Dec 12, 2012

12-12-12 THE DAY THAT JUST WENT BY...!!!

 There has been a lot of discussion about the day that just went by for a week now. The day has come and like any other day, it just went by. Just that people got married, some even got divorced (ridiculous), some were born, some celebrated, but to the most of them, it was the same like any other day.

I was just looking at the date now and I realize, that it is definitely special. Not for the reason that it is the last repeating date of the century but because, the number that is repeating, 12 is the date on which I was born.
When I am almost off to bed, I realize that the day was indeed special and on a special day, how not visit the “Land of Dreams”? and hence here I go. I shall now share in this land of dreams, the 12 most beautiful things that happened in my life after I first opened my eyes.

1.       The most beautiful family I am born in. Meduri’s were never farther than a whisper. Every time my heart beat faster, there was a smile calming me down. If I am special someone to you today, its because of my family and the eternal love they showered upon me.

2.       The lovely school I went to. I have learned everything that is important in life at my school. All I learnt after that was just to strengthen the wall that was already built. It was small and its smaller today, but the impact Siddhartha high School has in my life is enormous.

3.       How can I ever forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S of school, Grads, and PG. They have shown me the happiest moments of life. They always shared a heart to laugh with and a shoulder to cry upon. I feel so good when I tell myself that with some, our friendship is almost 20 years old now. And then came Ocatves….what else can I ask God after such a precious gift, I was thinking. But the Almighty didn’t stop. They showered me with some more angels in life through Vidhya, Ayush, Anusha etc. The bestest thing ever….my dear friends

4.       Sri Balaji Society…a place that transformed me and introduced me to a new ME. A place that holds the highest place in my life. Bala Sir, the person whom I shall forever be thankful for everything especially the family that he has given me.

5.       My teachers, who have shaped the real Yamini to face the challenge of the world. I still remember those long chats with Bapat sir, Anitha Shekhar Ma’am, Sumithra Ma’am who listened to all stupid things I spoke all time.

6.       Akanksha Charitable Society…one of my dream come true project. Through our project Akanksha, I made a difference in so many lives. I have made a mark. Though there is a lot to achieve, I am happy so far.

7.       My interest to play with colors…the most special thing of me that I like the most. Without colors in world, I would have stopped living long back. That constant urge to be creative made my life more colorful.

8.       Books…a world where I am lost more often than any other. All those books, all those writers and specially all those book shops…with out any of you, this life would have been worse than ever. Inspired from Pramoda and her parents, I developed the habit of reading and today, I cant get rid of it.

9.       Ashok Popuri…another new  addition into my life. I still remember the first time we spoke, the first time we went out, the first time he held my hand, and the rest all is history now. He is indeed special if not everything, almost a perfect man for my life. I admire his continuous struggle to understand the complex ME.

10.   My long silky hair….I love it to the core. It helped me stand out in the crowd any time. I admire them the most though it irritates also the most some times. Yeah, I own the most beautiful long silky hair.

11.   An everlasting smile. This is my identity…this is my symbol. I own a special smile that’s open, that greets you even before I utter a word. A smile that can leave you never. I promise

12.   Last but not the least, My land of dreams. A place where a discovered the inner ME. A place that brought me many other friends, teachers, inspirers and lovers. My pen, I am extremely thankful to.

Wow, I complete 12 already and let me tell you, it was no easy a task when you have to prioritize the best 12 out of infinite things that are special.

Off to bed now...and bye to 12-12-12.

Dec 4, 2012

601. Old Habit Revisited..!!

Long time back...and really long time back, I had a habit...almost for three years...!! Every single day (almost) I used to do it but I never knew when did I left it behind. Today, when I did it again...I understood what that missing element was...!!

Blogging early morning...!!

Today, the first thing I did was to check my blog, as soon as I opened my blog and reading the last dream I penned and let me tell you, that feeling was as special as it used to be then.

Today, I had nothing to write (it was the same for almost an year now) but still I thought let me pen down and here goes my poem for the day in december, dedicated to my country, my India..!!!

Illuminating character
internalized in ever breathe
inspiring generations
intensifying traditions

Novel times energizing
new generations
niche is the culture carried on
not questioning ever

Deep sense of pride
divine respect I carry
deaconing my identity
despite any crisis

In India, an Indian
inspired by the colors
immensely special nature
I take pride to be one

Aspire to be for lives to come
an Indian, I wish I shall be born
asperging smiles
across nation, I wish to live

Dec 3, 2012

600th dream

600 dreams I cross
slower than ever
many dreams await
with skies higher than ever

you introduced me to my smile
that was long lost in an unknown land
you inspire me to live
through my pen, in my dreams

I promise to live
I swear to smile
if not for me
sure for you

Dear dreamer
thanks for the inspiration
that I admire the most
This special dream, this special smile
I dedicate it for you

Dear dreamers, I realize that its my 600th dreams and it is all possible because of you who always left a mark in this land of, heres my post dedicated to you, dear reader...!!

