Nov 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Vidhya..!!

As the candles go off
and the cake is cut
As the blessings flood 
and the joy goes viral

Here comes a little wish
with loads of love 
from this little girl
whom just you know

Words can never tell you
how important you are to me
as you share that li'l corner
which is hidden from the whole world

You never answered my questions
Never stopped me cry
You are so stupid, that
You understood my half-smile

We played, We went on crazy trips
We drove in the chilling nights
We woke up at the weirdest hours
to just spend time with us

you are that dear friend
I miss with me today
for you are the best
and know me the best

Happy birthday darling
may you be the happiest
as your smiles
bring me joy

Nov 3, 2013


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Happy Diwali to all my readers..!!

through the silence of the darkness
the symphony of light travels
bringing joy and fun all around

one diya makes it all
beautiful and bright
magically illuminating the night

with family joy multiplies
as we shout, talk and laugh
the joy out loud

the festival of lights
always different but this one
definitely special

with a new family
with first diya lit
everlasting smile

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