Oct 31, 2010


No light, no fresh breeze
Sun extinguished, moon blackened
Dreams faded, passion vanished
Gloom souls, Earth Cursed

Trees fell, cities consumed
Selfish people surrounded over
Praying own survival
But think none was heard

Amidst the gloom of the world
Men met to see each other
To decide to fight the evil
At a house blazing with hope

The prayers all long left unheard
Evil eating away fellow men
The battle of good over bad began
It was tough yet unstoppable

Men blew hope for a little life
Made a flame, a light for life
Celebrating that moment alive
Smiles grew over evil and sorrow

Sun shined, moon looked special
Breeze spreads smiles all over
The clouds returned, birds sang
The happy Halloween songs
Written for The Ghoul's Gala...!!!

Oct 30, 2010


A spark born
out of love, care
heart full of love
its now a star

the star of friendship
bright as the sun
soft as the moon
patient as Earth

on this day of his birth
a small wish with love
from this Land of Dreams
hope it reaches him with smiles

Happy Birthday dear friend
may our bond never end
a whole life together we spend
with smiles ahead we tend

High on love
Everlasting care
Mighty smile
Any time alive
No sorrows
To him I wish
Happy Birthday

5 Pointer about Hemanth...!!
  1. He cares for everyone he meets to the best. One should learn how care for people from him.
  2. He is always there to share anything and everything from a friend.
  3. Loves to be with his family and admires the beauty of his city...except the heat...!!!
  4. Lucky is really lucky to have hemanth in her life...and same is Hemanth...she is so special to him
  5. He is one of my best friends..!!!
Happy Birthday to my sweetest sweetest friend...Hemanth Potluri ..!!!
May all his dreams come true and may all the happiness in the world be with him forever and ever..!!!

Send him a wish on this special day of my special friend..HERE...!!

Oct 27, 2010


She got the invitation from him for inaugurating the town's first ever library. She was so happy that she went back to her room, opened the photo collection for her always special photograph and finally found it.

She was an English teacher in a school where children of the poor studied. She was a favorite teacher of almost everyone who studied their. She was special not because of her teaching only, but the special person she is. She took the children of every batch in the school to some place in the city, where they may not go otherwise. Her photo collection is huge and now at 72, her only passtime is to check those photographs and bring those memories back.

She was glancing at the photograph, and knew the dream of the little boy 30 years before today has finally come true and she is invited to open the dream to the whole town.

~~~~~~~~~~30 years earlier~~~~~~~~~~

"Wat are you seeing there dear? Why dont you join your friends?" she asked him who was looking at the other side of the town.

"Ma'm how will it be to have a huge library in our town operating for every one?" he asked her.

She is not surprised hearing a question like that from him. He is one of the bright students of the school and she knew that he would go far ahead in life.

""It would be very good sweet heart." She hugged him and said "this town of ours has every thing that we need but lacks a library. Setting up would be changing the lives of the town and the people living here."

"Teacher, one day, you can see my library from here. I promise." He said and they left home after a long tiring day.


"He did it. His dream has come true. In 30 years, many things changed in this town, but there was no library and now, it has one and it's my Student's library for his home town" She wiped the tears of happiness and took out the photograph from the album.

She soon went to a nearby photo studio, got a copy of the photograph and also a photo frame thats very beautiful. She arranged the old photograph into the photo frame and got it gift wrapped.

~~~~~~on the day of the ceremony~~~~~~~~~~

She was ready in the most beautiful dress she could ever imagine herself in and was blushing admiring her own beauty. Suddenly there was a know on the door.

She went to see who it was, but cursing that she would get late. She opened the door to see a man in 40's turned to other side of the door.

"Who is it?" She enquired and he turned to her.
"Good teacher, I hope you remember me." He said. He was the student of her who was there to take her to the library.
"Yes, darling I do. Come in."
" Teacher I am here to take you to the Library. He asked me to get you there. Are you ready?"
" Yeah, I am ready. I have a small packet for him. Will take it and leave she said"

They left home in the next 10 minutes and after 20 minutes they were at the library.
He was waiting for her. He was happy to heavens to see her and ran to the car as it stopped.

As soon as she got down, there was a loud applause. They were all waiting for her to come.
She inaugurated the library and every one were busy checking it out, while she was busy with her old students who joined her.

"Dear, this is for you. A small gift from this old teacher" She said while handing over the packet to him.
He opened it with happiness and was in tears to see the old photograph. He hugged her and she was happy to heavens now.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

Oct 25, 2010

How To Describe A Friend?

How to describe friendship
That is two years "young"?
It's still growing I believe,
Like a syphony half sung.

How to describe a friend?
Who is like my twin soul,
She knows when I'm sad,
To do a cheerleader role.

