May 31, 2009


Hello Friends...!!!

How are you all doing??? hope everything is going good at your side...!!! Dont ask abt life is always BINDAAS...and happy..!!!

Today, i am here to share with you my feelings...about everything...!!! I dont know why did i ever start to blog.....may be the main reason was to find someone reading my poems that i just started to write then...By the time i started to blog, i just wrote ten poems.....yeah, i started writing just two years back and blogging less than an year back..!!!

I wanted someone to read me and comment on my that i can improve...!!! Also, blogging was earlier a passtime for me, but now its a part of my life...all you wonderful people here encouraged me and inspired me to write more and more...and today i am with a collection of nearly 200 poems (not counted exactly ;)...)...!!!

I personally thank each one of you here for your continous encouragement and non stop comments...!!! Thanks a ton friends..!!!

In fact after nearly an year passed, i find that I made a new family where every member is my friend...and i am proud of it...thanks for being there friends...!!!

okok...i can understand..i must be boring, lets change the posting theme now..!!!

Recently, i have been awarded by my friends...really i am very greatful to recieve each one of them....thanks a ton friends...!!!

The Golden Heart Award by Kajal-the pink Orchid...!!!

A Thank you note from Mayank-The Crystal Maze...!!!

Sweet Award from Aarthi...!!!

Thanks friends....!!!

and now i have some awards to pass here they are...!!!

Sweet blogger Award goes to-- Priya Joyce, Phoenix, Hemanth, Mayank, PreetiLata, Vinay aka Leo, Kajal, Anwesa, Jeevan, Sawan, Pratsie, Amit, Mahesh, Harshita...!!!

The Emrals Award Goes to----Vinay, Raka, Hemanth, Prams, Kajal,Mayank, Preeti, PJ, Sam, Jeevan, Anwesa, Prats, Lena, Sneha, Chriz, Stephen, Pulkit, Amit, Harshita, Mithe, Dhanya, Jitu, Vijay, Swetha, Pallav, Prajyot, Archana...!!!

Funny Blogger award goes to...Chriz-the Chronic writer...he is unanimous..!!!

Lovely Siblings Award Goes to.....Vinay and Kajal....Unanimous again...!!!

Community blogger award goes to....Writer's Lounge....the family of writers..!!!

Congratulations winners....hope you all liked them and wish to see them in your blogs....Thank you...!!!

I am gonna leave my blog for the next six days...there are guests arriving at my Land of Dreams to join my celebrations...!!!

Dont wonder about what my celebrations are about....!!!

This is my 194th am gonna celebrate....!!!!

P.S. If any one missed my previous check out ok.....a to be read poem..!!!

IF I FEAR...!!!

This post is an answer to the questions in the previous post...if anyone missed my previous post..please do read it before you procedd to read this...!!!

If I feared to fell
could I ever be able to walk
If I feared to fail
could I ever take a challenge
If I feared to loose
could i ever compete in life
If I feared to break
could I ever handle my'self'

If i fear the axe, can I be the shade
If i fear the thorns, can I be the beauty
If i fear the arrow, can I fly high
If i fear the rock, can I dance at the beach
If i fear the broken dream, can I ever dream

Whats special, if you cant be one
Life is good, Life is Great
Why do you have to sit and wait
Let's stand and walk along

Accept life as a challenge
Play it safe, live it the fullest
Play to win, you will defenitely
Life is the way you think it to be

Desire to Dream, Live to Achieve..!!!

May 30, 2009

WHAT IF...??

I want to be a nice big tree
spreading shade all around
on every sunny day
What if i fear the stroke of the axe??

I want to be a beautiful rose
bringing smile on every little face
let the hearts dance with my beauty
What if i fear the thorns beneath??

I want to be the little bird
singing at the dawn
welcoming a new special day
What if i fearthe arrow of the hunter??

I want to be the waves of the sea
sharing joy to those on the beach
enjoying to be the reason of their smile
What if i fear the pain to hit the rocks??

I want to be the special girl
Dreaming my life thats a beauty already
Living it with smiles, Enjoying the happiness
What if i fear to see a broken dream??

Can i ever be what i want to be??
Can i ever live in happiness??
Can i ever Dream??
What if I should be like that???

The answers for these questions will be my next post...dont go anywhere....!!! Come back soon ok..!!! in the comment section, let me know abt how this poem is...dont juss say, you are waiting...ok...!!!

