Feb 28, 2009


My heart flows like the cool breeze
My mind flies like the beautiful birds
When I just think of you,
The wonderful person you must be

You will be the best thing ever to me
Making my summer cool, winter warm
Wrapping all my life with your special love
To help me feel special, in your arms

Wish to give you those twinkling stars
To shower on you the shine they own
But I now realize, they will turn dull
With all the shine present in your smiles

Wish to gift you the fresh flowers
To let you know that beauty is not me
But I stepped back, when I knew
That you are the best beauty yourself

Nothing left to give
Except my little heart
Here’s for you, just three words

HELLO FRIENDS....this is the last poem in the month of love for my dream boy...!!! i think you all liked my month of Love..!!!

about my dream boy...i am still waiting to see him...!!! he must be there somwhere..!! nyways let me know how you like my moth of love..!!!

**btw...this is my 124th post..!!!**

Feb 27, 2009

YOU AND ME...!!!

I wish to fly like a bird
To come to you, soon
Just to spend an evening
Where its only you and me

Let’s be together, to share
What life has given us
Not just this special love
But the special world

Put your hands in mine
Now and forever
We are the couple
Bound by destiny

You and me, for each other
Side by side, all the life
Lets live it with love
Forever and ever...!!!

Feb 24, 2009


Your notes showed me path
In the musical life
Of love and friendship

Feb 23, 2009


As we step into our path of life
We meet people, all around
Be it by chance, be it for a reason
They turn to be special beings for us

Taking care of us however we are
Sharing all the feelings that time left
They build with us the beautiful bond
Which these little words can’t express

I am glad to have such wonderful friends
In a great number, each of whom are special
For not the way they are, or they love me
For the way I am known when I am with them

So friends, hear me out when I say
You are the light in my day and night
You help me shine very bright
You are the most adorable friends I have

In the month of love, here’s for you
A small gift, from my Land of Dreams
To let you know that you are special
Not for what you are
For what I am when u are with me

HELLO FRIENDS...this post is dedicated to all my friends who were there for me when i was happy, when i was sad, when i was top of the world, when i was down to Earth....this is for all of them...hope you all like it...!!!

Think of friends and i remember Octaves, the bestest friends i ever had...they always made me feel special and always wanted to see me happy...a small part of life with octaves which is a special one till date can be checked out here.

there is an award to my blogger friends....Hemanth, Vinay, Phoenix, Mayank, Preeti, PJ, Tulips, Aneesh, Mithe, Sawan, Sam, Mia, Meera, Crystal, Aparna, Anwesa, Geetika, Amit, Chriz, Archana, RiverSoul, Stephen, Harshita, Surya, Prudhvi, Lena, and Prams...!!!! hope you all will like it ....thanks for being there for me friends.....without you i am nothing in this blogger world..!!!

love to see it in your blog...!!!
***btw i have written a short sory, my first attempt on fiction......had stries on love, life and etc but for the first tiem i wrote something fictious.....you cna check it out here. ***

Feb 20, 2009


The sunrays, the moon light
Everyday, every night, shine bright
Onto a path, specially for me
Where before, I had never been

Though I have to, I fear to enter
Not that it is new, for I am alone, do you hear
I sense that I stumble and fall
Unable to par it never, at all

Let’s walk together, for each other
While the air surround and cover
Under the velvet sky, with full of joy
Let’s make the path special to us, to enjoy

Dear dream boy, I am waiting for you
To be with you, forever and ever
Not to know what love means or life is
But to let you know, that I LOVE YOU…!!!

Feb 18, 2009


I want you to be there
To walk hand in hand on the beach

I want you to be there
To share that hot coffee

I want you to be there
To share those little smiles

I want you to be there
To wipe of those sad tears

I want you to be there
To hold me tight when I am feared

I want you to be there
To shower on me your love

I want you to be there
To care for me like no other

I want you to be there
To let me know what life is….!!!

Feb 17, 2009

LOVE LIFE....!!!

Planting seeds of love
To harvest
Fields of life

Feb 15, 2009


I feel safe and secure when you are around
When I think of you, I am filled with love
You have a place of honor in my heart
When I need you, you were always there

You are like that sun to me
Showing light and growing warmth
You are that shining star, in my universe
Spreading wisdom and knowledge

You listen to all my silly talks
You understand all my feelings
You teach me the fair rules
You love me as none other

Dad, you are truly admired and adored
And as your daughter, I hope that you know
That you are special to me, since my day one
Not just for your presence, for the person you are

I’ve grown up with your values
And I’m very glad I did
So here’s to you my dad
In the month of love, a lovely dedication

Writing about my dad makes me feels great....he is the best person i have seen till date..!!he only knows to be happy at all times.....tough times also cant take the smile he wears all the time..!! in this month of love....i wud like to dedicate this post to my loving papa...who first taught me wat love is...!!!


