Jun 29, 2009


Happy today
Smiling life
tinkling chimes
chirping birds

Happy today
lunch with a friend
day with the family
life to yourself

Happy today
loving world
preaching nature
living self

Happy today
beauty around
rhythmic words
its all life


Jun 23, 2009


The wall of strength
stood by me all my way
It helped me stand and strong
The support was so strong

The wall remained the same
As i changed with time
Built with the bricks of love
it has built me too
It is a friend, a wall of yellow roses
It is my love, a wall of red buds
It is the peace, wall of mighty white
It is my life, I always adore

I am away from it now
lead my life alone, i dont know how
The wall of strength is my dad
My best friend, my inspiration, my Life...!!!

Jun 19, 2009


The droplets from Heavens above
Drizzling the joys of the souls unknown
An umbrella of the white roses
The waters tickling our feet

The fragrance of Love
surrounds our world
Its only him and me
Its our special world

Let the moon only see us
In the dim candle light we smile
Hand in hand we whisper
I LOVE YOU...!!!

Jun 17, 2009


Amidst the glowing rays of the sun high
I stepped carrying heartful of dreams
With the cool breeze flowing around
I saw the new place welcoming me

The little birds sung the welcome song
The soft clouds blessed me with the good wishes
The lovely trees danced in joy
Finally i am in the path of my goal

Hope my attitude helps
To reach the heights
That I planned to reach already
Hope everything goes fine

hi friends....finally i am back to blogging....and yeah, this is my 201st post....:)...!!!
I am now in Pune and the rest of the blogging frm now for the next two years will be frm this place....and friends, i have started my MBA....as of now i dont have enough time to tell u wat i am doing and how my life is....but i am looking to make out the best of my life...and i know i am wil...hahaha...!!!
bye for now....will be soon at your blogs...!!!

Jun 7, 2009

Yamini's ..The Land of Dreams...!!!

Congrats to Yamini on her 200th Post and giving me a wonderful opportunity of making this post in her wonderful blog :)..

This is the land of dreams
dreams which are full of love
love and friendship is which u find in this place
place which is filled with beautiful words of friends
friends who make all the dreams become joy

joy is the word to describe yamini
yamini the poetess friend :)

She(the Princess) was looking out of the window waiting for her Prince ...who will be coming riding on a horse with smile of the sun , charm of the stars and coolness of the moon ..she starts imagining his beautiful face with dimple cheeks ,tall and handsome...and imagines of being in his hug,care and love forever...suddenly she hears a sound for which she runs towards the door to see if it is the prince but a pillow comes in between when she tumbles on the ground and she wakes up from her dream..:)...She looks into mirror opposite her bed where the reflection of her keeps smiling and giggling to itself ...she thinks to herself "wow ..what a dream wish i was in that land forever" .For the next few days months she keeps thinking of the dreams she is getting ..she starts loving them and the land which they dwell in and wish it all come true and she never stops dreaming.Then comes her thoughts to be shared to her friends all over the place and let them be the part of her beautiful dreams then she creates a beautiful loving place called "Land Of Dreams"

she was running on this land
which had a nice beach with so much of sand
where friends come to hold ur hand
make u feel the magic of the wand
give u so much love of the whole friendship band

and show u the beauty of the land to which u came
where u can feel every stone has ur name
u feel everything brings u so much fame
and never to feel the same
all because of the land created by this beautiful dame :)

where i can wish for every ice cream
because this is the land of dream

5 Point something

5 Things of the creator of Land Of Dreams

1.She is full of life spreading fragrance of friendship and love

2.Her posts create a smile and happiness in everyone's heart :)

3.She never lets her friends fall down as she always be there holding it tight and never letting it go :)

4.She is so kind hearted ..i can tell this by the way she and her team of octaves help lot of children in homeless shelters

5.U make a great friend Yamini ...i am proud to have u as a friend :)..

Thank u once again Yamini for giving this wonderful opportunity to be a part of ur "Land of Dreams" and Congrats once again ..

Loads of Love


This wonderful song is dedicated to u on this special occasion :)

Jun 5, 2009

Yamini…As I know!

A hearty family has gifted me this little angle called Yamini.
A beautiful village has allowed us to share a few of our precious moments.
The village is nothing but our native place and the family is Meduri’s.

Yamini is my cousin but she is nothing less than a sibling to me. I’m proud that I can feel her way, I can admire her thoughts and nevertheless for being her dearest sister. And I feel honored to be here right at the moment and to share my words with u all.