My "India" Series...!!!

Hey fellow Dreamers

Reading you comments in the previous posts brought me my "real" smile back after a long time. Thanks for the inspiration..!!

There was a time when December was the month I used to dedicate to our country and today, I restart it again and the first day of the month, here goes my first all time favorite , an Acrostic...!!!

Nation to many
In and out
Any time, my first love

Nov 28, 2012

Welcome Me Back...!!

long time I left
knowing not where
today I return
knowing not why

I am lost in a land
unknown to me
today I return
and feel not happy

I forgot myself
That special smile
I forgot my life
that special me

Welcome me back
in my land of dreams
I wish to relive the same me
atleast here, atleast through my pen

Apr 25, 2012


You are blessed
with love & care
you are filled
with knowledge so rare

you are the inspiration
for the life I chose
every time I fumbled
with your guidance I rose

you've been a teacher
that i truly admire
in so many ways
you constantly inspire

today, i am a teacher
you are the role model
all respect i get
you deserve it all

thanks for moulding me
the best for life
thanks for that lesson
"problems are oportunities"

thanks for unlocking my "self"
I never saw it before
today i am a different me
all credits to you

Bala sir, on your birthday
i just wished to tell you
what you mean to me
but i fall short of words
as respect fills my heart



Apr 18, 2012


Its just three days that i left hyderabad and i already start to miss it. The heat here is testing me. though we sit in an AC room all the day, the moment we come out, it hurts and as the day ends, it really really is bad given the power cuts.

but today, i have got something positive to note. May be that being here for three days, i am able to take in the system and get adjusted, but there are somethings that i really like about this city. let me tell you first the journey that made me positive.

today's session started well. It was a case study discussion (my all-time favorite) on Recruitment. At the end of the session, I got compliments for my decision making skills. Teachers with good years of experience came to me and said that they have learnt from me today. This is a real booster and a great way to start the day. The rest of the session today, i am happy about.

After the session, we went out shopping and this is when i have the first positive point about the city.
  • its well structured
  • very organized traffic
While shopping, we went to Pothy' of the best silk emporium in the South. I got a beautiful cotton saree there. then happened something that I never knew before.
  • they gift each of the customer with a plant. these plants are not any other fancy plant. they were useful ones. I got a gooseberry plant and some flower plant(medicinal).
Thats a great move towards encouraging the customers to GO GREEN. I decided that from now on, i will try and give plants as gifts on certain occasions.

Chalo, i finally started to like this city. Hope i take enough experiences to treasure for a life time from coimbatore.

hope many more to come...bye for now.


Thank God I could have a good sleep last night. The second day, started well with interesting lecture, but ended the worst with the most boring lecture. But the discussions and debates were interesting.

Coimbatore weather is OK types, but about the heat, it is better than Hyderabad. But the power cut makes it worse. Every alternate hour there is a powercut. Thanks to the college management, atleast they have a generator and gave us an AC room.

In the last post, I was to tell you about the story of the accommodation here. Its the worst part of my coimbatore trip.

Its a typical girls hostel where you have a demon-like warden and cat-like students. One yells and the others fear. I think none of them can speak when she is around. they literally become dumb. what they, i also get dumb looking at her, she is like that. None can help.

Crossing her, i entered the room. My God i was dumbstruck. its 12x10 room where 4 of us were expected to live. My God, i couldnt take it at all. when you go to the mess, the demon stands at the entrance making sure that none is talking or wasting food. Does she not know by now that none can talk when she is around...whatever..!!! the silly part is that, you are expected to carry the plate and the glass while you go to take food. It was literally like the prisoners in the jail....and yeah, we were not anything less than that.

top of all, its the timings. the breakfast is at 7.00am when i dont even wake up. lunch is anyways at the college so no worries...and the dinner is at 7.00pm when i dont even feel hungry. and past this food u would get...!! only i know how am i surviving here....coz' i have no other option.

but one thing is that i atleast got an experience of a typical girls' hostel.

Now i realize how wonderul was my college hostel during my MBA...!!!

lots later...bye for now :)

Apr 16, 2012


All the while I was so excited for this trip, a 15 day training program at Coimbatore. More than the training what excited me was that i am alone again. No husband no parents no one who knows me would be around. It was "MY" life once again.

But it all changed the moment I got down the bus in Coimbatore. I could find no one speaking a language common to me. That was the first time i experienced the REAL Tamil Nadu which my North Indian friends were always talking about. I was trying to ask where the bus stop is or where i could get an auto rickshaw...and they were all clue less about what i was asking or i was about what they were saying.

