Sep 28, 2008



This is my 25th post and so I would like make it something different. I would like to dedicate this post to some special persons. They inspire me to write and appreciate me for my work. I visit ma blog every now and then to check out if they read me. The list goes big but still I wish to mention it.


THE GANG OF OCTAVES--- every one of the octaves has been very supportive to me. They had encouraged me for every work of mine and read every post that I had posted. Among all of them, I would like to specially mention some one who read every post of mine and not only reading but also posted a comment about how I wrote it. The special person is Sukanya (sukku).

Thanks a lot sukanya and also the gang of octaves, you have helped me improve my way of writing and also encouraged me always.


JAGGERNUT--- he is my online friend from Pune. Satyajit is a HR in a US based company and is very hard working and helpful to all his subordinates. He is the one who makes me think about the next post every time. His comments are all very encouraging and makes me feel happy that I blog. Whenever I speak to him online, he asks me only about the blog updates and at times, he also suggests me about what to write.

Thanq HR and I hope you read every post of mine in the future as well. I wish I can live up to your hopes and make nice posts every time.


HEMANTH--- he is my blogger friend and I find his blogs very interesting and enjoyable. He writes about everything in the world and collect lot many pictures and posts them in this photos blog. The way he arranged elements in his blog helped me design my blog as well. I have got to visit many other blogs from his blogs list and got to know about lot many different things.

Thanq hemu. You have changed the way I blog and especially the idea of TDS was very good that I created a special blog to create special desktops and write stories for them. I hope you read my blog in the future as well and tell me about any mistakes that I may commit.


V.ARCHANA---she is my other blogger friend whom I met from Hemu’s blog. She is a great writer herself but doesn’t step back to appreciate my work. I love to see her comments for my posts.

Thanq Archana. Keep visiting my blog and keep blogging as well. All the best and thanx a lot dear.

Lastly, (very important person in ma life)

PRAMODA MEDURI--- she is my sister who actually gave me the idea about blogs and who inspired to me to blog too. After I had seen the posts in her blog, I decided that I should put out my views as well and so, you are all reading me. I can say that, she is the best sister in the world who encourages me about every thing.

Thanq sister. I feel glad to be your sister and I hope I will live up all your wishes as well.

Sep 18, 2008

I LOVE YOU...!!!

I wait to see your smile
As it makes me happy
I am standing in a crowded room
Yet I am feeling alone as I don’t find u there
I am picking my phone now and then
Yet I don’t see any call from you
I see you every where around me
Yet I find it difficult to know that it is not you

I think I will end up my life
But never let you know about my LOVE
But I am feared to miss you forever
I can feel the emptiness without u in my life
I hope I will get rid of this loneliness someday
When I take my last breath
For now I have to deal with it
I just wish to scream and say

Sep 16, 2008


many more happy returns of the day
may you be happy for the rest of your life
u wished to spread your wings
but u had to lay them down
u were always there for u
we laughed together everyday
i shared my every smile with you
i shared my every tear's reason with you
i like every way that you call me
its not only me who is happy
every friend of urs will be happy to be with you
i just can see that " i am happy"
may u celebrate many more this way
all the very best to your future
may our relation is the same forever and ever

Sep 13, 2008


I cried in the rain for a long time
I felt I was alone in the planet
The rain drops on my cheeks were warmer
The water was no longer tickling my feet
I didn’t feel the fresh cool breeze
But I never knew what was wrong with me

I struggled to open my eyes
I was afraid to look at a deserted place
I felt it difficult to breathe
I was feared to hear the silence
I found it very hard to believe that I was alone

Should I be happy that I am alive??? OR
Should I be sad that only I am alive???

Sep 11, 2008


The ‘T’ word is different for me
It designed my life to be like this

During my childhood
I never used to admire it this way
I never used to listen to it
I thought I was doing everything on my own
I thought I was born lucky

But today I’ve known that,
I was not born lucky
But was made lucky
I wasn’t doing anything on my own
There was this word which helped me doing it
I admire it as a gift to my life

The ‘T’ word is the “TEACHER”
And the person who shared it
Helped me read write and what not?
Whatever I am today is because of ma teacher


Sep 10, 2008


I want to live every life with you
I want to live every moment with you

You are the gift to me given by the Almighty
You are my angel on earth
No one mean so much to me as you are
No one loves me as you do

I may not be the one you dreamed of
But you are the one I dreamed to have
I may not be the one you love ‘the most’
But you are the one I love “the most”

No matter where I am, but with u in my mind
Helps me have a smile on my face
You may be only one person to the world
But you are the world to one person and that’s me.

Mother, promise me that
You will be the same forever
Accepting me for what I am
Guiding me about what I do


Sep 6, 2008


hey frnds
this time something different is being posted here. this is a gift to me frm my frnd, JITU (member of octaves). i liked it alot and i hope u will like it too

kuch kahe bina he samaj jate hai wo....
logo ko dosti ka matlab sikhati hai wo....
thodi se natkhat thodi se pyaare hai wo....
wo koi aur nahi yamini hamari hai wo....
class me sab ko darate hai wo....
koi uski baat na mane tho rooth jate hai wo....
kuch bhi kaho lagti bade pyaare hai wo...
wo koi aur nahi yamini hamari hai wo...
Doston ki daastan jab waqt sunayega........,
to hame bhi koi dost yaad aayega........,
bhool jayenge hum zindagi k gamo ko........,
jab yamini ke saath bitaya hua waqt yaad aayega........
--- BY
Jitendra Singh Chauhan (JITU)