All of you know Yamini as she is today, but I know her since last 20 years. Well… 20 yrs is not so sufficient to understand a person though, as people keep on changing with every moment of life. Let me try my best to make you aware of some facts…Facts of her very own!!

We used to go to our native place for every Pongal vacation and that was the time for what we used to wait almost a year. I remember playing many a games with her and her sibling pavani. We have many more childhood friends in our village like lakshmi, rajini etc. Actually ours is a big family. I have 8 cousins, out of them these two (Yamini, pavani) are of my age group. So we used to keep ourselves busy in playing :)

Yamini used to cover almost all of our relatives houses in our village whenever she had been there. I used to stay away from such things... :) I was a bit reserved at that time but always wanted to be like her whenever people doubted me whether I could ever mingle with people. Slowly, time has taught me many a things and that is a different story all the way.

She has always been an active n energetic person since her childhood. Once I had been to Hyderabad, then she was around 8 years old. My other family members came to know that she had performed in her school day function, so every body around there wanted to witness it again. On our request she started dancing along with Pavani. I was truly mesmerized with the way she had kept herself involved in her dancing steps and most importantly in the expressions, those were awesome.

She used to be very talkative. Once we were playing a game with all of our family members in which she had to perform some one else’s character and she could do it extremely well as expected. When I was to perform, I was shivering all the way and could not even speak out a few lines in English, as I was studying in Telugu medium school. I was really inspired by her at that moment and wanted to improve my communication skill, Hmm… I did not even know what all about communication skill was!

There are many a moments to share with… but don’t worry, I keep myself restricted to few incidents!

Let me say the other side of her also…She used to be very short tempered in her childhood, but I don’t remember me fighting with her even for a while so far. She used to be very specific in taking food, playing with friends etc. She used to write letters very nicely and neatly. I still cherish the way she used to send a greeting card without missing a single b’day of mine, though I was not even wishing her on her day. She knew what I was and how I was. That’s the understanding that we have for each other.

To be frank, we were not very close to each other in our childhood. Our adulthood made us to surpass through few feelings which made us to come closer. And now we do confide and we do enjoy each other’s success. I feel I’m gifted with her. I love her for the way she can express her feelings in the form of little poems. I feel blessed whenever I see her comments for my posts. And the way ‘Octaves’ are running “Akanksha” is the one thing that always spur me to do something more to the society. For this work, the way they kept themselves impervious from their academic issues was stupendously good. I wish them and thank them as well. The whopping love that she has for “Octaves” is very much appreciable. I used to say her that if she was not a part of them she would not be experiencing such a beautiful days of her life. And now I’m exhilarated that she is going to share my days in Pune and eagerly waiting for her.

And that’s all from my side to say about her, the remaining is what u r well known about. I thank you all for inspiring her with your love and affection. Please keep encouraging my sister. I wish you would keep her updated with your views. I know she would do what all she could do for you.

And this is especially for u Yamini…

Dear, I’m with you every now and then
To know how much I can love.

And you move with confidence to conquer, never you be a step backward in your thoughts or aims, keep up the ethics and reach your destination with your ever winsome smile and easy going.

Life is all about experiencing the depths and winning the heights.

Thank you all for your time…

Sis, thanks for letting me to do this, I loved the time when I had to stir my past to write this.

Jun 4, 2009

A Little Queen Called Yamini

Hyderabad, the city of pearls… a city fast becoming a metropolitan. A place where north and south India met, the many cultures of the nation came together and the diversity of the nation showed quite well.

In this city through the hubbub of vehicles and spread crowds, there was a little girl named Yamini. Yamini loved her family a lot. They meant more than life itself to her. Her dad, mom and her little sister who she loved so much… all had covered her in a blanket of love and care. She was very talented and could sketch anything with the greatest of ease. Her parents never left her side, but her little sister didn’t pay much attention to her. She never wanted to be alone at any time. Time passed and things did not change much. She was still loved and given company at all times. But not all good things last for ever. The day she dreaded so much soon came. Her parents had gone out, and her sister was in school. And she was alone at home.

She didn’t know what to do, and her fear at suddenly being alone didn’t let her sketch anything. She huddled on her couch and slowly closed her eyes. She saw something, and quickly opened her eyes again. She wasn’t sure she actually saw it. She closed her eyes again, opened it immediately. Could it be real? Questions were popping up in her mind now:

What did I see, when I closed my eyes?
Is it real or did I see just some lies?
Should I venture into this land unknown?
Will someone be there, or am I all alone?

