Apr 30, 2011


Its not believable that its already 2 years that I completed my graduation and called myself "Yamini Meduri-B.Tech". Life has been completely different these two years.

I celebrated each joy
I played with colors more often
I laughed crazily
I cried for li'l reasons
I danced with joy
I celebrated life

Midnight coffees
Early morning idlis
Trying every cuisine
yet, cooking by self

Working whole night
and all day too
no sleep, yet still active
team was the inspiration

Walk @ 2 a.m.
playing UNO till 4 a.m.
making coffee @ 1 a.m.
sleeping till 12 noon

it was a life
different forever
will miss it
forever and ever

Pune was my home for two complete years, whre i was being "ME". No restrictions,no rules. I was enjoying life. Got some precious friends and had some weird ones too..but it was a learning each day...!!!

Life there taught me to take care of my"self" so that anytime in life, I can face it with courage.

Its 2 yrs already and now, its time to go back to my home (Hyderabad) and start another phase of life...!!

I left my city as Yamini Meduri--B.Tech
but now I join my city as
"Yamini Meduri"

Yes, am a double Post Graduate now ..!!!

Apr 14, 2011


Silent whispers
of his breathe I hear
my name it speaks
his name I think of

Gentle touch
of his fingers I feel
brushing my hair
his hair I search for

Warm hug
of his arms I enjoy
caressing my senses
hug him back I await

Soft rythm
of his heart beat I know
a lullaby to my little heart
hear it again I yearn

As I near him
the dawn breaks
the alarm rings
the dream lost

Am waiting for him
the love of my life
to complete me
to live life of dreams

P.S The picture added is my original Sketch...!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 13, 2011


Fighting every challenge faced
she inspires each child
to be knight, chevaliere..!!!

Written for April A-z challenge 2011..!!!

Form of poetry: Haiku..!!!

Apr 12, 2011

J--JUST ME...!!!

Every time seeing in the mirror
smile at self, its "me"

Sleeping with a teddy
hugging it tight, its "me"

Playing with colors
creating art, its "me"

Buying a balloon
even @ 23, its "me"

Reading books, writing blogs
playing with words, its "me"

I am happy, all excited

Written for April A-z Challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 11, 2011


Inspire to climb up
everytime fallen

Inspire to win
each time failed

Inspire to talk
breaking every silence

Inspire to love
everyone around

Inspire to celebrate
every little thing

Inspired to smile
that gloomy day

Inspires our "self"
take care of it better way

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 10, 2011


"Mom, why did they move away?" she asked her mom once again holding her favorite photograph.

Nancy was tired of telling her the same story from the past twenty years for some thousand times but Jenny was never tired of listening it.

"Jenny, by now you should get out of this. I know its painful but dear, they left long back and he never even left you a mail"

"Mom, why they move away?" she asked again, now tears filled her beautiful blue eyes and her pink cheeks turned red.

Nancy repeated the same story once again.

"Immy's family and ours was well knit relation where we stood for each other in all joy and sorrow. Until one day, Immy's granny became sick and they had to move to their homeland miles away to take care of her and her property as his mom was the only child."

Jenny knew this story very well and she waited for a message from him since she was five.
Back then she used to ask her mom "Mom, why didnt send me 'best wishes' for my first day school?"........"Mom, why didnt Immy wish me 'Happy Birthday' this year too??'...it went on..!!!

Though they were far apart, their friendship grew with her and she always thought that he also remembered her. she wondered how he would look like.

While the conversation between Nancy and Jenny was going on, there was a knock on the door and Nancy went to see who it was.

When she opened the door, she found no one but there was a bouquet of yellow roses left with a envelope attached. she took the beautiful fresh roses and opened the envelope to check out who it was. As she opened it, her eyes widened and tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. She was joyous and was finding words to express it.

"Jenny..." she was screaming from the doorway.

Jenny ran down to the living room and saw her mom still standing at the door with her favorite yellow roses.

"Whats it mom?" she asked nearing her.