May 29, 2009


Have you anythought??
about what, in the box, i got
I know its your day today
your birthday, 29th of May

Funny jokes and laughs out loud,
We will always be your crowd.
Our friendship blossomed, like a rose,
We suddenly became, very close.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Birthday greetings, from my heart,
This celebration, we must start.

Hey friends, today is a special day again....we octaves are gonna celebrate again...coz, its our Swathi's birthday today....I am very exited as i am gonna meet octaves after a long time...!!! fun for sure all around..!!!

An acrostic written: SUCCESS...!!! please do check it ok..!!!

May 28, 2009


Knew nothing when i joined
learning all through the way
I forgot to notie the time
dont know when it passed

I recently realized
its time to leave
not just the friends
the college too

I miss them so much today
every work i do now
reminds me of it
its a special place

Its my college, my special world
where i discovered a 'NEW' me
which taught me not just subjects
but important lessons in life too


Hey friends

I got my final semester results today...i scored 72%...!!! All happy news on my way...!!! Yeah, your friend, Yamini Meduri is now, Yamini Meduri-B.Tech..!!! hehehe..!!!

May 27, 2009


Spreading joy all around
she entered this world
bringing smiles to the dear ones
now spreading them miles away

She is her mother's princes
and her father's angel
her friends' special girl
and simply, she is the bes

t She turned eighteen today
and is celebrating it with joy
Let's wish her a special day
and all the happiness to be hers

This is a little wish
to our Nanhi Pari, the Joyce Girl
Who is 18 today...!!!

Happy Birthday PJ..!!!

May 25, 2009


A beautiful little angel
with smile as her wings
entered our family
just an year ago

The little fingers caught him
The tiny eyes looked him
The beaut herself, is with him
Just an year ago

Its not just her birthday party tonight
Its the celebration of happiness
that she brought to us
Just an year ago

This is just a special wish
from my Land of Dreams
To my Brother's Daughter
Its her birthday today

Happy Birthday and many more wishes to JOSYA MEDURI....!!!

May 23, 2009


Little things in life
are not so special, we think
varying feelings, diverse thoughts
Good or bad, we care them not

Lets not forget them
They are indeed special
show us life, in a different way
full of challenges, lets face

Lets celebrate life
with a beautiful smile
Share them to the rest
lets live the life's best


May 22, 2009


Hey friends

I dont know how to start this post...and what to write....i am in such a happy mood today that i am just in search of words to express my feelings. All the while, i used to write a poem for every feeling my heart felt. But today, i am already trying to write one since last one hour but couldnot do here I am with a Non-poetry post...!!!

i know you are all wondering about whats that happy news.....yes, i am gonna tell you abt it...!!! As you all know, i got admission for my MBA [post link] in one of the top institutes in India in the branch of marketing....I was not interested in it...but thought this was written for me and hapily accepted it...!!!

But today i got a call from my college that i am given an option of branch transfer in the same college and Guess what??? they suggested me the branch that i always wanted to join....PM &HRD ( Personnel management and Human Resource Development)...and when they asked me if i was interested, i silently said them, YES. when the phone line went silent too...i jumped in happiness..!!!

Yes friends, Yamini Meduri is now into PM&HRD, her favorite specialisation.....and the most important thing is that.....everything is going in my favor...hope it remains the same until i reach my goal....!!!

As i already started, lemme tell you something abt a serious Yamini whom you harldy get to see here, in her Land of Dreams. I am very goal centric and have set a goal for the next ten years....yeah a very long time to go....!!But yes, i am trying very hard to reach it...!!!I am gonna leave my parents for the next two years, just because the path seems to be tought and i alone have to walk through it...!!!

Will not tell you what am i gonna do but for sure will do it...!! I am a very much fond of Kalam sir and I proudly name my dream as his' Vision2020. I wish i fulfill my dreams...!!!

I know you will all be there in all through my journey and you will defly know abt my success one day...!!!

Till then, wish me all the best that your wishes help me live the hardtimes happily..!!

OK..i think i am boring all of you now...thanks for reading all the while..!!!

Am out of town for a while....till 27th this keep rocking frends.....and meanwhile dont forget my Land of Dreams..!!!

May 20, 2009


This poem is written for a comment page of Kajal-The Pink Orchid....thought you will all like to here it goes...!!!