Amidst such confusion, something familiar I found. The sunrise :) behind the tall green coconut trees, the sun mightily rose and shone his rays upon bringing a smile on my face.

Then i found one stout man busy with his morning walk and I asked him. thank him, he knew english and guided me right but the real problem started then, the auto wala couldnt understand english and he dint know where the place was. but somehow he gt me to the accommodation i was allotted.

The accommodation is another story, look for my next post to read about it.

The program went well and i returned back started thats all for the day. I am tooo tired that i cant tell you the story of the next post..till then.happy reading..happy blogging...!!!


Mar 27, 2012


“Women Employment” is the topic of the day. I recently read an article about the reluctance of a manager in employing a woman and the reason he states was that the candidate is a woman and he can’t rely on employing her as she may leave at any time.

I was surprised to find out that there are still people like that. Today, when women are found also in the topmost positions of the organizations, “how could he reason like that?” was my question.

Women have always known about the impact that they have on the society. They always knew what is important and the ways to optimally achieve it. Its just that the man around is not open for acceptance, just like that manager who was reluctant to employ a woman.

Development of women is not in the hands of them because any task given to them, they do it the best. Its in the hands of the Men who are not ready to accept it. If man had been open for developing a woman and empowering her, then we would have shown him how stars are easy to reach.

As a woman of the 21st century, I would like to highlight something about why we are the way we are:

1. Women are definitely aspiring high but the families we come from are not letting us fight for our aspirations...we still are respecting the values..!!!

2. Definitely the requirements of women are the organization must understand the variation and implement their work policies and design their work culture..!!

3. If someone says "We choose not to be on the top"...may be yes and we have our own reasons.. we are indeed multitaskers...but, sometimes priorities play the game and we are intelligent in choosing as well..!!

4. We can be better every day, just that the opportunity given to us is not as open as it to men...that makes the difference..!!!

5. We started to think out of the box but we are still in the box and thinking...give us a chance to implement and we will come out with flying colors..!!

6. How can anyone say that a woman can’t handle the responsibilities well? I strongly believe that each of had learnt to live our responsibilities from our mother. Whatever the time may, the mother never forgets her responsibilities. The case of a woman is no different.

So dear world, being woman is worth and respect them for what they do your life wearing different roles of a mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter etc.

Salute womanhood…!!!

Mar 24, 2012


Being a teacher
Is different I thought
Its special, I experience

Being a teacher
I am learning more
Than I was as a student

Research books around
Student I again become
Sorting a pile of knowledge

Being at a college
Is always refreshing
Specially being a teacher

Feb 20, 2012



Engender=cause to happen
Opus=great work of writing or music

written for Acrostics Only: feb 2012

Feb 18, 2012


A feeling of boredom lets me do crazy things sometimes and today one such passtime was taking up a 'PERSONALITY TEST' where I had to answer certain questions with the most suitable answer according to me and here is the interesting result which is almost it feels good to read about something so apt about yourself...!!!

Your personality type: "Engaged Idealist"

Popular and sensitive, with outstanding people skills. Externally focused, with real concern for how others think and feel. Usually dislike being alone. They see everything from the human angle and dislike impersonal analysis. Very effective at managing people issues and leading group discussions. Interested in serving others and probably place the needs of others over their own needs.

Careers that could fit you include:

Teachers, consultants, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, clergy, sales representatives, human resources, managers, events coordinators, politicians, diplomats, writers, actors, designers, homemakers, musicians, religious workers.

now all those who know would definitely agree with the above and would want to test their here you go [link]...hope you get the best experience as i did...good luck..!!

Feb 17, 2012


waking up with a smile
waiting for you all while
passing time with you
may be it is something new

when i close my eyes
I wish with you I rise
I love that feeling of bliss
now its you I miss

when we never met
dreaming you I slept
easy now its not
even being away thought

Miss you dear love
I wanna be where you are
as I realize
how madly i am in love with you

come back soon
never to leave
I miss you dear love
I love you like no other

Feb 16, 2012

That 'OLD' ME...!!!

Writing endlessly
cherishing dreams
waiting forever
holding love

passionate quill
dreaming heart
loving soul
beautifying world

lost amidst time
I realize
that OLD me
in search of, I am

Feb 1, 2012

& The Black Robe..!!

Every student's goal
to live that moment
every parent's dream
begun when a child is born
euphoria years away
a simple thought brings in a smile
"Graduation Day"- a feeling of pride

To me, peak of success
to the pillars of my life
a joyful event, most awaited
realizing the glorious thrill
of a dream come true
as I stand in "The" Black Robe
their eyes turn moist
I just smile with tears too

Graduation is a hard earned goal
head held high, best smile I wear
I walk the climax of the goal
my parents watching me
cloud nine, I truly experience
graduation day, a dream come true
of every student, every parent
so does mine...yippies...!!!

