Mar 25, 2010


Sweet rain drops
wrinkle the sea
tickling the waters
to dance in joy

We never know
the fall of raindrop
unless the sea
dances in joy

Though raindrop disturbs
the sea still dances
showing off the world
happiness is within

so lets live happily ever
though agony crawls in
lets wipe off tears
to spread smiles forever...!!!

Mar 17, 2010


As the little stream
quietly runs through
I wish to dance
to the music of water

As the flowers of the garden
create lovely fragrance
I wish to catch
the soft cloud to lie upon

As the butterflies
make a lovely breeze
I wish to gently float
just like the leaves

As the little rabbits
play around joyously
I wish to sing
for them to dance

Mar 12, 2010

TO MY LOVE...!!!

Rain drops fall from the sky
Stars shine from the heavens
Snow blows off the mountains
As I think of you

My love for you is
pure as the winter's snow
sweet as the spring's air
bright as the summer's sun

I dream of you the calm nights
amidst the beauty of life
that I am yet to experience
wish to see it with you

Love you loads
wish you know
reach me soon
to make me complete..!!!