Dec 30, 2009

MY WORLD...!!!!

Amidst the twinkling stars
and the bright soft moon
listening to the guitars'
finest silent tune

Closing my eyes
I slip to that special place
under the blue skies
where my smile forever stays

Its a colorful paradise
with the sprinkles of smiles
to happiness, giving rise
spread across the miles

A touch of the friendly breeze
the sight of the heaven around
wakes the special Me
dancing to every little sound

Its my Land of Dreams
beautiful forever and ever..!!!

Dec 18, 2009


Amidst the snowflakes
the hollies, stars and the bells
lies the happiness..!!!

kind of poetry: HAIKU..!!!

Dec 14, 2009


I am waiting for you
like the fresh new dawn
to experience your warmth
in your arms, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the beautiful dusk
to feel that little chill
in your breathe, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the dark sky
to be lit by the twinkles
in your smile, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
like the heavens above
to fly like the angels
in your love, i wish i be

I am waiting for you
for that candle light dinner
for that warmest hug
for all those special times

I am waiting for you
hope you heard this..!!!

Dec 5, 2009


Like the walking sunshine
you bring hope into my life
every day, your smile
gives me strength to face life

You taught me to love
you taught me to care
you brought me smiles
even when i was in grief

Your touch, your hug
your lap, i miss today
more than anything else
wish we were together

on this special day
you daughter with love
from her Land of Dreams
sends this little wish


today is my mom's birthday....may all the best wishes be with her...and may all the happiness be hers from this day on....Miss her like her to the heavens....dear friends, wish my mom on this special day with a great smile...thank you...!!!

Nov 30, 2009


I want to be free
like the little flowers
blooming happily
to be the best beauty...!!!

I want to be free
like the green leaves
dancing with joy
in the cool breeze...!!!

I want to be free
like the tiny fish
swimming all the way
in my special world...!!!

I want to be free
like the little bird
flying up above
to the highest heights...!!!

I want to be free
be the true sign
of freedom, of liberty
but i am not...!!!

I am caged
between traditions
amidst rules
my wings are locked..!!!

Nov 22, 2009


Yeah...Yeah i know i am very late....very irregular these days....but yaar..try n understand...i am not able to make it up with my schedule....its being very hectic...but please dont forget ma land of dreams...!!!

now, i would like to share with you a real incident that happened just yesterday. its a bit boring but yes, worth sharing and worth reading....bit na....funniest...!!!

Main Charecters: Sri Nidhi (Sri) n Me

Preface: both of us are working for a conference being held in Mumbai from 25th-27th. we are supposed to call all the HR's of all the companies and invite them to attend the conference. we are the "conference cordinators". We have the college phone to call. no one keeps a track on the numbers except that sometimes it may get recorded so that you will not call up your home.

Day; 21/nov/2009
Time morning 9:00 a.m

Sri n I were coming to our office. we saw an owl on the wall. it was the centre of attraction for the whole team. we clicked pictures had fun for a while and got back to work. Around, 11:30 i suddenly remembered about owl and went to see if its still there. This time the owl looked very frightened and i could see only one leg. i thought, the owl is injured and is pain. i rushed back to the office and directly to Sri's cabin.

"Sri, i think the owl is injured. i am unable to see it in pain. Lets call Blue Cross."
"ok Yamini. lets search for the blue cross number in the internet."

we got 4-5 numbers and we tried all of them...all of them were wrong. we called Just-Dial and finnaly got numbers. there was no response since it was sat'day.

"sri lets call Red Cross. may be they will have some contact of the Blue Cross." and i gave the hyd Red Cross Number. we called them, took the mumbai red cross number and from there got the pune contact. When Sri called Pune office, we got to know that they dont have any contact of blue cross.

we were very desparate to help the owl and so, we searched in the internet of those volunteers and doctors involved with Blue Cross and somehow got the numbers. we called a chain of five people of blue cross when we finally got 2 people for the bird rescue out of which one was travelling.

By now we have already made 20 calls. the last, 21st call was Mr. Ajay.

Ajay heard all the story and then asked if we are able to see the wound. we said NO.

"See students. The Owls dont fly in the mornings. they rest. and while they rest the sit/stand on only one leg. it is their style of resting. and we dont rescue birds which are not in trouble. thanks for taking pain ma'm" he said and cut the line.

We couldnot stop our laughter for a while and the whole team, when said, burst into laughter...!!!

Though it was a foolish attempt, our research helped us know one thing


both Sri n I are now the voluteers of Blue Cross Society.

