Dec 11, 2010


The colors of the sky fascinated me. I enjoyed watching the sunrise and admire the sunset. I was always at the same window fancying the birds start and end their day; I enjoyed their sounds, their flight. The view from this window of my room is awesome. I enjoyed it since I was a little girl.

But today, I miss something that excited me even more than the beauty, I miss him. We grew up together enjoying the beauty. We played, we danced, we played, and we lived together since the time unknown. He was a sweet heart and got me everything I asked for. Though he fought with me may a times, now I feel it is out of love that we share. We celebrated life together. We shared life’s most precious moments together. He was there for this little sister always.

I remember one day when mom said, I shall leave this home and him one day to live with someone else and that I shall soon forget him and his love (which was completely wrong), how badly he was hurt. He lifted his head looking at him and I realized that I was actually seeing his tear filled eyes. He just pushed mom aside and ran out the house. I fought with mom for having hurt my sweet brother, I came running to this window crying and waiting for my brother.

I saw him, standing there at the fence and looking at the barren land that stretched to almost all over. I was calling him for so long but he never turned to see. I was tired but was still waiting for him to come back home and play with me.

I suddenly see him turn back and walk towards our home. I was happy and suddenly I realize I was already smiling. He was finally coming back to me and I was waiting for him in my room.

After some time, I saw him at my door with a carton in his hands and he was already walking in.

“Brother, what is it in your hands?”

“Sis, Mom said you shall leave me one day and go somewhere else. There you shall be all alone and you may not find anyone to play. These are some of my favorite toys, take them and play with them.”

“Thank you bro. But still miss you so much then too.” I was already in his arms and tears sliding down my cheeks.

Today is my wedding day. I am actually about to leave everyone and live with someone else very soon. I will miss everything of my life so far especially my dear brother whom I find even now standing at the same fence thinking about how my life shall be from now on.

Mom has already got all my luggage ready that I shall need in the new place, she says there are three bags, but only I know that its’ not three but FOUR..!!!

P.S. This is a work of fiction..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!


Creativity!! said...

Heartfelt Beautiful Post Dear :) :)

gs batty said...

I enjoyed how you created a nice family story frm the picture. nice writing. thanks for hint.

Reflections said...

Heartfelt longing for the ones we miss, the ones always there. Nice.

Thank you for stopping at mine and welcoming me here. Was glad to find a prompt place for stories to be shared.