A true friend knows how to keep a secret
A true friend keeps promises for sure
A true friend keeps appointments on time
A true friend will never hurt others feelings
A true friend gives constructive criticism
A true friend knows when to listen without speaking
A true friend will not force on you when you want to be alone
A true friend will be there with you when you are alone
A true friend wipes your tears, no matter why you shed for
A true friend treasure you more than everything in the world
A true friend will guide you to the right path
A true friend lets you know what you are

I feel like an angel to let you know, you are one such friend
whom i treasure, i hold you tight with my two hands
i know, True Friends like you are very hard to find...!!!

Apr 28, 2009


you shared my secrets, my joy
you listened my lies, my faults
you saw my triumphs, my fears
you are my strength, my weakness

you cheered me up, when i was low
you shared your shoulder, when i cried
you remained silent, when i spoke
you adviced me the best, when i needed

you identify my thoughts, the inner me
you understand my feelings, my little life
you spoke to my heart, my soul
you had faith in me, so did i

i love to be in this little world
of love, that you showed
never leave me here, to see the
world of sorrow and hatred

Dear friend, i admire your presence
in my little life, which you made special
Dont leave me here all alone
i fear i may not live anymore..!!!

another poem done: Love you Dad..!!! check out..!!!

Apr 27, 2009


The air you filled in
in the balloon of my life
life that was empty and dark
dark soul i turned to be

be it for any reason, i was there
there in the world alone, i wait
wait to see you, my friend
friend, you become my trait

trait i wish to share
share the joy and fun
fun of life, joy of heart
heart of happiness, you have spun

spun the threads of love
love thats special born in you
you are the real friend my dear
dear, you are the best out of the very few..!!!

Apr 26, 2009


Better I became day after day
Love you shared is eternal
On the top of the world am I
Golden comments, i read from you
Great i feel, to be here in this world
Entered with lots of dreams to share
Reality they became in my journey here

Finding you is a great pleasure
Regularly i see you here
In my Land of Dreams
Energising my dreams
Not to end forever
Dear, so much i wish to say
So little are the words i have

Time i spent here is special
Heaven it showed me
I found the writer in me
Senses brought me smiles all the time

In this month of Friendship
Saluting am I, to all you people

For not just the love you shared
Or for the lines you made, but also for the
Round the life, the smiles you brought
U are all very special to me, Love you..!!!

This post is a dedication to all the bloggers out here. dear friends, you all have a special place in my Heart. i never know that i can write this much....but with you wonderful people encouraging me all the way round, The Land Of Dreams has become the best part of my life....thank you friends...!!! I am in search of right words to let you all know how happy i feel when i see you all readin my work.....thanks is the only word coming to my mind...!!!

every one are special like:

Hemanth: for the smiles he brings to his friends
Phoenix: for her stress handling attitude and ambitious soul
Vinay: for his different forms of poetry and his constant encouragement
Mayank: for his sweet posts about his girl
Kajal: for her smiling blossom of the pink orchids
Preethi: for her best poetry and wonderful feelings
Jeevan: for his confidence
PJ: for her fun and presence
Anwesa: for her times she makes a note about

Prams: for her being the best in my life...my sweet cousin

Amit: for his beautiful articles

Sam: for his never ending journey of life
Dhanya: for sweet posts she writes
Harshita: for her optimistic attitude
Mahesh: for his thoughts
shwetha: for her smiles

Prudhvi: for his help to continue my social service project

Prajyot: for his info abt the computer world
Mithe: for the special comments
Sawan: for the love he shares to the dear ones
Chriz: for his funny and humorous posts

and many more....sorry if i forgot u..!!!
(dont consider the order please..!!!)

i find many more in my followers list but never find them leaving a comment here.....thanks a lot friends but i wud feel more happy if you leave a comment here...!!! i dont like to end this post but i have to....so heres is the last three words i wish to say u..!!!


