Dec 11, 2010


Little new fellow
To you, our special hello
With us, you shall live
The best, you must believe

Welcome to the world of love
That’s all worlds’ above
We are special beauty
Enjoying it out duty

A name we think for you
To acquaint to the crew
We shall be there
Our community of hares

Joy you will be
As happy you shall be
Welcome Joy
To us to enjoy

Written for Monday's Child..!!!


Creativity!! said...

Fantastic Write Up!!!! Thanks A Lot For Your Cherishable Lovely Compliments. Your Presence Is Itself A Great Pleasure :) :)

Takecare :) :)

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear...thank you so much for understanding..!!

signed...bkm said...

thank you for posting Yamini...this little one is a joy for everyone...the whole world embraces it as you do...blessings...bkm

Yamini Meduri said...

@Signed bkm

thank you dear