She decided to close her eyes and venture there. She was all alone anyhow at home. When she closed her eyes, she saw a ladder going into the clouds. She began to climb it and reached the top most cloud. She slowly stepped onto it and saw that it didn’t break. She was in her very own Land of Dreams. She walked some distance and saw a gate. She wondered where the key was but lo and behold, the gate swung open for her. She went inside and the crowd near the gates cheered, “Long Live The Queen”. She turned around to see who they were cheering for, and even went outside the gate. But saw no one. She became confused. She thought perhaps the Queen might have entered when she had turned around, and decided to go back in again.

Where am I now, I wish I knew,
This place where my desire comes true,
This palace, where I know not the Queen,
This beautiful land that I have never before seen

She turned around to see an angel flying near her shoulders. It slowly sat on her shoulder and told her, “Greetings Queen Yamini. Welcome to the palace. We were awaiting your return to the kingdom since many years now and we are so delighted to see you here. Here you can be anyone you want to be. You can live in the palace and rule over us, your minions… you can come to our homes and be our dearest friend. You can be whoever you wanted to be when you were growing up. No one will stop you from doing it. If we can, we will help you do it too. Shall we enter, into your very own Land of Dreams?”

Yamini was very excited and agreed to go inside. Just as she was about to enter though, the world vanished in a haze, and her ceiling came into focus. She got up in a hurry, and looked at her side to see her mom smiling down at her. “Yami, you were smiling in your sleep also. Did you have a very nice dream my dear?” Yamini was too happy for words so she just nodded. She knew that at night, when she went to sleep, the Land of Dreams would appear again.

I saw a land, where I am the Queen,
So happy in my life, I have never been,
I just can’t wait to go back again,
To the land where I don’t feel any pain

Yamini’s parents were surprised to see her wanting to go to sleep early that night. Usually she would want to be with them till later in the night. As they tucked her in, she gave them each a kiss goodnight and drifted off quickly into her dreams. The angel was waiting to escort her in again. She had decided not to rule over them as a Queen, but as a friend. She was going to show others the way into the Land of Dreams. She was smiling all the time. She ordered them never to call her Queen, because she was a simple person and did not want to be considered as a ruler. Little did she knew, that she was already ruling so many hearts.

She saw a pen on her desk, and began to write. She wrote a lot, but she saw the ink bottle always full. She called the angel and asked him where the ink was coming from. He replied to her that in her land of dreams, she can write how much ever she wanted to and the bottle of ink would never finish. She was so happy that she wrote a poem…

A poem i wish to write
But words refuse to come in sight
I, alone in the room and the light
With my pen, I fight.
Right words, i don't find
Though i put my heart and mind
My imagination flew like a kite
In anger and annoy, my pen I Bite.
Of no topic i can think
Nothing else, then i blink, Scribbled lines
Which do not link?
I think, think and think.
In exhaustion my face grew pink.
Amazed, I have finished a full bottle of ink.

The angel saw it and proclaimed it as the stepping stone of a journey that will be endless, a rule that will be cherished forever… listening to that, Yamini smiled even more. She only had but a few citizens then, but she knew she was happy. Soon, hearing about the happy kingdom of Yamini, more people came to the land. They read her majesty’s works and decided never to leave her Land of Dreams again.

The queen had just written a poem wishing her citizens good morning when a weary traveler called Leo entered her happy kingdom. Tired after his travels, he found the Land a very relaxing place to be in. He decided to stay there for long. Yamini saw a good poet in him, and asked his opinions on her works more than once. Between them, a beautiful friendship began to weave... one that would last forever. His rhymes without reason began to inspire her, and he was happy that his little talent had some use to some one in that Land. Yamini began to write more and more as time flew by. She began nursing dreams of a little book of her poems. Leo knew that it would one day become reality.

Today as the rule nears 200 poems young, Yamini has decided to go on a travel and give the rule of her kingdom to her most trusted allies. Today it is Leo’s rule and Leo is happy that he decided to stay forever in this Land of Dreams. As Leo ponders on how to finish his rule, he is smiling. Yamini is not sure what Leo is cooking up for this big day. So Leo will end with something he is good at, an acrostic poem…

Treasured are my days here
Heart I read yours my dear
Eager I am for reading more

Leave I never shall indeed
Always here, when I you need
Never giving up, just continue to write
Dream away of a future bright

One day you shall be, who you dreamt
Free to fly unchained by your past

Destiny holds happiness for you
Reveal it does more joy and hope
Each moment you spend is a memory
Always in your heart to make you smile
My presence it will forever be there
Scar in your heart that you will never forget

Leo is now done with this long rule, hope that Yamini loves it and wishes that she reaches more heights with her blogging. It has been a cherished friendship between us Yamii, and I certainly don’t ever want it to end.