Apr 25, 2009


i was sad with my life
tears were all around
exams i left as i could not write
the smiles, i lost in the past
i was silent, speaking to my heart
knew never the reason for that
i cried, cried and cried
and finally, i broke into pieces

there were hands on the ground
picking the pieces, bringing them together
trying hard in making the normal me
amidst all the tears, i felt their love
amidst all the sorrow, i felt their warmth
they strived to bring me the smiles
finally they could, its their achievement

they are the best friends i have
they are the best gang to be with
they are my gang of octaves....!!!

hello friends...this post is again dedicated to Octaves...this poem is the situation i faced some time back and that was the worst part of my life....but then, i had my best friends with me who brought me the smiles that i left then....really yaar...Octaves are the best gang to be with....each of them are so special....i am gonna miss them the rest of my life..!!!

Apr 24, 2009


A special girl took birth today
just some years back
just to share smiles
but today, she is an angel
to some, i say, i am the one

the meaning of friendship
she better defined
the special role of friend
she deserves for sure
a princess for some, for me too

on this Birthday of hers
I am here, to cheer her presence
enjoy her friendship
and to wish her from my heart
Happy Birthday Sukanya...!!!


Apr 23, 2009

WHEN I WAS...!!!

when i was sad, you became my smile

when i was smiling, you are the reason
when i stumbled, you helped me walk
when i went dumb, you spoke my heart
when i was blind, you showed me the world
when i cried, you became the shoulder to lean on
when i needed an advice, you became my mentor
when i went wrong, you were there to correct
when i was to decide, you were the teacher i had
when i needed someone to cheer me up, you were there
when i needed the best friend, you were there

dear, can i ever be the friend like you...???

Apr 22, 2009



Came into my life, four years back
Most happiest days, it gave me

Every day spent was special
New "ME" i found there
Good times brought me smiles
In tough times, it brought me strength
Never will i forget, this special place
Especially, in my life here after
Each lesson i learned was special
Remind will i, in my journey of life
I knew the special smiles, all the while
Nearer to my heart is every minute
Going away from it hurts me now

Can i ever get back those Happy Days
Only for a while so as to live them again
Loving each day that made the life special
Living each minute with smiles and friends
Ever will i get them back, if so
Grab them will i, to live them the fullest
Enough of dreams, i will accept the truth


this post is dedicated to all the friends i got in CM ENGINEERING COLLEGE and to the college itself which has shown me what world is and which has been my second home since the last four years,....i am gonna miss it very badly...!!!!

Apr 21, 2009


Bells of the season
chime with a reason
a reason to sing songs
telling us what my child heart longs

You were there in our Childhood
you were there in our Adulthood
in our chocolates and creams
and in our hidden dreams

you are the first friends i had
you are still the best friends i have
may our love multiply every year
with joy in life, lets be together

i love you for the love you share
for the care you take
the way I am today
is all because of you, simply to say

MOM & DAD...I LOVE YOU...!!!

hello friends....i am going to Pune today..so will not be here till friday...so have a great time..!!
i am scheduling the post and hope all you wonderful people here are gonna enjoy my work...!!!

Have a happy Time Friends..!!!

Apr 20, 2009


Other side of me, you better know
Claps!! you are my strength, i realized
Trust me, you are the best gang to be with
Allowing me to be the best as ever
Very special you all are to me
Every day spent with you
So special it made my life to be...!!!

left to right....Yamini. Swathi, Sukku, Chandu, Jitu, Shashank, Vijay, Karthik n Chaitu...!!
the first pic is the hand made paper bag that i made with Chandu and Sukku...!!

hello friends...this is my Gang of Octaves on the Ethnic day of our college....we had a great time all the while through out these four years...we enjoyed the fullest. our college is gonna end and we are gonna miss each other...!! i know that we can talk on the phone, chat online, write letters, post mails...but they wont be there with me to share my joy, they wont be there to wipe of my tears, they wont be there to walk around with the hands on shoulders, ets..!!!