Nov 14, 2009


The little fingers
fly the balloons
the little palms
clap in joy

Their innocent smiles
refresh the air around
their special presence
make the day the best

They find happiness
in everything around
they sense a special joy
with every little thing in life

Today is the day
special to them
to celebrate
their sweet life

To every kid
be it at heart
this is my wish
from my Land of dreams


Nov 8, 2009

I AM...!!!

Like the cool breeze
blows around the world
I am free, to live

Like the fresh flowers
smiling to be present
I am beautiful

like the tough harsh thorns
of the beautiful little rose
I am tough, to myself

Like the dancing waves
of the vast blue sea
I am calm yet struggling

Like the morning sun
of every new dawn
My smile is extra bright

Like the world around
with all colors of life
I am the most beautiful

Like the flying birds
up above the world
I wish to reach high in life

I am the ship in the ocean
I know my lighthouse
The beach, I am striving to reach..!!!

Nov 5, 2009


She is beautiful
she should be
I made her so
with love, with care

I painted her
chose sweet pink
with the purest heart
I brought her to life

With the soft feather
I designed her smile
With the angels around
I sent her to that world

She is torn today, into pieces
with the culture of the land
her beauty is hidden
under that dark heavy fabric

Her perfection lost
with the torment
of the male world
she is swollen red

She died everyday
living for a new dawn
she mourned her life
still smiling for the world..!!!

This is dedicated to those women of the world who are covered from the world with the heavy traditional fabric, who are harassed by the male world, who have no right to live, who are deprived by their religion, who cry day in and day out, struggling to live with a wish to die...!!! I only wish that one day they live like us, a better life..!!!

I am really very sorry if had hurt your feelings and personal perspectives...!!!

Oct 29, 2009

DAY 'n' NIGHT...!!!

With the sun rise
in the mighty east
the world wakes up
with a new smile

With the new hopes
it lives the bright day
sometimes with smiles
sometimes with tears

Death of light, we even see
with the rise of the moon
we still cherish the darkness
to admire the light the next day

Life is new everyday
in the brightest light
forget the darkest times
face it with courage, live with joy

There will be nights
dark as death, terrified at times
but there is always a moon, a hope
face it for the new day in life

Life is the days and the nights
life is the light and the dark
life is the wins and the loses
live it with smiles, with courage

Oct 25, 2009


Hi friends....I am back..(yeah after a long time and a long post too) celebrate...!!! Today it is my 250th dream...!!! What special do i do today, so that it will also be a special to you??? I was thinking all these days but couldnot get any thought. But after i have started to write this post, I thought i will dedicate this post to every one special in my here goes my post...please bare with the long post...!!!

A Land of Culture
A Land of Tradition
A Land of Colors
A Land of Values

Its my Mother Land
A Land of Beauty, My India
She is a special mother
uniting all her diverse children

From my Land of Dreams
I salute Mother India
for her strength, for her love
She is one, making all of us ONE....!!!

This is to my wonderful country, a special place ton live and love, this is to every Soldier who fight for the nation...this is for every Indian citizen..!!!

Two souls together
gave birth to this little girl
who today is someone
special to them, to her self

They loved her to heavens
She is their Angel, their princess
They showed her every smile
special to them, to her self

They are my sweetest parents
the sweet little girl, is me
To be their child, is a GIFT
I treasure all my life...!!!

This is to the world's best parents, who not only gave me life, but also helped me dream and work to make my dreams come true. Their special love is the foundation of my Land of Dreams. Mamma and Papa, I LOVE YOU...!!!

Smiles, Fights, Tears, Happiness
We shared it all, for each other
no matter what, we were there
for each other, all time

Love her for her presence
Special times, turned more better
when shared with her, every night
together we will be every time

My Li'l sister, she is special
Will love her forever
Dear, Do remember, I am always there
for you where ever you are...!!!

This is to my special sister, who has always been special to me. She is someone who taught me life's greatest lessons. Though she is my younger sister, she is my teacher. she is my special sister and I Love her...!!!

The cool breeze around
The chirping birds above
The sun beams, the Moon light
The twinkling stars, the clear clouds

Every little thing of the Nature
Inspires me to write, day in & day out
The colors of nature, is life
always changing, but then beautiful

This is for the birds, the flowers
The trees, the rains, the colors
For everything natural
Naturally from my Land of Dreams...!!!

This is a dedication to mother nature...without which we are never here...and also, the primary inspiration for my dreams...!!!