As I finish I wish to say
Don’t ever stop dreaming
Come what may
In this Land of Dreams
You are the best
No one is more loved
Stay forever blessed

Jun 3, 2009


The birth of right,
The Holy birth,
A dewdrop, sparkling shine
Beautiful glow of sacred light,
Radiant vista
Eyes lost in glow of the amber light,
Hope in sky, end of night
Birth of dreams, shining bright

Everytime I read a comment from you Yamini or a post on your blog these are the lines, which come to my mind. The optimism, the positivity reflected in your words, the mastery over your toughts and the brilliant talent to pen them down.

Adjectives would fall short to describe your creativity, you can make sagas outta expressions. You keep surpassing yourself with every post. I still admire you for writing a poem everyday for a full month on India, then on friendship. New forms of poetry, haikus…you have just set the bar so high that no one else is even close.

You are without doubt the Goddess of words.
You claim to not have anyone in your life, and yet you write about love so effortlessly that even Aphrodite would be proud.
Your words for your friends “The Octaves” would make anyone want to cherish friendship.
Your comments to my rants inspire me to write more…to express more…just outta the greed to read your thoughts.

Stay the same smiling, positive you. You are the silver lining to the dark cloud. No, infact you are a bright sparkling cloud on a rainy day :)

200 is a small number when we talk about the plethora of creativity you carry. Let the numbers go higher and higher.
Oh and btw I seriously think you should take up professional writing…You Rock!!!

Ps: Thankyou for letting me write this guest post…I am Honoured :)

Jun 2, 2009

The Land of Dreams...!!!

***A very very very lonngggg short story ahead. :p***

Playing with her long, black hair he said, “Have you decided dear?”

“It was always decided hunz. Nothing else can be better than this. Isn’t it?”

“You know it sweets, I love every bit of it.”

She blushed some more and her cheeks flushed with some more red. But before she could enjoy this blushy bliss of her, he naughtily continued,

“Well… Ah! I love it even more than I love you”

Filling her cheeks with some air she made a face like a small balloon and looked queerly at him with pretended anger. He in return came lovingly near her face and repeating his last sentence, softly punched her cheeks to burst her cheeky balloon

“Get lost” and she threw a pillow at him.

With this, the small room got sprinkled with their hearty laughter filled with love and affection for each other.

Holding his hands she continued,

“In my land of dreams
Magic spreads, when flower blooms.
Love-friendship plays ‘round.”


"The name of my book would be The Land Of Dreams


“Just like us together.”


Yamini was an aspiring poet. Writing in blogs and some magazines she has acquired a lot of fame. But her dream was to do something really big. It was to make a mark in the field of poetry. But only because you write well and you have the thing in you to make it big, it does not mean that your works will be published that easily. After submitting half a dozens of manuscripts to different publishing house, she had yet not been approached by any publishing house. But 'he' always stood beside her like a pillar of strength and never ever allowed her to lose hope. 'He' was the one who kept on instilling hope and encouragement in her each and every day.

Everyday in the mall they used to go to the up-staired Crossword bookstore on an escalator, holding hands, dreaming that one day they will use the same escalator to buy their own published books. There they picked books, randomly, and poked their nose deep inside to smell the words and to imagine how their own words would smell like on the pages.

Their inspiration and hope came from the escalator- one that rises up. Holding hands on that escalator, at least in their own world, this way they were ascending towards their dreams.

Good luck struck a chord with Yamini’s fate and one fine day one of her poems was published in a book called “Amateur Poets.” This was a stepping stone and their happiness transcended beyond leaps and bounds.

She hugged him as if she was not going to release him from the enclosures of her arms in eternity’s time period. Tears rolling down from her eyes drenched his shirt with wetness of happiness and aroma of being proud. Uplifting her chin with utmost love and care he looked deep inside her eyes and said, “I am so proud of you my li’l angel” and kissed her first on her forehead and then on her sweet lips. She hugged him more tightly while whispering once again the sweetest sentence ever, “I love you”.

“I love you too my angel. I love every bit of you.”

“wowwww! It’s a divine bliss. You and me, together in our land of dreams, forever and ever.”