Apr 19, 2009


waiting for the special time
time thats for sure there
there i stand, alone for you
you bring me life, i'm aware

aware of the life ahead with you
you are the truth i tend to live with
with the love you share
share a spark of hope that you lit

lit the lamp called life
life thats dark till date
date today will be forever
forever you changed my fate

fate i never believed in
in smiles or in tough time
time you brought to me, for it
it is special, so here is a toast of wine

wine of love and joy
joy of life with you my friend
friend of my little heart
heart's beat without you will end...!!!

a new form of poetry again....this form is called loop poetry....where the last word of a line is used to the start the next one...and the rhyming goes in ABCB order....and here goes my first attempt...i am not sure if its come out good....but then, i hope its fine...!!!

Let me know any kind of changes that i should do to it...or any kind of suggestion to improve it...every advice, every suggestion is accepted..not just for this one...for all the dreams seen in my Land Of Dreams..!!!

the other blog updated : OPPORTUNITY check out...dont forget ok..!!!

Apr 18, 2009


found no place to go, am left alone
still was searching for a place
where i am known and cared

i wished to be the rain drop
so as to see it once atleast
then, leave off this world

i wished to be a flower bud
so as to blossom at the special place
then, with the dried petals to fall off

i searched...and now i found it..!!!

the place where i wanted to be a drop
i am the air, always there around
i am the sun, shinging bright
i am the star, twinkling every night

i got all the loved i needed
i got all the care i expected
it is your little heart, dear friend

i wish to be there always
not just to live or love
but to be as beautiful as i am today
Dear Friend, I LOVE YOU...!!!

Apr 17, 2009


chaha hain dil se tumhein
par mila hain poori duniya ke badle me tu
meri har aasoon ki karan samajke
meri har mukurahat ki wajah banagaye tu

is zindaki ke andhere ko mitathe
meri har nazar ke kiran bangaya hain tu
is duniya aur bhi ache lagne lage
meri is nazar ki khubsurat badhaya hain tu

tere dosti ka jashn main manaoon
isiliye, mere dost, reh hamesha mere saath
na chod mere haath, dikha mujhe duniya kya hoti hain
meri ek hi kwahish hain ki is duniya ko tere saath dekhoon

pata nahin chal bhi paoongi ya nahin
pata nahin kaise jeeoongi tere bina
mere dost, tu chod gaya
tho main kuch kar nahin sakti..!!!

hey friends, this for everyone i call friend in my life...i am not that good in hindi...so please bear till i write something in english..yeah till tomorow..!!!

Apr 16, 2009


For ever, for everyone it is open
Road to it leads to the world of smiles
In it is the ocean of love
Establishing this new world, are we
Never let it down, we are working for
Develop the desire to join, should others
Shower on them, the joy of life
Heaven of happiness, we shall show them
Inspire the other worlds to be like us
Paradise of joy, lets build..!!!

Apr 15, 2009


Friends are the flowers in the garden of life
They blossom when we just smile
They bring us the beauty we never know

Friends are the roses in the ocean of love
They show the beauty of the petals
They keep with them the thorns we never know

Friends are the rays of hope in the desire of life
They show us the possible ways
They see all the hardships to find one

Friends are the light in the darkness of life
They show us the path to live
They burn like the candle to help us

Friends are the breath of every life
They make be the best in the world
Never leave them, not for your life...!!!

Apr 14, 2009


For all times, you smiled at me
For all times, you made me smile
For all times, you wiped off my tears
For all times, you brought me joy
For all times, you encouraged me
For all times, you inspired me
For all times, you trusted me
For all times, you complimented me
For all times, you listened to me
For all times, you stood by me
For all times, you held my hand
For all times, you loved me
For all times, you cared me
For all times, you missed me
For all times, you shared with me

What do I say?
Just a THANK YOU….”NO”
So here am I, living for you
To be the FRIEND, you are to me..!!!

my other blogs updated:

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Apr 13, 2009


Yet another day I wish to start
With the lovely little heart
In which you are the best part
Helping me pull my life’s cart
Dear friend, you are the finest art

My view of a LEADER...check out here.

