Dec 28, 2010


"And the winner is Ms. Jenny Rose" he announced and the whole gathering burst into a great applause.

She was already waiting her fingers crossed while the nominations were read aloud. She was nominated for the World's best poetry awards, "International Poetic Merit Award" given by the International society of poets every year to the World's best poet. She was nominated every year for the last 9 years and this was the 10th time. But till today, the dream wasnt true.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Put your hands together for Mr.Jenny Rose" the anchor calls out.

She was still waiting at her chair unable to believe that she is called and this time not just nomination but she has actually won the award. After a while, when she realized she walked towards the dias to collect the award.

In the black evening gown, she looked at her best. Walking elegantly with her head high trying hard to stop her tears carrying a beautiful smile, she was the most beautiful lady in the gathering. Every eye was looking at her admiring her beauty and cherishing her success. It was like a happy moment to everyone present there.

"Congratulations Jenny. Good job" He wished her while handing over the award.
"Ladies and Gentleman, its Ms. Jenny rose for you" announced the anchor while handing over the mic to her.

"Thank you dear. Thank you everyone for this award...." the list was very big. she thanked almost everyone she knew in life.

After the thank you session, she continued to speak "Now that i hold this award in my hands, I am falling short of words to express my joy. I was sitting there for the last nine years waiting for this moment and today when my dream has come true, I feel I was not prepared."

"I enjoyed writing all my life but today while stand here with this award, the only thing that comes to my mind is the picture that my dad clicked when I was 5 and the first time I took my pen. I dedicate this award to my dad who has been a constant support and my best critic"

"I promise to come back here the next year and get nominated again and I think, I will better be prepared with the speech from the next year as you never know, any day you may win"

"Thank you everyone. Thanks a ton"

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Dec 25, 2010


Merry Christmas to every dreamer from my
Land of Dreams...!!!

May Santa drop you the best gift..!!!

Dec 22, 2010

See You Again..!!!

“See you again” he said kissed her good bye.

“When?” she enquired.


“When will you see me again?”

“When the sun rises but forgets to shine, when water falls from heavens but forget to hide your tears with them, when everyone around you are happy celebrating but you are not” he said and left.

“He left me that day, 5 years ago while promising that he shall meet me but am still waiting” she told me while walking back from the Church on the Christmas eve.

I met her 4 years ago, and I know how much she loves him, she has spent her life since then imagining the moment she shall meet him once again in life. He had some ambitions, some goals to work on and she knew his love to them and had taken the toughest decision ever to let him go and today she is suffering loneliness with even friends around.

“Dear he shall be back very soon, just that you should be at your best when he meets you” I say every time she felt sad about being away from him.

Today, at this moment, I am looking at the most beautiful her as I had ever seen. In fact, I feel she is the most beautiful woman in the world after my mother. Also, I find the weather so nice and I feel some happy vibes caressing my senses and my heart feels today is the day.

While we walk, I see him. I see him standing there with the most beautiful roses and just walking towards us.

“Grace, he is there. He has finally come to see you again” I almost yelled at her.

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

Dec 21, 2010


I wake up today and think something is missing in my life. What exactly is it, I really don’t know...!!

I sit down to write this with many thoughts in my mind but unable to put atleast one on the blog, is this as writer's block?? No I don't feel so. I think it’s about my life which at this point of time which is actually very boooring..!!!

So now I decide to explore myself through my Land of explore those small little things of my life that made me happy to the heavens...those li'l things which I treasure for all times to live and those things which I miss today..!! So, here it is a brand new series on this special place of mine where I can be me forever and ever…!!

So you might be wondering what exactly are you going to do here while I am exploring myself here…and what you shall be doing while I discover that missing thing in my life..!! So here is what you can do.!!

After you read what I explore about me, you might get a little thought that makes you smile for a while..I want you to share it here in my land of dreamers…Let the fellow dreamers know that special thing in your life….so get ready for the brand new series… “SMALL LI’L THINGS OF MY LIFE”…!!!

Dec 19, 2010


Wowie...everytime I write something for my Land of Dreams, I felt proud about my pen. Everytime I saw someone following the Land of Dreams, I felt happy. Everytime I dreamt here, I felt special..!!!

Today, I write this for a special reason. The reason that makes me smile big and be happy for everytime I here from now on. The reason that makes me feel more responsible about being here as the Creator of this land..!!!