They are the tune of my heart
They are the rhyme of my poetic art
They are the flight of my imaginations
They are the reason of my every creation

They brought to me love
They brought me much above
They helped me write
They wanted to make me right

They encourage, they criticize
They are my inspiration too
I write for them, i live for them
They are my sweetest friends...!!!

This is to every friend of mine...who know me, who dont know me, whom i know, whom i dont everyone reading this...!!!! you are all special to me and friends...I treasure your presence..!!! LOVE YOU DOST...!!!

Never lost a smile
Never forgot life
Never thought of sorrow
Never forgot "SELF"

When with them
I loved myself more
They are special
to my little heart

Think of friendship
We lived it together
we are all apart, still together
Love you OCTAVES...this is for you..!!!

This for those eight F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in ma life who made my life special. The Gang of Octaves..not only special friends but also special people together...we are are the founders of our social service project --project AKANKSHA...we are the active members of it...WE love to serve people and we love to be together...though we are spread throughout the world today, we are still connected heartfully..!!!

Special world i saw
every night, making bright
colorful with life's all colors
Cheerful with smiles all around

Only i know the special place
special for my heart
it let my life even more beautiful
with its colors, with its smiles

It is my dream world
I adore, I await
Special like my Land of Dreams
Never will forget, ever in life

This is to all the special dreams i live at night...I dreamt for my life, i dreamt for my world, One day i will like to see them come true...!!!

Like the shining dew drops
on the petals of the little rose
Like the flight of the little dove
amidst the white soft clouds

I wish to shine with happiness
I wish to fly till the heavens above
I love to be cuddled in his arms
I live to see this come true

Everyday changing panorama
your smile makes it special
To the heavens' height
I Love you...I wish to say..!!!

This is to that person of my life whom i never met till date....but wish to meet him atleast once in my life to let him know how much i Love him...this is to my dream boy who makes me feel special i think of him...!!!

Thanks a ton for reading...!!! wish me to continue the journey of my dreams...!!!

Oct 23, 2009


My sis' post today "About Me" made me do this post....was thinking about what to write and so, was late...but now, bare with me with this post...this is all about me...(almost)...!!!

As you all know "I LOVE WRITING"...this is one thing that makes me rejuvenated...i tend to luve myself when i read my poems after the day i write them...!!

I also love to READ BOOKS....Books are something that i cant live without....I am so much into reading that i sit in the first desk in the class, infront of the professor and read any novel or any book....that is me...!!!

My color is WHITE....i love it so much that, one day i found my cupboard with 70% white...which is the color i could relate is the color of my life...plain and simple as i know it...!!!

I love the LITTLE TREATS i give for myself....i love to gift myself...(i love to accept them too)... u know, i alwyas have a chocolate to congratulate myself every time i receive an award from any of you...I am someone who finds happiness in every little thing of life...!!!

I am very bad the end of the joke, i literally have to tell the listeners that the joke is ended and it is the time that they should now atleast laugh...I know a bit funny and i also know, it is easy to smile but difficult (infact very difficult) to make others smile... !!!

I am SENSITIVE yet VERY STRONG...I know things will never go wring with me coz' they are the way they are supposed to be....but i tend to cry when i am rejected....but after joining my MBA....i have become even more stronger...!!!

One thing i am proud of about myself is I AM OPTIMIST....100% optimist(my graphology report also says that)...i believe in one lesson of my life..."Its always better that the glass is half full, only then there is a scope of improvement"...believe in this and you find every system to be better every day....!!!

I would like to share with you the Epitaph i would like to be written on my grave... "
Here lies the girl who is not just anyone but she is someone to everyone"...!!!

Lastly, I love my smile....It makes me look beautiful...check out..!!!

Thanks for baring with me and Prams..thanks a ton dear..!!!

Oct 19, 2009


In every aspect
Feather adds
Every day

It with
Full of

Enigma it is

Listen to
It with heart
Fall in love, you will
Ever and forever

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 15, 2009


orn close to her
Ripped her blood
Every time she fed
t times bit
till she enjoyed
ill date

ancer is eating
Away her breast
ever to leave
ant see her pain
nough, i cant
Remain to see her leave...!!!

This Acro is dedicated to every lady in the world who suffered, suffering from this dreadful disease...lets all pray together that the doctors find a solution soon..!!!

felt for Acrostic Only...!!!

