Dec 22, 2010

See You Again..!!!

“See you again” he said kissed her good bye.

“When?” she enquired.


“When will you see me again?”

“When the sun rises but forgets to shine, when water falls from heavens but forget to hide your tears with them, when everyone around you are happy celebrating but you are not” he said and left.

“He left me that day, 5 years ago while promising that he shall meet me but am still waiting” she told me while walking back from the Church on the Christmas eve.

I met her 4 years ago, and I know how much she loves him, she has spent her life since then imagining the moment she shall meet him once again in life. He had some ambitions, some goals to work on and she knew his love to them and had taken the toughest decision ever to let him go and today she is suffering loneliness with even friends around.

“Dear he shall be back very soon, just that you should be at your best when he meets you” I say every time she felt sad about being away from him.

Today, at this moment, I am looking at the most beautiful her as I had ever seen. In fact, I feel she is the most beautiful woman in the world after my mother. Also, I find the weather so nice and I feel some happy vibes caressing my senses and my heart feels today is the day.

While we walk, I see him. I see him standing there with the most beautiful roses and just walking towards us.

“Grace, he is there. He has finally come to see you again” I almost yelled at her.

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!


How do we know said...

wow.. this is very well written Yamini..

Sumit Sarkar said...

This is an awesome post..
sentiments are very well described...
Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so cute !! "when water falls from heavens but forget to hide your tears with them" I just loveddddd this line :)

Chandana said...

amazing! loved it :)

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Write Up!!!!!!!! Heart Touching :) :)