Today, I celebrate 100 followers who liked this place and who enjoyed being here and wanted to be here often. To every follower, I dedicate this post. To every dreamer here, I dedicate this post. To everyone who know me through this Land of Dreams, I dedicate this post...!!!

every thought
so nice and good
not as I believe in
but as you value it

every dream
indeed special
not as I see it
but as you admire it

every verse
I fondly write
for you to greet
with love and care

Every time here
I was happy
I felt boosted
I feel special

For all you here
a special thanks
deep from heart
for being here

A thanks for your words
for your hearty support
for your everlasting friendship
for your special presence



the smiles of heavens
strength to face the world around
the best gift for self

Written for Haiku Heights--Self..!!

Dec 18, 2010


When life hurts you
And pain aches you
When life leaves you
And heart feel alone
When hope dies
And all ways closed
When aguish fills you
And all this hurts you

Just turn back
To find a dear soul
Thinking hard
To make you happy
To bring you smile
Find that dear friend
Ready for anything
To make you happy

You have happiness
You have love waiting
All that needs is to turn back
And find them waiting
For you to look back

Look back to find the difference

Dec 17, 2010


Wow it’s a dream come true. I waited for 22 years for this to happen in my life. I dreamed of the situation hundreds of times but finally when it really happened, I was happy million times more than what I imagined. One of the happiest moments of my life which I would cherish for the rest of my life..!!

Now don’t start imagining whatever you wish to. Before you do so, will reveal it myself. I always had a wish that “on a winter night, when its freezing cold outside, I go on a drive and have a coffee…I mean, drive all the while to just have a coffee and come back home” sounds crazy but yes, that’s my sweet wish which had finally come true...!! Continue to read to know about it..!!!

16 December 2010

It was Harshit’s birthday, and I was at his place to wish at the midnight and we had fun at his place. We played, we laughed, and we had fun. Harshit is someone who is a nice friend of mine in Pune and one of the few of friends I have here. I was so happy that I wished him first as his roommates didnt notice that it was already 12 am.

Though its already late, A small gift from my land of dreams..!!

A birthday song
to write I sit
for this friend
who is dear

Wishes so sweet
Cake thats tasty
Candles pretty

Here's the party

from this land of dreams
a birthday wish
to my dear friend

whom I lately found

May all your dreams
come true with joy
May all the happiness
be yours forever in life


now that the party is over, its time to get back to the post.It was already 1.15 am by the time we left his home.
Mitesh, Anusha, Ayush and I started on the bikes to reach home. It was freezing cold outside and to me it was like the extreme.

I was with Ayush and Anusha was with Mithesh. By the way Ayush is my brother. We may not share a family bond, but he is more than my real brother to me and Anusha, she is the sweetest friend I have in Pune and about Mitesh, he is fun to be with and the most helpful.

“Ayush bhai, its very cold yaar. Its freezing here” I said as Ayush started the ride.
“Akka, shall we go have coffee??” my brother asked.
“OK. Am always ready for a coffee”
“OK lets go” I asked Anusha and Mitesh, they were also ready.

So we started the ride and were on the Express Highway to Mumbai in few seconds. We drove for quiet some Kilometers and reached the place where we decided to have a coffee.

Don’t expect the coffee shop to be an outlet like CCD. It was a small hotel in a petrol station.
We had coffee there, I bought a smiley key chain and we drove back home. It was 2.30 a.m. when I finally reached home. It was fun. We drove all the way in chilling weather just to have a cup of coffee…wow that’s sounds great..!!

I had the fun of my life…and I tell you, this is one of the many happiest moments of my life and the best moment in Pune.
That was the day I was happy to heavens for the first time in Pune.
All thanks to Anusha, Mitesh, Harshit and my bro Ayush…Guys, you don’t know how much this means to me…thanks for the wonderful night dear..!!

P.S. I dedicate this post to these three and the birthday boy who are some of the very few friends I have in Pune..!!!

Dec 14, 2010


Jingle bells
hanging loose
ringing wishes
so special

Shining stars
placed attractively
glistening joy
that's cherished

Glittering lights
wrapped around
showing light
so bright

Gifts placed
just beneath
opening them
brings cheer

Amidst all
I wish
Santa comes
with smiles

For him
I wait
with smile
year long

Merry Christmas
I wish
world around
with Santa Claus

Written for Monday's Child..!!