How to describe a friend?
Who never does change,
She is always so simple,
Yet it doesn't feel strange.

How to describe a friend?
Whose thanks you refuse,
Agreed, she does same,
But thats friendship hues.

How to describe a friend?
Like a honeycomb, sweet,
Who is a passionate poet,
I just cannot wait to meet.

How to describe a friend?
Unseen yet right beside,
Always willing to share,
That nice smile so wide.

Someone once told her,
Words are too less now,
Praise for her is too little,
New words needed & how!

So I'll leave it at that then,
You're a true delight, dear,
Pleasure to be your friend,
To always have you near.

Oct 24, 2010


The day I respired
She fete her existence

Enjoyed her warmth
I did celebrate too

From a little seed

To a grape size I grew

She felt my heart beat
Fondled my presence

From a sweet grape

To a plum size I grew
My eyes are formed
I move, but she didn’t feel it

I am sculpted carefully
With her love, her blood
She caressed each moment

Enjoying me within her

I cuddle to comfort myself

She cries in happiness

Feels my moment

I celebrate my mother

I am pink soft and light
I hear her voice now

She talked to me every day

Her voice is music

Its time to meet her

I fancy her image
The most beautiful

My mother, I am curious to see

I get ready to be born

Into the real world
I try to get out

She cried in pain

With pain I came out
To open eyes I am curious
But the light is bright

I cant see her well

Now I see her everyday
Celebrating me, my birth
She is special as I opined
Even today after 23 years

Written for Sunday Scribblings...!!!


From letters
egress pretty words
docile and smooth
playful as I wish

From words
go forth poesy
pearly and neat
emblazoned as I wish

From poesy
come out poetry
sweet and special
illuminated as I wish

From poetry
emerge a poet
strong yet ardent
person as I wish

From poet
I am born again
to live life
with tinges of joy

Written for Writer's Island : Prompt EMERGE...!!!


Brand new dawn after dark
always there adding sunshine
so never give up

Written for Haiku Heights..!!!


Sweet smiles they wear
Wear ragged clothes
clothes that we donate
donate some love too

Too hard life they live
live punishments they face
face still innocent and calm
calm their pain we ought

Ought to beautify their life
life special we shall make
make their odds away
away from pain, lets bring

Bring them God's grace
grace them our love
love changes lives
lives immersed in pain

Pain suffering kids
kids we call orphans
orphans kids of Thy
Thy sent us to care them

Written for One Single Impression..!!!

Oct 23, 2010


Felt its enD
But no morE
Life still deeP
Live every poinT
Seize time’s strengtH

written for Acrostic Only..!!


The quality capital
Over destruction won
Keen being best
Yearning quality life
Over world’s best

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Perfectly weaving words
Artistically creating phrases
Specially carving feeling
Superbly crafting verses
Intensely enjoying action
Over time developed
Niche writer am

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Stripes suffering hard
Are killed obliterated
Very soon they
Erased on Earth

The National Animal
Hunted for trade
Efface their existence

Tigers are suffering
Infliction should stop
Get away from
End tiger trade
Raise a protest

Written for Acrostic Only..!!


Hanging just beautifully
In the garden
Bonny to heart
In exceptional colors
Soothe disturbed heart
Comforts wandering soul
Upon all good
Suddenly they fall

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


Even for hours I thought about
Moments passed but not a word out
Pen slowed down finally stopped
Then I realized and popped
You know I was sleeping, that’s I found

written for Acrostic Only..!!!


A sweet sister
Model to writers
Inspires my writing
Acrostics her favorite
So are mine

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


The little lady
Heartily In love
Upon flower prince
Mightily special pair
Beautrous their world
Escape to beautiful
Lovely little world
I enjoy their
Nice small story
A thumbs up

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!




Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Several ups downs
Experienced in life
Endorse people below
Salute people above
A game played
Well life same

written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Between right wrong
Entranced little life
Tough war faced

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Heartfelt lovely tunes
Uttering special souls
Merge together there
Mesmerizing audience around
In joy musicians
Notes made tunes
Grow high morale

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


A word collection
Neither its right
So not wrong
We just use
Every answer to
Read others opinions

Written for Acrostic Only...!!

Oct 19, 2010


She cries of pain
rips her body
no one can know
how it feels to her

She pushes out
the little life in her
to show the light
of this vast world

She bears all pain

gives life to a new soul
gives birth to the world
she cries out all way

She cries in joy
holding the new baby
tears of love flow down
happiness of life she enjoys

She cries with pride
holding her gift for life
wrapping it in her arms
the best moment of her life

She is the real champion
who fights with her life
to give birth to a new life
She is a mother...mother of world..!!!

This is my take for the prompt Champion on One Single impression and is dedicated to all the mothers around the world...and specially to the mothers on OSI..!!!

Written for One Single Impression..!!!