Dec 1, 2010

498th Dream...!!!

Wow..its the 498th post and i have no clue what am i write here..!!!

It has been two long years of blogging and still find its still very new to me. I had started blogging in 2008 and now, its a time to celebrate..!!!

It is definitely a special post to me where I can say lot many things without any second thought..and yeah i would like to dedicate this post to every visitor of the Land of dreams..!!

Blogging has been my favorite time pass as it was my space where i can be me and where i can celebrate being me. It has always been special to write but, through a blog, it was not just about writing..its more about sharing..and i know it has worked miracles..!!!

My blog has not only improved my writing but also showered on me some wonderful friends. Not only friends, my land of dreams had connected me to some of my family members whom I never met as they were far away..!!! I definitely met some wonderful people who are not only special as writers but also as great people..!!! I love to talk to them, hear from them..and above all, to know them..!!!

The Land of Dreams, celebrates 500th post and its gonna be a great day as its my Mom's birthday too...!!!

so wishing my mom a very happy birthday well in advance...I thank all the dreamers here for being with me all while long and want them to be with me forever and ever..!!!

1 comment:

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

congrats gurl!!! way to go.

advance b'day wisher to ur sweet mom.

much love n hug. :)