Oct 29, 2009

DAY 'n' NIGHT...!!!

With the sun rise
in the mighty east
the world wakes up
with a new smile

With the new hopes
it lives the bright day
sometimes with smiles
sometimes with tears

Death of light, we even see
with the rise of the moon
we still cherish the darkness
to admire the light the next day

Life is new everyday
in the brightest light
forget the darkest times
face it with courage, live with joy

There will be nights
dark as death, terrified at times
but there is always a moon, a hope
face it for the new day in life

Life is the days and the nights
life is the light and the dark
life is the wins and the loses
live it with smiles, with courage

Oct 25, 2009


Hi friends....I am back..(yeah after a long time and a long post too)....to celebrate...!!! Today it is my 250th dream...!!! What special do i do today, so that it will also be a special to you??? I was thinking all these days but couldnot get any thought. But after i have started to write this post, I thought i will dedicate this post to every one special in my life....so here goes my post...please bare with the long post...!!!

A Land of Culture
A Land of Tradition
A Land of Colors
A Land of Values

Its my Mother Land
A Land of Beauty, My India
She is a special mother
uniting all her diverse children

From my Land of Dreams
I salute Mother India
for her strength, for her love
She is one, making all of us ONE....!!!

This is to my wonderful country, a special place ton live and love, this is to every Soldier who fight for the nation...this is for every Indian citizen..!!!

Two souls together
gave birth to this little girl
who today is someone
special to them, to her self

They loved her to heavens
She is their Angel, their princess
They showed her every smile
special to them, to her self

They are my sweetest parents
the sweet little girl, is me
To be their child, is a GIFT
I treasure all my life...!!!

This is to the world's best parents, who not only gave me life, but also helped me dream and work to make my dreams come true. Their special love is the foundation of my Land of Dreams. Mamma and Papa, I LOVE YOU...!!!

Smiles, Fights, Tears, Happiness
We shared it all, for each other
no matter what, we were there
for each other, all time

Love her for her presence
Special times, turned more better
when shared with her, every night
together we will be every time

My Li'l sister, she is special
Will love her forever
Dear, Do remember, I am always there
for you where ever you are...!!!

This is to my special sister, who has always been special to me. She is someone who taught me life's greatest lessons. Though she is my younger sister, she is my teacher. she is my special sister and I Love her...!!!

The cool breeze around
The chirping birds above
The sun beams, the Moon light
The twinkling stars, the clear clouds

Every little thing of the Nature
Inspires me to write, day in & day out
The colors of nature, is life
always changing, but then beautiful

This is for the birds, the flowers
The trees, the rains, the colors
For everything natural
Naturally from my Land of Dreams...!!!

This is a dedication to mother nature...without which we are never here...and also, the primary inspiration for my dreams...!!!

They are the tune of my heart
They are the rhyme of my poetic art
They are the flight of my imaginations
They are the reason of my every creation

They brought to me love
They brought me much above
They helped me write
They wanted to make me right

They encourage, they criticize
They are my inspiration too
I write for them, i live for them
They are my sweetest friends...!!!

This is to every friend of mine...who know me, who dont know me, whom i know, whom i dont know...to everyone reading this...!!!! you are all special to me and friends...I treasure your presence..!!! LOVE YOU DOST...!!!

Never lost a smile
Never forgot life
Never thought of sorrow
Never forgot "SELF"

When with them
I loved myself more
They are special
to my little heart

Think of friendship
We lived it together
we are all apart, still together
Love you OCTAVES...this is for you..!!!

This for those eight F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in ma life who made my life special. The Gang of Octaves..not only special friends but also special people together...we are are the founders of our social service project --project AKANKSHA...we are the active members of it...WE love to serve people and we love to be together...though we are spread throughout the world today, we are still connected heartfully..!!!

Special world i saw
every night, making bright
colorful with life's all colors
Cheerful with smiles all around

Only i know the special place
special for my heart
it let my life even more beautiful
with its colors, with its smiles

It is my dream world
I adore, I await
Special like my Land of Dreams
Never will forget, ever in life

This is to all the special dreams i live at night...I dreamt for my life, i dreamt for my world, One day i will like to see them come true...!!!

