Jun 20, 2016


Refreshing drizzle
Little rain here
And a little there
Turn the boring brown
To luscious green
And then the sight
Of her walking amidst the woods
Is the beauty in itself
Rains and peacocks
Redefine the beauty of nature

Apr 8, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 7: G--Grief..!!

A little princess I shall be
Beautiful as the daisies
Soft as the cottons of daffodils

Bounce on me all your duties
I shall bear all in smile
Giving not a reason to grumble

A sign of pride I shall be
High as the mountains
Wide the skies

Sing me lullaby
And play me a swing
All little things enough for me

A gentle touch I seek
An embrace of love
A tender kiss o await

All I shall let go if
You give me a chance to live
Not erase me afore my birth

Am a little girl yet to be born
For years now

And more to come

Apr 7, 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Day 6: F-- First Love..!!!

You were there to walk me through
Every moment, bright or dark
That little smile you wear
Is my wall of strength
Deeper the problem, wider you smiled
And world looked simpler after that

Brighter looked my dreams
Each time you smiled
I know you are there for me to hold
In times when I am lost
You celebrated every little thing
Best was at my birth
You rejoiced your daughter
World spoke in time

Whatever comes my way, dear Dad
You are my first love
Always dear to my heart
Nothing can replace you in me
And everything I do, I achieve
Is all for you, for that smile, for your love

Apr 6, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 5: E--Ebullience

With every rising sun
I wake up and look
At the hundred things
On my to-do list
When I reach work
A hundred more add on
But its you who wake me up
In the real sense

Every twist & turn
Something I learn
Each one of you
Feed in me, the energy in you
We learnt together all through
Sometime you, many times me
We grew with time
And two years were long and short

Dear student
You bring in energy
To every day I wake
And that moment,
When you bring a pack of sweets
With a job in hand
Energy multiplies
As I feel won as a teacher

Apr 5, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 4: D -- Dalliance

Foliage of dandelions
Dancing to the tune of the winds
Among the conflate of warmth and the early mist
The yellow blooms bright in the sun
Rippling a curve of smile on my lips

Over a cup of coffee
And a break from my book
I enjoyed their splendor
Wrapped up the moment
To live the day ahead

As a little girl I was then
Often I ran, to touch and feel
Once they turn white soft cottons
They were lost to the kiss of the winds
I fancied a dream come true

I wait another spring
Gazing at the eternal land
To experience her beauty
Spread in the infinity
Giving birth with each death

She is my love
Short lived yet beautiful
As in this abandoned life
I found a reason to live
With the garden of dandelions

Apr 4, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 3: C--Colors

Amidst the black of night
Full moon looked as a knight
Travelling with us
The entire journey ahead

Just then,
Black turned white on one side
Yellow & orange on the other
Revealing the umbrella of the greens

Immersed in the felicity of the dawn
We rode ahead into the plush of the woods
Amid the browns of the summer
We cooked our food, enjoyed our time

As the sun rode across
The soft cool breeze turned warm
And the fragrance of the woods
Mixed with the aroma of the food

The halcyon holiday
Mixed with colors
Of food, of joy, of nature, of life
Lived it fullest, though ephemeral in time

With the colors of life
Celebrated the festival of colors
Being close to self
Under the green opulent tree

Apr 2, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 2: B -- Beast

Wedding bells singing around
Festive lights marking celebration
Brighter than the light
Is the aura of the place
With liveliest smiles all around

I ran in pretending wary
Into the darkness of my room
Lest the world see
The bruises on my skin
The tears running down

Haunting moments rush back in dark
Of him standing atop and his cruel smile
Thumping me down, every time I rose
He killed me from within, my little life
And is it him I am married to?

That fateful day I met him first
I was told it was “HIM”
All was well until we met
In this very room
As he comforted his lust at once

I spoke, I cried, I shouted
Least I knew, I wasn’t heard
Each time he pushed himself
I roared of pain from deep within
But it is him I am married to..!!!

Apr 1, 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Day 1: A -- A Long Wait..!!

Gone are the days of roses and daffodils
Gone are the days of music of birds and rains
I stare at the distant hills
My heart wandering around
Searching for ‘me’
Lost in the speed of time
Dancing to the daily chores

Then I find her, my mate, my pen
Equally lost and awaiting my hint
As I touch, the breeze flew hard
And there were the dancing daffodils
Rustling music of the leaves
Flickering tunes of the raindrops
As if they were around since long

Just then I see
To realize, life wasn’t lost
It left to let me enjoy the bliss of solitude
Of being with me myself
I was lost in my beauty
And drunk in my splendor

Yet I held her tight
Determined not to let her go
For its her presence
That has brought me back
To my land of dreams
A place of love life and happiness
My pen, you were missed..!!!

Oct 3, 2015

Chaotic beauty..!!!

Sometimes the honking traffic
else the buzz of the A.C.
at times the tunes of music
or the painful silence

Amidst all the chaos

The sight of the clear sky
sound of the falling rain
feel of the cool breeze
smell of the drenching earth
taste of the steaming coffee
beauty of distant horizon
Brings back the yearning solace

Sep 30, 2015

Small li'l things...!!!

A beautiful dawn
A morning hug
A greeting smile
A steaming cup of tea
A bowl of home cooked food
A glimpse of mom
A sight of dad
A music of birds
A time with a friend
A nice right book
A scenic dusk
A good night kiss

All happiness in life
Comes in small packets
At a time, miss them not