"This is for you darling. The most special gift that you got in years" Nancy handed over the roses and envelope to her.

Jenny couldnot believer her eyes to see the same photograph and a note signed by Immy within the envelope that read:
Those years spent here
I treasured all life
as it has you
my dear friend

Met many friends
some were good
some were better
'best' you remained

dear, best friend
I can ever have
waiting for you
at the place thats special
to just US

Lets meet
at the sunset
at that place
where our friendship

your friend

"Wow mom, its him. My best friend. Its a dream of life come true" Jenny was almost crying.

Jenny was all ready before sunset in the most beautiful dress and today she was stunningly beautiful. Her black radiant curls flowing as the cool breeze kissed her pink cheeks, her lips curved for that special smile.

She was waiting for him near the lake behind her home and as the horizon changed colors, as the birds flew back to their nests, as the cool breeze played with her curls, as the water in the lake was dancing at her feet, she was waiting.

As the sun set, she was excited.

"Jenny..." she heard...!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Apr 9, 2011


A seed of love
sprinkled around
grew into a tree
that shared its love

A silence spoke
between the leaves
A song tuned
with the cool breeze

Lullabies it sang
Prayers it served
the tree grew all green
sharing its fruits

Fruits shared by all else
the seed wasn't looked for
Joy was all around
but the seed missed her love

It still shared love
wishing it would come back
one day for sure
The little heart is happy
for love sown in...!!!

Written for April A-z Challenge 2011...!!!

Apr 8, 2011


A Day lived
is an experience

A Day living
is a learning

A Day to be lived
is a beautiful dream

treasure yesterday
Live today
GUESS tomorrow

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011...!!!

Apr 7, 2011


the first day we met
the first talk we had
the first smile we shared
the first tear we wiped

When we together studied
when we together danced
when we together thought
when we were never away

A laugh that brought me tears
A talk that made me think
A walk that was special
A journey that never ends

Are still fresh
in my little heart
that you brought
to life, to live

you are special
you are life
to this li'l soul

I treasure our bond
its precious that all else
you are valuable
for many lives to come..!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 6, 2011

"For Her"

Sitting in the crowd, I was waiting for his name to be called. Today is his BIG day for which he was waiting for years. As I saw him sit beside me with his fingers crossed, I flew into the memories lane but a picture in mind caught my attention.

That night I woke up for some water, I saw him sitting there with his black diary on the table with the pen in his hands. I knew that place and that black diary for years but that night it seemed
something special is going on in his mind.

The cool breeze swept in through the window brushing my senses. I was enjoying the weather to the fullest. I wanted to go hug him and say “All the best Jay” but I didn’t. I didn’t want to disturb him. I knotted my long hair, adjusted my sari, went into the kitchen and made him a cup of coffee. The roasted beans filled the home with a sweet aura which I think, even till date, is the best aroma.

“Here it is sweet heart” I said.

He just lifted his head when I found the lines on his forehead disappear and his lips take a cute curve. I always admired his smile.

Months later, when he gave his new story and asked me to read, I was surprised to see the first line which said:
“Here it is sweet heart”
“To announce the winner of the day, I request Mr. Madhukar to do the honor” she announced. Ted was beside me, I suddenly realized that it was his big day where the same story was nominated for “The Booker Prize”, he was catching my hand and waiting for the result.

“And the winner is Mr. Jay Bhagat for the book “For her”…!!!”

Wow, the day is here. His dream has come true. He is definitely the happiest man in the world I can ever be with. Am happy to the fullest.

He kissed my cheek gently and said “Thank you mom for the first line of the story”

Written for Thursday Tales and this is an Anniversary Tale..!!!