Apr 12, 2009


I may not be the sun to bring you light
I will be the light to shine you bright
I may not be the breeze bringing you smile
I will be the air helping you live every mile

I may not be the ocean of joy
I will be a drop every time you enjoy
I may not be the beauty of flower
I will be the fragrance you shower

I may not be the perfect friend
I will be your best friend till the end
I may not be there every minute with you
I will be there in every thing you do

Let me be there the way I want to be
The best friend ever this world can see

hello friends..today is a special day for me. all the day i spent only in the blogger world except with some house hold work. today i have started a new blog. a blog specially for the short stories, poems(yeah i know....again a poems blog), acrostics and most importantly for the prompts. there are some poems that i wrote as replies to the posts of some bloggers which i want to share with the others in this world. so i created this blog. please blog roll it so that you can enjoy them too.
check out..here is the link....!!!

Apr 11, 2009


the strings of love n joy
form a new instrument called friendship
that tunes a music called “LIFE”...!!!

i have attempted a short story. please read it and let me know how it is. the link is here.

Apr 10, 2009


The value of friendship they know better
The value of life, they taught me the best
The reason of smile they always are
The beauty is our relation, perfect is our bond

Don’t remember how life was, before I met them
Don’t know how it is going to be, after we depart
As of now, we are the happiest souls on earth
We are the Gang of OCTAVES

The special gang, known for the fun
Brings smiles all around, for sure
I am glad, I am one of it
That brought to me the music of friendship

The tune is so good, we soon forget the world
Best is the life with my gang, for sure...!!!!

to those who dont know, OCTAVES is ma gang name....i love them...they are the best friends i have today and i will have them the rest of my life.....Long Live OCTAVES...!!!

I have started another series in my other blog about something serious issues that every indian needs to think about.....please do check it out and post ur valueable views. here is the link

Apr 9, 2009

150 Dreams... The Brilliance Continues...

Today, the Land of Dreams reaches 150 posts. And I get the honour of being the first guest blogger here. This is also my first guest post ever.

I am not sure how long it has been since I met the wonderful blogger Yamini Meduri. It was sometime in October 08 i guess. She used to be known as DilMainHainPyar those days and she got to my blog from a friends blogroll. As time passed by, I got to know her real name, and we ended up becoming fast friends.

Yamini, your old pen name suited you. Your heart is indeed full of love. And the poems in your blog prove that. Love for your parents, your friends and just the pure love for poetry. Indeed, any person who has a frown on his face, all he needs to do is look at your smile, and he will forget what was troubling him. You are always willing to share our troubles and make us smile. No wonder I nicknamed you Smiley!

You are always there to help out when needed. If it is in your capacity to do, you are willing to do it. Frankly, I can say that there are very few people out there who would be willing to do this. With a big heart to take shelter, you always make friends so happy and enjoyable to just be with you and talk to you. You always hear us out and then help us solve our problem.

You are very versatile. Not only do you write quite good poetry, you are just brilliant at art. You just take my breath away with those pencil sketchings of yours. Especially the Radha Krishna pictures. If I had a photo of myself that was clear enough, I would give it to you, so you could sketch me. You are that good...! You also are very talented at that craftwork. Super handiwork you have!

You are a terrific social worker. The work you have done with Project Akanksha and for it, is quite commendable. And I have found you to be a honest blogger. You write from the heart always, and sometimes just hitting out on issues that you find dear to you.

Some friendships are long distance. But with you it is not. Seriously, when you are touching hearts with your words, no one will feel any distance at all. Though sometimes I do wish you were closeby, so I could give you a bear hug and lift you into the air! :)
Your friendship has that effect sometimes.

Thank you Yammi, for letting me be the guest blogger for this 150th dream. May you have many many more. And may I be there for all of them.

Yet am I to find
A friend so like you
My heart says I wont
Meet anyone like you
I find that to be true

Vinay aka Leo.