“And we are now few steps closer to have our ‘the lands of dreams’ in our very own hands. You are destined to surpass even the sky, yamini. It’s just the beginning and very soon your individual book of poetry will be published.”


Few years passed in between and he had to go to some other state for some official work. Meanwhile Yamani continued writing more beautiful poems with her pen dipped in the ink of utmost passion and love. And finally the day approached when their “The Land Of Dreams” was in stores.
That day more than her, he was happy. On phone, they shouted, they laughed, they choked and they cried together but failed to speak anything except ‘I love you-s’. How much he wished that he had wings so that he could fly to her without wasting any second. How much he wished to hug her and caress her. How much he wished to be there with her so that together they can poke their noses and finally smell the fragrance of their own words!

Silently he sobbed. It was going to be the most memorable day of their lives and his heart sunk even to think that may be he can’t make it to it.

“Hey! hunz! Where have you learnt to cry from, you silly boy.”
“Yamani, just pray that I can make it to the book release ceremony. Even if it is just for half an hour only.”

“Without you I can’t even think of going to the ceremony dear. I can’t.”

“Darling! If they don’t give a leave for at least few hours, I am going to leave my job. I give a damn to a job that keeps me away from my angel, my happiness and my life.”

“Shhhhh… do not ever repeat these words hunz. My real “land of dreams” is somewhere where you are there with me. I have always felt ‘you’ in ‘me’ and ‘I’ in ‘you’. Our ‘land of dreams’ is there in our hearts and souls. It is not worldly dear rather it is divine. You are there always beside me, no matter wherever you and I are. It is always the “us” together.

“And when from my li’l angel has grown up, huh?”

“She is still your kid but whenever you become a kid, I have to take the role of your granny. See, no choices left after all.”

“I am proud of you yamz and I love you.”


“What happened dear? Shy huh?”



“Ummm..Well… I love you too.”

Without him, it was almost impossible for her to step on the escalator to reach Crosswords. She couldn’t stop the hot gush of her tears from rolling down her cheeks. Her eyes were waiting for him and her heart was longing for him. Atlast brushing aside her tears but with a heavy heart she stepped on to the escalator. Midway, along with a deep breath she wished him to be near her. May be the wind carried her prayers and wishes to him.

Just then her phone beeped. The sms read,

“I managed to get a leave for a day. Take stairs. Come down. Fast. Waiting to take you up by holding you in my arms. – lovingly yours, ‘…’.”

Turning back she saw him. Her dream man was waiting near the escalator with his hands stretched out to her. She ran..ran.. and ran.. to be in her arms forever and ever.

Dear Yamini,

Long back i have written just some bits and pieces of this story (you can say a rough draft) for a competition but never completed it and never paricipated in that competition. i started writing it keeping in mind my dreams and aspirations. but today i have rewritten it for a special someone and that special someone is you, yamini. thanks dear, just because of you today i am able to complete it.
*** HE is unnamed because Yamz is still waiting for him. May the wait gets over soon .:)
i am glad to be a part of your celebration and i feel honoured and extremly elated to write a guest post for you, sharing a precious space in your land of dreams. i don't even consider it a guest post. i treat it as my gift full of best wishes wrapped in love and care fo you.
Congratilations dear. may you write many..many..many more beautiful poems. may all your dreams and wishes come true.
i am lucky to have you in my life and i do consider you my ANGEL.

God bless you yamini and please keep that smile always intact on your face. you are an epitome of liveliness for many of us.


P.S : Thank you every body for bearing such a lonnnnng post. i hope i did not bore you much :p

But still i feel as if,

Jun 1, 2009

White Rose

In the storm
Stands the white rose
tumultuous waves
of destruction abound her

Yet tall is the white rose
strong in the face
Of the sensed doom around her
And she does not bow down

Pure is the white rose
In the compost earth
growing eternal strength
in the nights that so hurt

I see not the white rose
She is so far away
But I long to protect her
But only the words can I say

So I send her my words
And my poets heart
To help her when
there is hope to see her through

Be Strong little flower
Your heart will guide true
And as long as you want
I will always be there for you

There are a few in life who touch your heart and become indispensable to you. there are a few who make you believe in angels and for me that someone is you.

She is the poet with a golden heart, warm and affable; she fills me up with a sense of peace and calm and encourages me to smile through my tears. she is the ultimate friend anyone can ever find.

Here's wishing you many more posts, keeping penning and touching our lives. wishing you a fulfilling and enriching blog experience, for all times to come and do offer me such opportunities of trying my hand at poetry.(lol)