Oct 13, 2009


Preserved in his
Arms, safe
Right at the top
I wish it
Someday comes true

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 12, 2009


Two birds beautiful
became one
two months back
with lovely dreams

Dreams of love
to be shared
Dreams of life
to be lived

They found new world
in their hugs
in their smiles
in their life

Today, as they celebrate
I wish them all the joy
All the happiness
All the special wishes..!!!!

This is for Hemanth and Lucky as they celebrate their lovely journey of two months together....May all their angels bless them with every happiness in the world...!!! Hemanth...i told i will write something for you (specially) but now i realize that you are not means Hemanth and Lucky together and so, this is for both of you...!!! have a great life together friend...!!!

Oct 7, 2009


Miraculous beauty
Opens with
Rising Sun
Never it falls
I wish
Not to take
Glory away

Gorgeous you
Live up
Our senses as
Rays of life
You bring..!!!

felt for Acrostics Only...!!!

Oct 2, 2009


Long chats at the dark nights
sharing life's every experience
spent time laughing, with tears
spent time sharing, the tears

Never we were together
now i realize, we are never apart
with softer smiles, with harsh words
we were always together

storehouse of secrets, for each other
plans, we always made
money, we at times saved
special was every moment with you

Little sister, on this special day
i wish you are my sister forever
sharing the special part of my life
showing every beauty of life

Though we are not together today
we are still the BEST SISTERS
though we apart, for the first time
we live with our hearts together
for a LIFETIME....!!!


Sep 28, 2009


People of my nation
Every one, listen
Redesign your living, as
India is dying
Start thinking, please
Thinking about yourself
Reconstruct the nation
Only not to you, to the future
Inorder to live
Kaizens important
Atleast now be an "INDIAN"...!!!

written for Acrostic Only...!!!

Sep 24, 2009


As we enjoy the beauty
of the sun going home
at the distant hills
it time for us to go home too

As the tiring day ends
walking with a friend
As the cool breeze touches
refreshing our senses

As the birds flying above
singing in joy, going home
the rhythms of their joy
can only be felt, never said

Suddenly I find my best friend
on the petals of the little flower
enhancing the beauty of the green leaves
tickling my soft cheeks too

Threw away the one I am
the little girl in me, came out
clapping and dancing
with my best friend

wish my best friend
to be always around
to show me my forgotten life
Sweet rain, please come back again

Sep 21, 2009


The tunes of the shells
The rhythms of the sands
The music of the waves
Wish to find you around

The fragrance of the breeze
The fresh presence felt around
The cool air dancing my senses
Wish to be tight in your arms

The distant hills so high
The chirping birds up above
The special world all around
Wish to live with only you

Many a times, i wanted
to feel your presence
but never till date
I foudn you dear

One day we will meet
when the heavens blush
when the angels blush
later, will be together forever...!!!

Sep 19, 2009

I WRITE...!!!

with the sun around
I wrote my dreams
with the moon above
I wrote my heart

better always
I tried to write
never was I happy
with what I wrote

but today I realize
my writings, some way
are better read inspiring
me to write more

in this happiness
I search words to write
a heart full of joy
can never write, i realize too

even though I tried
to write, my heart
joined the words together
This is what i could write

Hi i am very happy. happy above the world...on the cloud9. i won the Acrostic Only competetion for the month of August (check here)...!!!

No more words left to write friends....this is what i was able to write..!!!

Sep 16, 2009


One day we fought
For the littlest things in life
One day we celebrated
Every little joy of life
One day we faced
The toughest situations in life
One day we stood
For things that went wrong
One day we were together
For everything in life

But today, I realize it wasn’t a day
Four memorable years of life
Every day is a sweet memory now
You are my best friend dear
Who knows me better than me
Who understands my heart better
Who is special to me, to my life

On your birthday today
Here’s me, your sweet friend
Wishing you the world’s all joy
All the good wishes shower on you
All the happiness be yours
Happy birthday Dear
You are my dearest friend
In this special world
Let our friendship live forever..!!!

Chandu n Yamini...the best friends in the world...!!!

hi friends....i know it has got nothing to do with this month topic...but i couldnot miss this post...i loved to do this post....its my best best friend's birthday dearest friend..!!! we had been friends since last four years and now i am in search of words to tell u all how great friends we are....he is someone whom i can share everything...i dont have any secrets with life is a open book to him..!!! Friends...wish him all the success in the world...he really needs all your good wishes..!!!

will be back tomorow again..!!! hopefully..!!!