Feb 14, 2009


Love birds in a winter garden
Wait hand-in-hand for the spring beauty
Cuddling together for the chill in the air
Still, they feel, sing and dance with joy

They share those little smiles, those tiny tears
With that little heart, they owned all these years
They are living for each other, together for the rest
With loads of love, tons ofsmiles, handfull of good wishes

They promise to stay together with each other
No matter what may come to them, in life
They promise to love and cuddle each other
No matter how much difficult it may be, further

On this special day of love, I wish them
to earn all the happiness in the world
all for themselves, live together for ever and ever
with so much to share, be it love, be it life...!!!


***today, my post is dedicated to a special blogger friend and her special man.***

***i wrote these lines for two pairs of love birds..one is RakaSamik(Phoenix) and the other....... i cant reveal thier names(non bloggers)***

***hope they like these lines from me..!!!!***

***BTW, happy valentines day to my dream boy whom i never met till date***


Feb 12, 2009


The sunrays woke me up,

Tickling my senses and my soul

to see those shining dew drops

on that little window, shining seeing me

the freshnessof the morning dawn

the blossom of the beautiful flowers

the enigmatic flight of the birds up there

the smiling nature, is what I could see

but it was not the same as every day

it seemed like everylittle thing was happy

the day was something special, I thought

then I realised it was really special, to me

for the first time, some years back

a little heart saw this beautiful world

now entering into a brand new year

the litlle heart is jumping with joy n happiness

I am glad to let you, dear friends

The little heart is mine, only mine

It is me who is happy and joyous

It is my birthday today…!!!!

***hello friends...today is my special day....its my birthday..!!!!***

***so lets not talk about the dream boy of this angel....lets talk about the angel herself..(the angel is me...;)...!!!)***

Feb 10, 2009

HE IS THERE...!!!!

every time i feel alone, my heart tells me
there is someone special living for me
be it on the other side of world, but still there...!!!!

Feb 9, 2009


I wait for you, till the end of my life
not to see who you are
but to know what i am with you

***my system is not working properly...so will not be able to blogging until it is fine...!!!***
will be back very soon

Feb 6, 2009


The shining dew drop, turn to a drizzle
Sprinkling on my soft cheeks, in the morning dawn
On that abandoned runway, we stand hand-in-hand
Very near to each other, cold quiet shower gently falling

The noise of the nature is all around us
Yet the sound of our heart beat, break the silence
The touch of your hand, the feel of you
Bring me pleasure I never knew

The lights of the runway turnoff
The clouds hide the tiny rays of the sun
When I am cuddled in your arms
When it is just me and you, in Love

hello friends...today is Karthik's B'day (member of Octaves...). so, i have my kind of gift for him.....please take some time and wish him here. thank you...!!!

Feb 4, 2009


How I wish to be with you forever and ever
In the magic field of love, in silence enjoying
And be the little princess to you, dear Prince...!!!

Feb 3, 2009


Many miles ahead, wait for us to enter
But smiles we share are beautiful ever

Let’s be together, in LOVE forever

Feb 2, 2009


Your thought gives me inspiration
Inspiration to live, this little life
Waiting for you, till we meet
You are my special someone

You bring me hope in life
Bringing me out of the miseries
Get me back the person I am
You are my special someone

You bring me back the smiles
Get me that love to live in my soul
Helping me be happy, all the time
You are my special someone

My special someone
This is for you
To let you know
That, “I LOVE YOU…!!!!”

***hope my Dream Boy reads this...!!!***


Dancing in the wind, my heart
To see you in the distant sands
Though I was waiting for you,
Your presence was a thrilling moment

I always dreamt this special time
When sunsets, we sit together
On the golden sands, happily
Hand- in-hand, making memories

I gently hug, be there secure in your arms
Look into your soft eyes staring at me
Then I wonder, if you are my angel
The Angel of Love in Disguise

Held tight in your arms, simply enjoying
I greet the moon, rising with the music of the waves
That precious moment, is a perfect bliss

When we breathe as one, our Hearts in rhythm

And my dear Prince, make me the queen of your heart
For your essence, your presence, your being is the best
Your whispers are gentle echoes, of my heart
Be with me, just let me say, I LOVE YOU…!!!!

***may be i will be post more about LOVE and my Dream Boy in this Month of Love...!!!***
***hope you will like them...!!!***

****by the way...hows my header?? i made it myself.....!!****