Jun 25, 2010


she enjoyed all her life in the green meadows amidst the cool breezes and the soft melodies. To her life was beautiful as a butterfly and colorful as a rainbow. she enjoyed running with her dad and gardening with her mom. Her parents everything she wanted before she actually asked them.

One day they were on a holiday to a village nearby. while across the roads, she saw him lifelessly lying at the end of the street. She asked her dad to come with her to see what happened to him. Her dad refused and so did her mom. They even stopped her going to him. she refused to stop and walked towards him.

she saw a man almost at the end of his life lying there in dirty torn robes and with no energy to atleast open his eyes.

"Dada what happen?' She asked him resting on her knees and placing her hand on his forehead.
"Water....Water" she murmured.

She took the water bottle she had in her bag and helped him drink. She saw the happiness in his eyes while drinking water. He drank some water and looked at her.

"Can I give some water to my friends also? Please" he asked her.
She silently shook her head and watched him get up and go o the next street where she followed him. She saw many others like him lying there helplessly and the little water was shared between all of them.

Not a single drop was left unused nor was dropped. Then she decided, never in her life that she shall waste water and help everyone in need of it.

She later started started an NGO, BLUE WATERS which was a home of many like him and helped many villages with continous water supply.

Jun 20, 2010

TO MY DAD...!!!

He was awake
to let me sleep

in comfort with smile
and dream high

He was awake
working harder

to the best he can
to let my dreams come true

He was awake
listening to my stories
my fantasies
my ambitions

He was awake
with bedtime stories
teaching life's lessons
playing all along

He is my strength
my support, my life
He is my special Dad
best friend, great teacher

To me he is the other name of LOVE


Jun 15, 2010


As the warmth surrounds
being close to him, his heart
though the cool breeze disturbs
I care not, with him around

As his breathe catches mine
the world smiles at me
I smile in return, to the world
feeling proud to be with him

As he holds me tight
I forget the world around
though it started to rain
I care not, being in his arms

As it rains at the best
he leaves me not
i am happy to remain
with him forever in life

Your's Truly Me #9

Dancing in rain, with no fear about anything.
enjoying the cool breeze with no fear about health
smiling loud with no fear about people around
dreaming high with no fear about its reality later
This is life...my life..!!!


After a long tiring day

when the cool breeze
brushes your hair
It feels like heaven

After a long boring lecture

when the birds sing
in happiness of life
It feels you are special

After a long lifeless day
when the sun hides behind
as it gets darker in light
It feels like something wrong

But when that little drop kisses you
the big smile you bear
the happiness you share
It feels like life is at its best


Jun 13, 2010


She waited for him for a long timealong the sea shore where they were supposed to meet that evening but couldnot find any signal of him coming to her.

In the cool breeze, she felt warmth over her cheeks and soon realized that she was crying. She trusted him to the fullest that she even left her parents to live her rest of life him. He was even serious about her, but at the end of the day, she is left alone.

She wanted to go back home but she has no strength to face her father. She took the boaton the shore and left to a place unkown to her andunknown to anyone back home. She tried to forget everything about her past and wished to start a new life. She hated him to hell and never loved anyone again. She remained single for the rest of her life.

But who will tell her that he, on his way to her that evening, had met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital by the villagers. Who will tell her that he has lost his both the legs and has got a paralysed right arm since then. Who will tell her that he loves her even today and is still waiting for her to come back.

To her, its the HATRED towards love thats making her live. To him, its the TRUST in his love thats making him live.

Will they ever meet and love together happily for ever?? Time shall decide..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Jun 9, 2010


Had to choose
between the two
my dreams, my goals
my parents, my home

To live my life ahead
To be independent, instead
Had to choose
my dreams, my goals

It was an year back
closed the emotions stack
Had to choose
to leave home too

The year back was different
filled with smiles, with tears
with restless days
with sleepless nights

The year ahead is crucial too
but i stop here to look back
to cherish the memories stack
gaining energy to go ahead

Happy anniversary to me being away from home...!!!

Hello friends, Its already an year that this Papa's little girl and Mamma's sweet child left home in pursuit of knowledge to achieve her dreams. Its already an year that this Hyderabadi chose to be a Puneite too...Am still not sure if i achieved but, definitely life here has taught me enough. I celebrate my anniversary with smiles but soon i find tears scrolling down my cheeks.

Jun 2, 2010

Your's Truly Me...#8

It just takes a minute to change your life
let that minute be every minute of life
your life may not be different forever
but, you will definitely look at it differently
Keep Smiling...Life Rocks...!!!


Immense knowledge, high resources
Nice traditions, different cultures
Developing Nation, Special people
I know it better
Am a little Indian

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!

The Raindrop..!!!

Kripa was tired of the classes since morning. She hates to attend the finance class which she had to the whole day.

She was walking all alone cursing the numbers and the formulae of the class. As she was walking home, she was all busy with memories of her friends.

Kripa, moved away from home for her post graduation studies. She had to leave her parents and all her friends. She got so used to her friends in her graduation that, she never thought of being alone. But suddenly everything changed. she was alone with the world around. She still had friends in her new college but she couldn't make a heartful connection with them.

Walking with the memories, she suddenly stopped with a big smile on her face. I saw her and thought, she saw someone very special just like her friends. I saw her standing there opening her arms and enjoying the breeze by closing her eyes. I was about to step towards her when it stopped me too. The RAINDROP.

It soon started to rain heavily and I still stood there watching Kripa dancing with the music of the raindrops. she walked home dancing and smiling, as she didn't attend the finance class at all.

I then understood. This is called Magic, "Magic of life".

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!