Sep 15, 2009


Rest of world die, May
Vain in, let they live
Ever will I think not
Start to cut, them
To my needs
In life, to fulfill
Never thinking
Greenery to be life

felt for Acrostics Only...!!

this is the situation of the present world now....never caring fr the rest of the world, people ccut down trees not realizing the harm they are doing to the environment...!! This acrostic is the attitude of the person who cuts down the trees...will one day do the same acrostic in a different way..!!!
Please dont cut down the trees yaar....they harm the nature...and our children can never live in a comfortable environment..!!!

Sep 12, 2009


The innocent faces
smile at times, cry at times
but enjoy their life
making it a joy, some fun

with the happy smiles
they lift their life, they struggle
with pain they work
but still they live

they are just little children
just like the ones of ours
but we never cared to think
for their better being

dont they deserve the rhymes??
dont they love the ice creams??
will they not want to play around??
will they not want to live their childhood??

they are the future of the country
lets join hands in the present
to help them study, to survive
to let them see how happy a life could be


Sep 10, 2009


Her smile is a pleasure, i thought
Her presence is a heaven, i felt

another me, coming to the world
waiting for her was always great

her little fingers, her little eyes
her sweet cheeks, her cute face

i waited, for another gift of God
another child of mine, a dear baby girl

Before i could see her, she is vanished
Before i could hear her, she is destroyed

the sacred womb, is turned a graveyard
killing the little life for just being a "girl"

Please let my little child see the world
let her see the light, let her see me

Later in life, she may just see the darkness
but please let see her the light atleast once

i the mother of world, pray, request, beg
please let my baby live..!!!

Sep 8, 2009


A sweet smile greets her every morning
With a warm hug, with the hot coffee
Expects her to smile back, and feel better
But never got it back

A loving hand brushes her hair every day
With love, with care, it runs through
Expects her to be happy and live with joy
But never got it back

Many eyes wanted to see her smiling
Many hearts loved her for the way she was
Many minds thought of her, and her life
But never got it back

She lived in the thoughts that ran through
Unable to link herself to the world around
She cried to know who she was
But never got it back

She wanted to know, why the smile
But the mother found it difficult
To say, “ Dear, I am your mother”
The dear daughter now never knew

She wanted to know, why the caring hand
But the father couldnot stop his tears
To say, “Dear, I am your father”
The dear daughter now never knew

She couldnot relate anything
The present world of hers lost the link
The link with her beautiful past
Living now, with just questions

Today all her questions still remained
Unanswered, but her breathe finally stopped
The pursuit of her identity is incomplete
She left the world, knowing not who she was…!!!!

i dedicate this post to all those suffering with Alzheimer's disease...when affected people forget everything...even who they are..!!! Long live the world but now die the disease..!!!

I think i will be writing about such social problems all this month....may be later on too..let me get serious now...!!! hope you will be there with me all along my journey...!!!

Sep 7, 2009

BE HAPPY...!!!

Be happy from heart
like the dancing trees all time
joy yours all time sure

Sep 6, 2009


For a cup of rice
All the time I wait
Mud at last I eat
In the garbage
Search will I, for food
Having not found
Everyday I wait for
Death that doesn't come

shared at: Acrostic Only..!!!

Aug 31, 2009

AM I???

Keep your secrets
locked from the world
just in my heart
am i a faithful friend??

Sharing your every little joy
those special to your heart
spreading joy all around
am i a joyous friend??

Wiping your tears
at your toughest times
they will be mine too
am i a caring friend??

Bringing the little things
together in our littlest world
making it special for us
am i a special friend??

Loving your presence
feeling the heaven on Earth
i am life, so special with you
am i a loving friend??

hi did you find my friendship month?? hope you all liked it..if you didnt...i cant do anything...coz' this is me and my love to friendship. i treasure it more than my life...actually it taught me the ways to live life...bindaas and always happy..!!! i loved the my month of friendship...coz it is the best topic to write on and i loved writing on it yaar....loved it..had a great time..!!!

this is my gift to all of you...accept this little gift from this little friend(not literally meant though) with me forever friends....i am nothing without you...please make me complete..!!!