Hello dreamers

how are you all doing?? hope you are all having a great time in life...and enjoying your presence in my Land of Dreams. Am doing good too and my life as usual happy..!!!

Today, away from poetry, I want to write something about a person whom I admire and adore the most. She is a special person in my life and in the past 1.5 years, she has been the reason for my smile most of the time.

Pramoda Meduri[link], my sweet sister who is a cousin to the world but not to me. We definitely share a special bond than real sisters. Prams (as many know her) is my family in Pune. She is my dad when my pocket is empty, my mom when I am ill, my friend when I am lonely, my sweetest sister all the while...!! She is one person I can depend on forever in my life..!!

Today, I really dont know why am I writing this for her coz' there is no need of this post to let her know how much i love her...but I just feel like writing :)

Prams...this is especially for you dear ..!!

I have been with my sister for the all the years long but being with you from last 1.5years, brought me a special joy. Every time i come to your place on a weekend, its like coming back home. Dear, you are special to me..may be more special than chinni. I love you not for the way you are with me, I love you for the person you are and the respect you give to me and my dreams...Love you Di..!!

Di...just be with me always and i can assure you that with you beside, I can win this world anyday and any time..!!!Loads of Love..!!

I dedicate this post to Ms. Pramoda Meduri, my sweetest sweetest sister :)

Dec 13, 2010


its not win or lose
its about living moment
merrily with joy

Dec 11, 2010

Your's Truly Me #20

"The best way to show your anger is remain silent.
People may not know what is wrong
but they will atleast understand something is not right."


Little new fellow
To you, our special hello
With us, you shall live
The best, you must believe

Welcome to the world of love
That’s all worlds’ above
We are special beauty
Enjoying it out duty

A name we think for you
To acquaint to the crew
We shall be there
Our community of hares

Joy you will be
As happy you shall be
Welcome Joy
To us to enjoy

Written for Monday's Child..!!!


The colors of the sky fascinated me. I enjoyed watching the sunrise and admire the sunset. I was always at the same window fancying the birds start and end their day; I enjoyed their sounds, their flight. The view from this window of my room is awesome. I enjoyed it since I was a little girl.

But today, I miss something that excited me even more than the beauty, I miss him. We grew up together enjoying the beauty. We played, we danced, we played, and we lived together since the time unknown. He was a sweet heart and got me everything I asked for. Though he fought with me may a times, now I feel it is out of love that we share. We celebrated life together. We shared life’s most precious moments together. He was there for this little sister always.

I remember one day when mom said, I shall leave this home and him one day to live with someone else and that I shall soon forget him and his love (which was completely wrong), how badly he was hurt. He lifted his head looking at him and I realized that I was actually seeing his tear filled eyes. He just pushed mom aside and ran out the house. I fought with mom for having hurt my sweet brother, I came running to this window crying and waiting for my brother.

I saw him, standing there at the fence and looking at the barren land that stretched to almost all over. I was calling him for so long but he never turned to see. I was tired but was still waiting for him to come back home and play with me.

I suddenly see him turn back and walk towards our home. I was happy and suddenly I realize I was already smiling. He was finally coming back to me and I was waiting for him in my room.

After some time, I saw him at my door with a carton in his hands and he was already walking in.

“Brother, what is it in your hands?”

“Sis, Mom said you shall leave me one day and go somewhere else. There you shall be all alone and you may not find anyone to play. These are some of my favorite toys, take them and play with them.”

“Thank you bro. But still miss you so much then too.” I was already in his arms and tears sliding down my cheeks.

Today is my wedding day. I am actually about to leave everyone and live with someone else very soon. I will miss everything of my life so far especially my dear brother whom I find even now standing at the same fence thinking about how my life shall be from now on.

Mom has already got all my luggage ready that I shall need in the new place, she says there are three bags, but only I know that its’ not three but FOUR..!!!

P.S. This is a work of fiction..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!

Dec 10, 2010


He threw me all high
still I smile the best I can
as its my dear him

Written for Haiku heights..!!!

Dec 9, 2010


I remember the time I first saw her...She was looking pretty but I was hardly able to recall her face after she left the room. She was there with all her family and I was with my dad and uncle. She had a good smile..this is what I could remember of the first day we met..!! roommate for 1 year and a friend forever. She is one of the many who pamper me the most. Romi, as we all call her, is my first friend in Pune and I was happy to find her. I was a little girl to her and always shall be :) and I enjoy it..!!