Touch the soft petals
your heart dances in joy
your dreams go infinite
your senses are all fresh

Think of the thorns
your heart cries in pain
your dreams never come to you
your senses will all be dead

Life is indeed a bed of roses
Its all your attidute that matters
see the flower, be postive
not the thorns that hurt you..!!!

May 19, 2009


There is something special
holding us together tight
though we are apart
since many long days

There is something special
that made us better and best
From the day one we met
We saw a different world

There is something special
That has sewn us together
with an unbreakable thread
Of love, of care, of joy, of happiness

There is something special
That is why i am missing you so much
I wish you are wit me forever and ever
Guiding me to the righteous path

There is something special
Not in us, not in the world around
It lies in the bond we share
Its the most precious gift I care

Dear Friend, lets celebrate
our precious FRIENDSHIP
holing it close, very close
to never let it go...!!!


I find many new comers at my blog....thanks to everyone for visitin my Land Of Dreams...Come back again...!!!! TO those who dont know...OCTAVES is a happy gang of friends and i am very happy to announce that I am an OCTAVIAN...!!!

Friends..Two more octavians blogging now...!!! Below are the links...Please check out and leave your comments there..!!

Vijay Bhargav: Bhargav's Space
Jitendra Singh Chauhan: Dar ke aage Jeet hain..!!

May 18, 2009


The wind whispers a silent tune
The waves sing the rhythm of joy
The waters wet the soft sand
The foam touches my feet, my senses

The lighthouses, the seashells
The salty weather, the fisherman boats
The tall trees, the beauty around
Will the beauty be there for ever?

Along the endless shoreline
I wish i walk with him
hand in hand, just us around
With the birds flying above

Whishpers he can only hear
His fingers brush my hair
A world i see in his arms
I wish I live this day, some time

May 17, 2009


Falling down from heaven
Flowing to a side to pool up
Between you kiss my cheeks
Refresh all my lost senses

You are not the same to everyone
To some you are precious
To some you are a disaster
To me, you are my best friend

You bring me a sweet smile
You dont show off my tears
Your tinest form is a joy
Your presence I always Enjoy

You are an art, you are a song
You are a beauty, you are a charm
You are not often there
But still, you are special

Dear Rain Drop,
My heart falls open when I stand in you
I feel no sorrow I feel no pain,
I feel so complete when I am with you..!!!

May 16, 2009


Sometimes i wonder
What if i had little wings
Just like my sweet angles
flying high with all the joy

With the fragrance of flowers
With the beauty of the little girl
I wish i fly there, high above the oak
Watching the world, up from there

What would it be like
above the cotton like clouds
Past the bright moon
Away from the twinkling stars

I wish i were an Angel
From the Heaven of Love
With a cute magic wand
To spell on you, the happiness...!!!

An Acrostic written: Destiny (Here)
An Article written too: Ban Plastic..Save World (Here)

May 15, 2009

I AM A WOMAN...!!!

I live in a world of love
Filled in loads for life
Dreaming about everything
Living to achieve them

I am a hope for life
to live it the fullest
My life is a lesson
to my inner "self"

I am an insipration
to my beloved heart
I am a recognition
of my values and principles

I define strength
I explain beauty
I love nature
I am special to me

I know my past
I understand my present
I force to move to the future
I am a "WOMAN"
I am proud to be one...!!!

This post is dedicated to all the woman bloggers...and the latter picture is the award that goes to every girl who is reading this post....!!!

Woman are the best people in the world and i am glad that i am one too....!!!

May 10, 2009


I was in search of an angel
wings of love and care
I was in search of a pearl
Pearl of the best beauty

I was in search of a flower
Flower with the best fragrance
I was in search of a Place
Which had the feel of a heaven

I was in search of a friend
Friend whi knew me better
I was in search of a soul
Soul to which i was a princess

I was searching all around
Day and Night, every where
Now I find her, already there
With me, since my day one

Her soft hug is the perfect heaven
Her tender smile is the special fragrance
Her Love is the pure natural pearl
Her presence is the elixir of life

She is my sweetest sweetest Mother
Who loves me like noneother
She is my dearest Mother
Who is my best friend ever.


You are the best mother in the world and i dont have anything to gift you that can weigh with the life you gave me and the Love you, mamma this is what i can give you(a small dedication from my Land Of Dreams....!!!! Be the best always.....LOVE YOU DARLING..!!!

