Dec 5, 2010

Half A Thousand Dreams Unveiled..!

As I finish I wish to say
Don’t ever stop dreaming
Come what may
In this Land of Dreams
You are the best
No one is more loved
Stay forever blessed

The last time Leo had been reigning for a day in little Queen Yamini’s land of dreams, the last words he wrote for her were these. After more than a year filled with milestones, and quite beautiful poetry, Leo is in reign again for a day. I’m back for a milestone that’s of epic proportions you could say, and I’m going to write with as much gusto as I can.

Well, I’m kind of blank at this moment, writing this guest post for Yamini. It has been more than a year since I was last here. I think it was for her 198th post, and I wrote such a big story for that, that I don’t know if anything I say now can top that. But turning 500 posts is no little matter, and considering that I reserved the 500th post long back, and that she nearly cheated me out of it, I think some words I want to write. It’s a special moment for her, and for me too, coz I admire her posts a lot. Well, most of the time at least. Sometimes, I don’t feel her posts to be like her posts. It happens when you’ve read her blog for over two years, I guess!

In this one year, Yami and I’ve become closer friends. We’ve talked a lot over the phone; she’s writing better and better with each post, and she’s shot past the 300th and 400th post milestones faster than she’d expect. She’s reached this milestone a bit slower thanks to some silliness on her part. Thankfully, some how she realized she needs to speed up before she fully stopped. Thank God for friends who push her out of writer’s block at the right time. I’m kind of hoping she finishes 1000th in a month or two. It’s sort of a deal between Yamii and me. I get her big guest posts. LOL.!

She’s a passionate social worker, and she loves writing about it too. There are many poems dedicated to various causes. Inspired by injustice, she is. She’s a sponge for absorbing forms too. I’ve said it before, but I’ll restate it, coz it still holds true. She also has nice ideas, one of which materialized into Thursday Tales, our joint meme blog that I manage. She’s the chief there of course, and I’m technically the co-founder! She’s also pursuing her dream, and I think real close to realizing it. She’s good at fiction as well, though she can take some time to revise them before she posts, else they feel un-Yami-ish!

Hundred past
Double that too
Double that double
She’s not new
Five hundred
That’s where it’s at
No little feat
Milestone that
Life in her words
Dreams spur
Higher heights
That’s in her
Friendship day
Moment each
She continues
Hearts to reach

Happy 500th Yamii.

Your friend forever,
The Amateur Poet,

PS: I’m reserving the thousandth here. Now don’t say later I didn’t tell first.
PPS: I tried to wait, but its Chocolate Cake (Yumm!). I'm not that patient, so I took my piece already!! ;)


Yamini Meduri said...

Wowie...The Land of Dreams is 500 posts older now...Celebrations..!!!

Thanks Leo for such a wonderful post..Its indeed a special day for me not only that its the 500th dream today...but its on my mamma's birthday and today is the day when my prompt is on the OSI...!!

Wowie..above all, thanks to you for making this post happen...without you behind me, may be this post would have never been in this year..Thanks a ton dear :)

No more words
just the smile..!!!

:) :) :)

Reflections said...

500 is fantastic, great going Yammi

Jingle said...

sweet post.

Phoenix said...

Wishing you a very happy 500th!! wishing you many more such milestones...may these posts keep coming... may it keep spreading smiles :)

Someone Is Special said...

Wonderful guest post man.. When a blogger celebrates his/her milesstone post, then there would sure be Leo's post.. And yet you are humble to say I am just a amateur.. Great..

500 is a huge number, hoping you to pass that 1000 magic number soon and that too with Leo's wonderful post..

--Someone is Special--