Jun 23, 2011


As a reader I met
who encouraged
my pen to write
since my heart felt

As a friend he turned
sharing my li'l world
in my smiles and tears
A special blogger friend

He met his girl
turned a loving husband
their love is eternal
so is their joy

Today, he is a father
of a li'l baby girl
A happy moment
forever fresh

On this special day
I share this dream
to welcome the baby girl
to his extremely beautiful world..!!

P.S. Today, my first ever reader of my Land of Dreams, Hemanth Potluri became a father of a little baby girl...So, this is my dedication to Hemz, Lucky and their li'l angel...I wish them all the joy and charm in their lives forever and ever..!!!

Jun 19, 2011


I know am a li'l late...but better NOW than Never..!!Heres' my post..!!

Since I woke up today, I was thinking about what to write in this post...I wanted to make it special...so all day I was thinking and the day just passed on..!!!

Finally I decided to take this opportunity to write him a letter and tell him everything I wanted to for years..a li'l long post...!!

Dear DAD..!! First of all...Happy FATHER's DAY...You are the best dad in the world..!!

Nanna..I woke up every day since I was a li'l girl and found you reading a newspaper and sipping mom's steaming coffee...I used to feel so good sitting beside you and reading the supplements...Actually I was not interested in the News..but that moment was special...Starting my day with you..!!

I enjoyed all the time you dropped me at school and college...I loved holding your hand and walking beside you...papa you really walk very fast...!! When you left me at my college gate in Pune two years back, I cried...I felt so alone...It was like hell of a moment...but when I was back home after two years...when you shook my hands...I was happy to heavens..!!

Papa...When you come back from work, a smile at the door made me even more happy...I have learnt alot from your smile...Its one thing I admire the most in everyone I meet...you taught me that a smile given always multiplies and returns back..!!

Dad...When I was sick...When you asked me how I felt..It really felt so good..!!

Nanna...Winters of my childhood were the best days of my life with you...When I used to wake up in the morning...U still reading the newspaper with the rugs covered..and I slowly get into them and you hide me from mom and I take a special nap on your lap...wowie...i miss those days....They were the best..!!

Dad...every moment spent with you was/is great...you are a lesson of love care and life...you taught me hard work...you taught me decision making...you taught me LIFE...Today I read newspaper every day...I understand politics better than my peers...I understand engineering your way...I see relationships specially...I admire places that are important...I live LIFE the way you taught me to...Love you for that :)
Ever since my life began
every time i walk and ran

you were there all around
very near to me, you are found

Ever since my life began
to help me lead my life, as i plan
I saw you catch my hand
you are my angel with the magic wand

Ever since my life began
every day, as my life ran
i saw you smart and strong
helping me with the right and wrong

Ever since my life began
I have been your biggest fan
admiring your strength
you presence is my wealth

Ever since my life began
a wish, i wrapped in the can
filled with love, i wait to give you
a gift from up above, from years its due

Ever since my life began
to wish you, was my little plan
Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day
May the happiness be all your way

Ever since my life began
to love you, I lived
May the winds of the season
bring joy for every reason

Ever since my life began
till it ends
Dear Dad,
I will be your li'l girl

Jun 15, 2011


from up above the skies
as drops of joy
my special friend
just returned back

the little rain drop
kissed my cheeks
the orchestral symphony
refreshed my senses

With freshness around
it brought me a smile
With special seven colors
it brought us cheer

My li'l friend, dear rain drop
thanks for coming back
coz' without you
I missed being ME

P.S. on the occasion of first rain of this monsoon in Hyderabad...!!!


She was the most beautiful bride ever. She looked amazing in her custom made Wedding gown and the pearl studded crown was holding the light veil gorgeously in place. The room was all decorated with the combination of pink and purple orchids and the air was scented with the best roses. It seemed like a perfect wedding day.

But she was tensed. She was marring her love of life whom she has known for years. But still, today she felt something different. She knew everything shall go well, but something unknown to us was disturbing her. He mom said, every bride has that feeling. Her dad just smiled when she told him.

She was looking out of the window, at the natural beauty but the smile was missing without her notice.

"Darling its time for us to join him" her dad opened the door.

She was not listening. Her dad called twice, but she dint turn back. Suddenly, a little rain drop kissed her cheek and she smiled. Her dad called her again.

She was then confused, whether to dance in the rain or to walk silently along the aisle and marry him. She was confused but decided to join him.

It was a happy wedding.

She did join him but they also danced in the rain as the happy couple.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!

Jun 8, 2011


I saw him everyday...rather he saw me everyday while on my way to college. His dark eyes never went off me until i board my bus. His ragged clothes turn dirtier each day but he never missed to find me each day. He never changes his place, never his smile.

"Dada why do you keep looking at me everyday??" I asked him one day.
He smiled but was silent.

After a few days, i knew the answer.

Its her daughter I remind him of. She killed herself years ago. She was abused by her 10 years elder brother first when she was just 7 and it continued for years. She bore all the pain but never knew whom to talk about it. One day when he turned as a Devil she couldnot bear the pain any more and the same day, she killed herself.

Her dad, this old man, cant fight his son for his lost daughter nor can he live in a world of such cruelty. He is fighting his life everyday waiting for death.

I was moved. I am lucky that I never faced any horror this way but I decided to be the helping hand to those innocent beings.

Today As I take the Gold medal as a Law Student, I take an oath in his name to save as many daughters as I can.

Written for Thursday Tales:Tales #62..!!!