Graduation, a day when you realize that you have achieved something..may be a goal.
Graduation, a day when you feel that you lived the best...may be a dream.
Graduation, a day when you wear something best...may be a smile.
Graduation, a day when you make someone happy...may your parents, may be your teacher..!!!

The moment I wore my black robe..I felt the sense of achievement. I could sense my mom having tears. I could see my dad's was the day when i was happy to heavens. That moment, I wish to write with the silver pen and mend with the golden words in the diaries of my life...!!

22 Jan 2012, my graduation day...!!

I met my friends, who were my family for 2 years during my stay in Pune. They are living their dream too...we were all happy as ever. I met my teachers, who were happy to see us graduate. I met my inspiration, Bala sir, a man who inspires everyone who meets him some or the other way..!! Wow...My graduation day was the best...with my parents, husband, friends, teachers and Bala sir joined in..!!

I dedicate this post and also my graduation to my parents who dreamt this day when i was born and to my teachers, specially Bala sir for helping me live their dream..!! Thank you every one..!!!

Jan 28, 2012


Wedding bells I think of
beautiful flowers I dream
Smiles all around
the best stage all set

our handsome prince awaits
his beautiful bride
shining bright as he finds her
love is all we see

"I Do" they say
husband and wife pronounced
celebrations begin
with rhythm and rhyme

while their air is filled
with wedding tunes
I wish them all joy
May God bless them
with a blissful life ahead

To my friend Anson Jerrin Mathews and his best half Jinu Simon on their most memorable day of their life.

Anson this is specially for you..
Dear, as the new phase starts, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I
know I am a li'l late in posting this...but i thought better now than never..!!

May laughter and joy fill every room of your life..!!As your lives join in love forever and as the joy increase twice...Here's a dream specially for you from my land of dreams...!! This dream is my wedding gift for you..!! All the best and congratulations..!!

Jan 16, 2012

Your's Truly Me--#22

"When you can't change anything, better not think about it.
never change your'self" may be changing forever.

Jan 13, 2012

To PRAMS..!!!

This post is indeed a special one to me...coz' my first inspiration to blog has completed her 600 posts and is, here i am sharing my part of the celebrations too..!!
before i start of with the post, i must tell you where to really congratulate her..she is known in the blogger world as Being Pramoda [link] but to me she is my dear cousin...whom i admire adore and love more than my real sister. Di, you are the best sister in the world.

so having said that, here goes my post---

I still remember the first time we had a conversation about blogs. Then i dindt know anything about except that i read about them in a newspaper article just a day before. The first time we spoke about them, i was really interested. I felt this is where i can show that world that i can write. she told me her blog link and i started reading her. I got to more about the Pramoda whom i knew not before...i was impressed and started a blog of my own and what happened later is all history now. I look back now and find that its already 4yrs in this blogger world..!!

She is a true inspiration for me to write. I dont know where she get the energy to write after the long day work but she does it with full passion. Pramoda as i know her is true through her pen. She lives herself through every word.

open up a whole new world
where you can fly
with colors of butterflies
where you can swim
like the beautiful gold fish
where you can dream
like the life is forever
where you can live
through your quill

600 is definite milestone
but rest you must not

open up a whole new world
of better take homes
for they are true learnings
of good book reviews
for they guide us read more
of special family bonds
for they are special to me
of everything new
for that is what is BEING PRAMODA

Congratulations di...more to go...all the best..!!

Jan 11, 2012


Sweet fragrance of spring
Fills the foggy air
A gentle breeze
Kisses my happy cheeks
Dancing colors
On the nature canvas
Beautiful countryside
I experienced

As the sun start to set
As the sky turns crimson
As I pluck flowers
From the fields around
As I gather chilies
Of the fresh crop
As he waits
For me to return

I lived a dream
Of a lifetime
I then realized
Our countryside
So precious, it is
Such beauty
So hard to find
Such beautiful sanctuary

Jan 6, 2012

I LOVE YOU...!!!

You held my hand
Felt I won the world
you smiled to me
felt life at the best

I look forward
For every sunrise
The early mornings in your arms
Fresh and beautiful

I eagerly await
The midnight skies
Beneath zillion stars
To be with you

I love the new me
Born with the first kiss
Alive with every hug
Happy as ever

I love you
For being yourself
I love you
For the person you made me

Jan 2, 2012


in the waking minutes
lets smile and celebrate
new calender as we turn
lets forget bad memories

with smell of new rain
lets turn a new leaf of love
with the kiss of the cool breeze
lets fulfill our fantasy

new year as i enter
a resolution i take
to pick my quill
express my heart
more often