Romi...this post is especially for you dear...this is something I always wanted to tell you but i couldn't. I like you dear...I had hurt you many a times coz' I wasnt able to accept you sometimes. Many reasons...but today, Yamini likes you for whatever you are. Now that I am away from you, I understand you better. Love you sweet heart...for whatever you are..!!

Now that I am done with my boring lines, here is my birthday gift for you...some lines for you...coz' at this moment this is the only gift that your little girl can give you on your day..!!!

a wish for you dear friend
who understands, who cares
who listens, who is always there
a wish full of joy and love

cakes ready, the candles lit
Make a wish, blow them off
just look around, find me
making a wish too, just for you

birthday greetings, from my heart
may a happy special year start
that's full of joy, happiness
successes and celebrations

I promise
to share
every moment
special to you
as you are a special friend too

All these days, memories created
are special and will be treasured
Celebrating our dearest friendship
Here's my special love

Happy Birthday Romi..!!!


Wow…The Land of Dreams is 500 posts old now…time for celebration..and I did…!!!

The best part of the 500th post [link] is the day it is posted. Dec 5th 2010, Its my mom’s birthday so very special to me. Though am away from her, I can feel her presence all around. She is the sweetest mother in the world and I love her to the best..!!!

The second best part is the author of the post, Leo aka Vinay[link], who is not only a very good writer and one of my best friends, but also a person whom I adore and depend on when in need.

The third best part is it was this week that my prompt was posted on One Single Impression [link] and have many poets from all around the world submitting their work. Many of whom wished my mom on her birthday through OSI. Thanks to OSI.

The fourth best part is it was that day when I attended the 25th Pune International Marathon for the first time. Though I didn’t run, I had fun.

The fifth best part is the end of the day, when I had a great dinner with one of my very good friends in Pune, Anusha Varshney. She made the day complete..!!!

So the fifth of December 2010, I had enjoyed five best things..!!!

The day was not only a happy one with friends and the world around, but it also taught me some lessons that I shall treasure for life..!!!

1. When you are hurt, let someone know. Speak to someone who is ready to hear you. You will feel good.

2. It is worth all the fun to wake up early in the morning and spend time with friends on a weekend and definitely life is all happy when you are out of home on a weekend.

3. Never lose hope, fight for what you deserve but in a right way. After you get what you are fighting for, you shall treasure it all your life not coz’ its special, coz’ you fought to get it.

4. Have fun in life. Never bother what others around you shall think. They are least bothered who you are and you may not meet them again in life.

5. Enjoy the nature’s beauty when many others are still sleeping. It is pleasant to see a sunrise on a winter morning while its rays kiss you through the cool fog.

Life is all about celebrating it. It is not about who you celebrate it with or how you celebrate it. It is all about how happy you are and how big your smile is. It is about who you are and how happy you want to be.


Dec 5, 2010

Half A Thousand Dreams Unveiled..!

As I finish I wish to say
Don’t ever stop dreaming
Come what may
In this Land of Dreams
You are the best
No one is more loved
Stay forever blessed

The last time Leo had been reigning for a day in little Queen Yamini’s land of dreams, the last words he wrote for her were these. After more than a year filled with milestones, and quite beautiful poetry, Leo is in reign again for a day. I’m back for a milestone that’s of epic proportions you could say, and I’m going to write with as much gusto as I can.

Well, I’m kind of blank at this moment, writing this guest post for Yamini. It has been more than a year since I was last here. I think it was for her 198th post, and I wrote such a big story for that, that I don’t know if anything I say now can top that. But turning 500 posts is no little matter, and considering that I reserved the 500th post long back, and that she nearly cheated me out of it, I think some words I want to write. It’s a special moment for her, and for me too, coz I admire her posts a lot. Well, most of the time at least. Sometimes, I don’t feel her posts to be like her posts. It happens when you’ve read her blog for over two years, I guess!

In this one year, Yami and I’ve become closer friends. We’ve talked a lot over the phone; she’s writing better and better with each post, and she’s shot past the 300th and 400th post milestones faster than she’d expect. She’s reached this milestone a bit slower thanks to some silliness on her part. Thankfully, some how she realized she needs to speed up before she fully stopped. Thank God for friends who push her out of writer’s block at the right time. I’m kind of hoping she finishes 1000th in a month or two. It’s sort of a deal between Yamii and me. I get her big guest posts. LOL.!