Like the shining dew drops
on the petals of the little rose
Like the flight of the little dove
amidst the white soft clouds

I wish to shine with happiness
I wish to fly till the heavens above
I love to be cuddled in his arms
I live to see this come true

Everyday changing panorama
your smile makes it special
To the heavens' height
I Love you...I wish to say..!!!

This is to that person of my life whom i never met till date....but wish to meet him atleast once in my life to let him know how much i Love him...this is to my dream boy who makes me feel special i think of him...!!!

Thanks a ton for reading...!!! wish me to continue the journey of my dreams...!!!

Oct 23, 2009


My sis' post today "About Me" made me do this post....was thinking about what to write and so, was late...but now, bare with me with this post...this is all about me...(almost)...!!!

As you all know "I LOVE WRITING"...this is one thing that makes me rejuvenated...i tend to luve myself when i read my poems after the day i write them...!!

I also love to READ BOOKS....Books are something that i cant live without....I am so much into reading that i sit in the first desk in the class, infront of the professor and read any novel or any book....that is me...!!!

My color is WHITE....i love it so much that, one day i found my cupboard with 70% white...which is the color i could relate with....it is the color of my life...plain and simple as i know it...!!!

I love the LITTLE TREATS i give for myself....i love to gift myself...(i love to accept them too)... u know, i alwyas have a chocolate to congratulate myself every time i receive an award from any of you...I am someone who finds happiness in every little thing of life...!!!

I am very bad JOKES.....at the end of the joke, i literally have to tell the listeners that the joke is ended and it is the time that they should now atleast laugh...I know a bit funny and i also know, it is easy to smile but difficult (infact very difficult) to make others smile... !!!

I am SENSITIVE yet VERY STRONG...I know things will never go wring with me coz' they are the way they are supposed to be....but i tend to cry when i am rejected....but after joining my MBA....i have become even more stronger...!!!

One thing i am proud of about myself is I AM OPTIMIST....100% optimist(my graphology report also says that)...i believe in one lesson of my life..."Its always better that the glass is half full, only then there is a scope of improvement"...believe in this and you find every system to be better every day....!!!

I would like to share with you the Epitaph i would like to be written on my grave... "
Here lies the girl who is not just anyone but she is someone to everyone"...!!!

Lastly, I love my smile....It makes me look beautiful...check out..!!!

Thanks for baring with me and Prams..thanks a ton dear..!!!

Oct 19, 2009


In every aspect
Feather adds
Every day

It with
Full of

Enigma it is

Listen to
It with heart
Fall in love, you will
Ever and forever

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 15, 2009


orn close to her
Ripped her blood
Every time she fed
t times bit
till she enjoyed
ill date

ancer is eating
Away her breast
ever to leave
ant see her pain
nough, i cant
Remain to see her leave...!!!

This Acro is dedicated to every lady in the world who suffered, suffering from this dreadful disease...lets all pray together that the doctors find a solution soon..!!!

felt for Acrostic Only...!!!

Oct 13, 2009


Preserved in his
Arms, safe
Right at the top
I wish it
Someday comes true

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 12, 2009


Two birds beautiful
became one
two months back
with lovely dreams

Dreams of love
to be shared
Dreams of life
to be lived

They found new world
in their hugs
in their smiles
in their life

Today, as they celebrate
I wish them all the joy
All the happiness
All the special wishes..!!!!

This is for Hemanth and Lucky as they celebrate their lovely journey of two months together....May all their angels bless them with every happiness in the world...!!! Hemanth...i told i will write something for you (specially) but now i realize that you are not one....you means Hemanth and Lucky together and so, this is for both of you...!!! have a great life together friend...!!!

Oct 7, 2009


Miraculous beauty
Opens with
Rising Sun
Never it falls
I wish
Not to take
Glory away

Gorgeous you
Live up
Our senses as
Rays of life
You bring..!!!

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 2, 2009


Long chats at the dark nights
sharing life's every experience
spent time laughing, with tears
spent time sharing, the tears

Never we were together
now i realize, we are never apart
with softer smiles, with harsh words
we were always together

storehouse of secrets, for each other
plans, we always made
money, we at times saved
special was every moment with you

Little sister, on this special day
i wish you are my sister forever
sharing the special part of my life
showing every beauty of life

Though we are not together today
we are still the BEST SISTERS
though we apart, for the first time
we live with our hearts together
for a LIFETIME....!!!