A new dream, a new day
here it starts, in the east
the home of rising sun
of new hopes, new goals

A dream thats around the corner
yet appears miles away
wish to get closer each day
still its just far away

A lifetime it shall take
to be successful
as each day is a lesson
in the journey of life

every single day
still starts in the east
and ends in the west
but the time between changes
to be something special

Written for April A-Z challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 5, 2011


Conscious dreams of heart
bound in incandescent waves of passion
a touch of a dear one
lead to a grandeur life

Passion to prove
innate love to art
drives my heart
to create, to reap beauty

I desire to live
with the colors
creating beauty
that I ideate

Desire to prove myself
Passion to beautify art
Leading me now
to start a new journey

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011...!!!

Apr 4, 2011


As the freshness of Spring lingers on
with a refreshing sprightliness all around
bringing in new milieu, new life
this day brings in a new year

As the beauty of the jasmines surround
and their fragrance fills the air
thats unmatched by any Nature's creation
Its special time to celebrate

Today, we celebrate a new year day
with a dish that brings in all tastes,
sweet sour bitter, moments in life
We celebrate Ugadi, our new year day

Its a festival of colorful nature
Its a festival of meadows with blossoms
Its a festival of verdant fields
Its a festival of families together

Also, its a festival of our literature
its the festival of Telugu art
its the festival when poets unite
to celebrate the beauty of ART

Ugadi, a day that brings new hopes
I celebrate today, away from family
yet, I celebrate my art
here at my Land of Dreams

Ugadi Subahakankshalu...!!!

Apr 3, 2011


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25th june 1983

A moment when the whole Nation cherished and the whole world was looking at us...The
moment when I wasn't born
but I grew up hearing the stories about it from my father....There was joy around every time I heard it from him...Everytime I saw the pictures, I experienced happiness...but I was waiting for experiencing the
moment myself..!!!

After that moment, the journey of the Nation was joyous and in 2003, it was to reset the record once again but it didn't. I remember, during the 2003 game, I was giving my 10th boards and the final was a day before my Maths paper...Only God knows how we studied. While all this was one part, in 2007 it all ended even before it started...I was still waiting..!!!

02nd April 2011, the history is rewritten..!!!

A moment to cherish
for every coming day
A moment to celebrate
for every Indian

Win of a religion
that has no atheists
Win of a Nation
that grew with it

It unites the Nation
Every citizen fancies
one dream one victory
which came true

It happened once again
I witnessed it myself
Yet again, India won
ICC World Cup 2011

Wow..I experienced it..Now I shall tell my children about this day and I shall show them the videos and pictures of how I enjoyed the game specially amidst 1000+crowd of the same age group watching together in the College auditorium...it was the best day of my life...!!!

I never knew that one day I shall be tired of smiling...tired of cheering...tired of celebrating...tired of being happy...now this is exactly my situation...tired of smiling...as it was happening the whole day...when Zaheer and Yuvraj took the wickets and when Gambhir played one of his best innings, while Yuvi n my favorite Dhoni hitting the boundaries...wow it was LEGENDARY...!!!

The journey of the God of Indian Cricket has been a beauty...but today, the World cup added to his life...Sachin we will miss you...!!!

I think the victory was not just because of today's game...it started when the selectors actually selected
the team...It was a journey of being together as a team and carrying the single DREAM of the nation on their shoulders...and finally achieving it...!!!

Now, I am going to tell my children what it is to experience VICTORY of the NATION...!!!

the JOURNEY of a new story just begun..!!!

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Apr 2, 2011

B--BEING ME..!!!

A smile to spread
A hand to help
A heart to love
A life to cherish
is all that I possess

A mom who loves
A dad who cares
A sister who plays
A friend who shares
is all that I possess

A pen to write
A brush to paint
A dream to achieve
A beautiful world
is all that I possess

I am happy
for all that I have
as it formed me
a better person I am
I enjoy being me

Its time to celebrate
Me, being me
As I am special
to my"self"
cheers to all around

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011..!!!

Apr 1, 2011


A festival of writing
A celebration of creativity
Has started yet again

A marathon of poetry
An art I loved once
I start once again

Once again, I join
the April A-Z challenge
To find my long lost self

Written for April A-Z Challenge 2011..!!!