She’s a passionate social worker, and she loves writing about it too. There are many poems dedicated to various causes. Inspired by injustice, she is. She’s a sponge for absorbing forms too. I’ve said it before, but I’ll restate it, coz it still holds true. She also has nice ideas, one of which materialized into Thursday Tales, our joint meme blog that I manage. She’s the chief there of course, and I’m technically the co-founder! She’s also pursuing her dream, and I think real close to realizing it. She’s good at fiction as well, though she can take some time to revise them before she posts, else they feel un-Yami-ish!

Hundred past
Double that too
Double that double
She’s not new
Five hundred
That’s where it’s at
No little feat
Milestone that
Life in her words
Dreams spur
Higher heights
That’s in her
Friendship day
Moment each
She continues
Hearts to reach

Happy 500th Yamii.

Your friend forever,
The Amateur Poet,

PS: I’m reserving the thousandth here. Now don’t say later I didn’t tell first.
PPS: I tried to wait, but its Chocolate Cake (Yumm!). I'm not that patient, so I took my piece already!! ;)

Dec 4, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 17; the seventeenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Same method, same Ingredients, same time intervals, but I can never make food tasty like my mom does every day. When I started cooking myself, I thought it was easy to cook and even today I stand to it..but Mom does it the best way..!!!

Same question, same formulae, same method, but I can never solve a problem of Maths as fast as ma sister. It was always difficult for me to the Math during my 11th and 12th but even after fours of completion of 12th, my sister can solve the problem at the first glance..!!!

Same month, same day, and same me but still I always forget my birthday. I remember everyone's birthday but not mine...From last two years, I started to have a reminder in my mobile so that i dont forget my birthday...But even today i dont understand why i forget..!!!

Different people, different situations but the same me...but its hard to say no to any. I always wonder, when someone asks you a help and you are not in a mood to do it, how to deny it..but never got an answer..Even today, am always busy and by now i guess u know why..!!!

Same art, Same passion, Same love and the same me, but I dont feel like going for a Ball Dance...I always wished someone would ask me for a dance and it would certainly happen there...but it never fascinated me. If I love Dance so much, then why not a Ball Dance???

And Many more like how our House maid can wash clothes so easily, how does a teacher not yawn in the class even when all the students do ( as the study says that, when you see someone yawn, in the next 2 mins you shall definitely yawn), etc etc etc.

Oh My mysteries in my life...yet am happy to the!!! This tells me that Mysteries are not very bad in reality...they just confuse us for a while but let us live peacefully forever..!!!

So Mysteries are special..just as we are..!!

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Dec 1, 2010

498th Dream...!!!

Wow..its the 498th post and i have no clue what am i write here..!!!

It has been two long years of blogging and still find its still very new to me. I had started blogging in 2008 and now, its a time to celebrate..!!!

It is definitely a special post to me where I can say lot many things without any second thought..and yeah i would like to dedicate this post to every visitor of the Land of dreams..!!

Blogging has been my favorite time pass as it was my space where i can be me and where i can celebrate being me. It has always been special to write but, through a blog, it was not just about writing..its more about sharing..and i know it has worked miracles..!!!

My blog has not only improved my writing but also showered on me some wonderful friends. Not only friends, my land of dreams had connected me to some of my family members whom I never met as they were far away..!!! I definitely met some wonderful people who are not only special as writers but also as great people..!!! I love to talk to them, hear from them..and above all, to know them..!!!

The Land of Dreams, celebrates 500th post and its gonna be a great day as its my Mom's birthday too...!!!

so wishing my mom a very happy birthday well in advance...I thank all the dreamers here for being with me all while long and want them to be with me forever and ever..!!!


A pen she owns
special to us
every dream
is a beauty
every thought
is so sweet

The sweet lady
beside the white window
a different world
she envisions
happily lives in it
with us she shares

Her presence mystique
the lady of love
the heart of beauty
an ode to you
from my world
The land of Dreams

P.S. This post I dedicate to one of my favorite writers in the blogger world...Preetilata[link] who is not seen too much these days but is very special still...Hope she comes back with a bang..!!! all love to her..!!