PS: Can I reserve guest post for 500th Dream too? Pretty Please Yammi! :)

Apr 8, 2009


The web I built has all the strings
Strings that are beautiful and strong
Weak I became, while building it
Left it there, in search of another world

Finding nowhere, something more beautiful
Came back to find, the web still there
But this time, it was complete
Wondered who would complete it

When I knew about the people responsible
I wanted to give them a hug
I wanted to show them my smile
But now I know, I can never do that

So here I am, in my Land of Dreams
Thanking all my virtual friends
Who supported me during my journey
Who completed the beautiful web of friends

hello friends...this post is for all those who read this post and also to those whom i admire in this virtual world. i believe that there has been a great impact of my virtual friends in my life. To me all my friends are the best and so are the virtual ones. so, dear friends here goes a post dedicated to you wonderful people who bring that little smile every time they are online.

the above is the award i would pass on to each and every blogger of this blogger world and i dont think i will have to mention all the names. but friends, you all mean a lot to me. thanks for being there always in my Land Of Dreams not just to share my dreams but also for making them special. Thanks a ton....!!

P.S.** i wish to see this award posted in your blogs.

P.S.S***this is my 149th post. tomorow is gonna be a special day as i am gonna do ma 150th post and i am happy that i am gonna do this special post in the month for friends....so, friends please dont miss to read ma post tomorow. it will definitely be a special one..!!***

Apr 7, 2009


sochein nahin jab hum apnon ke saath the
par woh sochta raha har pal, hamare liye
aaj jab poori duniya humein chod gaye
ab bhi woh hamare saath hain

unke har kwahish main hum hote hain
unke har soch main hum hote hain
par aaj tak hum samaj nahin paye
ki woh hi hamarein sache dost hain

jab hum samajgaye, jo saath hain
sirf khusi nahin, aasoon bhi
shayad ise hi kehte hain
khusi ki meete pal, asoon bhara dil...!!!

Translated in English:
Never thought when i was with my dear ones
but they thought about me, every minute
today the rest of the world left me alone
but then, they is still there with me

i was there in their every wish
i was there in their every thought
never i knew, till date
that they are my real frinends

when i realized, what were there with me were
not just the happiness, but the tears too
think people call them

Apr 6, 2009


i dont want to be the sun in your life
showing light in your already bright life

i want to be the moon in your life
bringing shine in your darkest times

ever in troubles, you are in
never forget, the friend you have

i will be there in all your journey
turn back, i must be following you

i am not lead you to your life
dear friend, i will help you lead your life...!!!

Apr 5, 2009


The days spent together
Were the beautiful ever
Leaving memories for today
The days then passed away

The hide and seek we played
The home work we did
The time spent in the tree’s shade
Memories flash back making me a kid

The paper boats left in the water tank
The icecreams from the kiddie bank
The toys we played with
Bring me the smiles very big

We were there for each other
Not just in happiness and laughter
But in tough times we had
That brought us sorrow, when we were sad

Childhood friends, my treasure
Being their friend, its my pleasure
The time spent is a memory now
Days passed, I still don’t know how..!!!

Apr 4, 2009


If you ever need me
I will be right there
Wherever you are
To be yours all the time

If you ever need me
I will be a smile far
Trying to bring the laughter
That you were waiting for

If you ever need me
I will be a heartbeat away
Spreading the love
That you shared with me

If you ever need me
I will always be there
To wipe of those tiny tears
That is worrying you

If you ever need me
I will be there, never worry
I will help you be "YOU"
As i know, no one in the world can be you

Apr 2, 2009


Be the light of my darkness
Show me the path to lead my life
Dear Friend, be the change I wish to see..!!!

Apr 1, 2009


After the last step of journey of miles
I still saw you with me, following
Never leaving me alone
Even when I wanted to be alone
Its not my dark shadow, its my bright image
The twin of my soul, my dear FRIEND
I just knew, it is you...!!!

hello friends...i am back with my special concept blog again..!!! this month i am gonna write about the most beautiful relationship in the world...after reading the poem you might have understood the concept for this month.....yes, very right...its about the FRIENDSHIP...so, wish me good luck to write up the best lines for those wonderful people who share a great place in ma heart..!!!

to those who dont know...i am known for the concept blogs where i write about one particular concept for a complete month...this is the third month doing it...the first was about our country, India and the second was about Love...and here is the third one about Friends..!!!