Hello every one, I wish all your special mothers a y happy mother's day...and wish their good wishes and all the love be with us forever and ever..!!!

P.S.Will be back soon at your blogs...!!If anyone missed my last post...please check it out...!!!

May 9, 2009


Twinkling stars shining bright
The beautiful moon smiling wide
The cool breeze touching my senses
The light music playing around

I lay there enjoying the beauty
Thinking what more I can ever get
Then such a special time to me
Suddenly, i wink at that white beauty

The moon light at its best, i enjoy
Close my eyes thinking of him
To find him there, waiting for me
In my Land Of Dreams

But will i ever get to touch him
will I ever get live with him
Will i ever get to tell him
How Much I Love Him

I may or may not
I will still be there
Waiting there, alone
Just for him...!!!

Hey friends....will be back with my daily updates soon....My Pintu(Its my PC's name..) is not working properly....will be back to all your blogs very soon..!!!!

May 7, 2009


Shared with you everything i had
the smiles, the toys, the tears, the joys
Held your hand, helped you walk
Lifted you up, when you fell

I wanted to give you the best always
Showered on you the love I had
When you just smiled the little smile
I saw the world filled with life

I wanted to show you the worlds best
I wished you get every little happiness
I tried to be always there with you
I hope i was there when you needed me

I now see, I am lost finding your smile
Which was never mine,
I was never the precious pearl to you
one which you are to me

I gave you my trust
you never took with heart
I loved you like none other
I now see, you never cared

I cried alone at nights
no one knows, except my soul
I wanted you to feel special
In the quest, i lost my'self'

But dear, anytime in life
if you are left alone
Just take the pain and turn back
your sister will definitely be there for you


May 5, 2009


Walking alone brings to me
the sweet memories of my past
which were nothing then
but the best feelings now

I walk alone, thinking of them
special of sometime ago
the rhythm of joy
surrounds my senses

When such music of life
Tickled by the little rain
eternal is the feeling
no words to explain

I feel so complete
with the orchestra of the air
I have no sorrow no pain
the raindrops are so special to me


May 4, 2009


I walked along the way
a place of beauty it was
with the cool breeze all around
the dawn was all fresh

The blue sky shining
Glistening yellow sun
break through the green trees
kissing my senses, i celebrate with joy

The new born blossoms
dance in the musical wind
the chirping birds fly in happiness
beauty is just what i can see

Gracefully touched dried leaves
swing in air, to the melody of silence
the squirrels jump and run
the butterflies fly around

There i wait for someone special
to meet him amidst the best beauty
but now i realize, its just a dream
the beauty is my Land of Dreams...!!!


We never know
Or fully realize
How sweet and kind our parents are,
How gentle and how wise

We simply take for granted,
From day to passing day,
Each sacrifice they make for us
In their own loving way.

But when we realize lets tell them
How much their love has really meant,
How thoughtful they've been,
wish them a happy living

I tell them...

Thank you both for all you are,
And all you've ever done.
You mean the world to me,
You're warm as the summer sun.

With wishes that are boundless,
Like the skies above.
Mom and Dad, for you forever,
All my greatest love, i gift you

This is my 175th post and i dedicate it to my Parents....!!!!

May 2, 2009

ME...A STAR...!!!

Some times i wonder What am I?
Just an other girl
Dreaming the angels
Loving the roses

Am i just an other girl
Smiling for little everything
Living in fantasy
Admiring its beauty

Some times i wonder
If i will ever be different
But i now realize
I am already changed

I think better about life
I know what i need
I follow the path unique to me
I live to reach my goal

I wanted to me a shining star
I see i am already one
Then the very next second
I realize, I a bit in the galaxy...!!

May 1, 2009

MAY DAY...!!!

Away from home, they work hard
Hard times they go through
Through it, they see the smiles
Smiles of their special ones at home

Home of love, they are invited to
To forget the hardship they were in
In hot sun, in the Chill weather, in rain, they work
Work for the world to develop further on

On this special day for them, I am here
Here in my Land of Dreams, saluting them
Them and their work, I bow my head down
Down from my heart, I wish them Good luck

Luck may leave you all
All the time, stay united
United to strive for the best
Best to turn your lives...!!!

a short story at my other blog: SILENCE...!!!