Dec 30, 2009

MY WORLD...!!!!

Amidst the twinkling stars
and the bright soft moon
listening to the guitars'
finest silent tune

Closing my eyes
I slip to that special place
under the blue skies
where my smile forever stays

Its a colorful paradise
with the sprinkles of smiles
to happiness, giving rise
spread across the miles

A touch of the friendly breeze
the sight of the heaven around
wakes the special Me
dancing to every little sound

Its my Land of Dreams
beautiful forever and ever..!!!

Dec 18, 2009


Amidst the snowflakes
the hollies, stars and the bells
lies the happiness..!!!

kind of poetry: HAIKU..!!!

Dec 14, 2009


I am waiting for you
like the fresh new dawn
to experience your warmth
in your arms, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the beautiful dusk
to feel that little chill
in your breathe, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the dark sky
to be lit by the twinkles
in your smile, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the heavens above
to fly like the angels
in your love, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
for that candle light dinner
for that warmest hug
for all those special times

I am waiting for you
hope you heard this..!!!

Dec 5, 2009


Like the walking sunshine
you bring hope into my life
every day, your smile
gives me strength to face life

You taught me to love
you taught me to care
you brought me smiles
even when i was in grief

Your touch, your hug
your lap, i miss today
more than anything else
wish we were together

on this special day
you daughter with love
from her Land of Dreams
sends this little wish


today is my mom's birthday....may all the best wishes be with her...and may all the happiness be hers from this day on....Miss her like her to the heavens....dear friends, wish my mom on this special day with a great smile...thank you...!!!