Aug 29, 2009


Giggle your self
Tickle your senses
Drizzle your little smiles
Shower your sweet love
Gift your little presence

Your sweet friend is waiting
To be with the beauty
of your sweet friendship
To live her little life
with your sweet friendship

Aug 27, 2009


Run along the stream
Dance in the rain
Sing with the birds
Feel the breeze

To live life
I need you
your presence
our friendship

Promise me
never to leave
not till my last breath
if you do, i will be incomplete

Aug 26, 2009


Above the heavens, in a special world
guarded by my little angels you were
standing there, i see, you were strong and bold
of light, of joy, of smiles, of love, of care

showing me life, all filled with happiness
guiding me to the garden you were in
my angles made me feel like a princess
have loads to share with you, so was waiting

to meet you, in the garden as i stepped
stream of trust flew into my heart, dear
the shower of the flowers, both us blessed
in the world of love, we did meet here

i asked you, what is that from now share
you said, "bond of friendship" we really care

This form of poetry is called a sonnet ( more about it here). Since my childhood, i had been a great admirer of William Shakespeare and today, when i tried to attempt his famous sonnets,i am very of the world. This is my first sonnet and the most happiest to me is that my first sonnet is on my friends who are the treasure in my life....!!! hope you liked it...if anything went wrong....please let me that i can be right the next time..!!!

Aug 25, 2009


In you
Dear friend
Anytime around
You were always there, guiding me
Every time I smiled
You shared joy
Tears too

Make it
I am loving life
Dear friend, it is my treasure
I feel when with you
So special
To live

this kind of poetry is called FIB poetry(know more about it here).this is the first time i wrote one Fib poem for my na...two fibs...!!!!

enjoying writing yaar....i am loving to write...!!! thanks a ton to each one of you who read me everyday and i welcome any critics frm my readers who can make me better...thankyou..!!!

Aug 24, 2009


give me the power to live
live the life with strength
strength to be myself, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the miracle of love
love to spread
spread happiness, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the treasure of smiles
smiles in the tough times
times that i can live, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the ocean of support
support to let me know
know myself, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the bunch of love
love to make my life
life precious forever
forever, i asked God

He gave me nothing I asked
ask me, i am happy
happy than ever i was
was this because of you, Dear Friend?

you are the treasure
treasure i care for
for the rest of my life
life with you, can never imagine

Aug 23, 2009


As long as the sun glows
in the rays of life, lets live
sharing the same special bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the breeze flows
feeling the fresh life, lets live
flowing in the real bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the moon found
under the tender light, lets live
enjoying the sweet bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the rains are seen
with every tiny droplet, lets live
tickling the chilling bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the trees alive
with the greenery around, lets live
breathing the trusting bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long the stars shine
with the twinkling time, lets live
winking at the shining bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as we are alive
dear friend, forever lets live
smiling at the special bond
of love, of care, of everything...!!!

Aug 22, 2009

NUMBER & ME...!!!

Yellow Tulip tagged me....and here i am doing this..!!!

1. day of the year, when i take resolutions.....(haha never kept them though)...!!!
2. the month in which i was favorite..(February)...!!!
3. meals a day...(nothing i can think of three other than this...)...!!!
4. brothers i them..(all are cousins though)...!!
5. element of nature inspire me to write...(many more too)..!!!
6. from this class we are friends...(Preethi, Ravi, Satish n Yamini)...!!!
7. is my lucky number....(it is for all the Aquarians....)..!!
8. are my octaves....( i am the ninth in the gang)..!!!
9. total number of octavians...(special gang of friends)...!!!
10. years from now.....i will be someone i dreamt to be.....(let your best wishes be with me till then...after that too..)...!!!
11. th year of 21st century.....i will be a Post Graduate in Management and also a Master in Labour Law...(2011)...!!!
12. the date on which i was born...(i often forget it)....!!!
13. years....since we are in the same home....!!!
14. valentine's day....the day i think of my Dream Boy the most....(I miss him)...!!!
15. th Dad's birthday and India's Independence Day( both are very special to me)..!!
16. sweet 16....i am always at heart...happy always..(as you grow older,happiness fades....!!!
17. when i started to write...( i never thoguht i can write this much then...)
18. start of my wonderful life...met octaves when i was 18...(in college)..!!!
19. i was re-born....(had a tough time then...)..!!!
20. times used to write any imposition in school...(wrote many a times for definitions of physics)...!!!
21. end of the most happiest days of my life...(end of Engg)...!!!
22. gave seminar in 22 different engg colleges on reducing Global warming...!!!
23. tomorow's date(23 rd August, 2009)...when i will be again starting to Pune...(again leaving home)..!!!
24. mins past 1 that i started to do this tag...(nothing else got to my mind)..!!
25. Dec, 2008 was the most memorable day in my life....the first day at Sadhana home for special care children....(they taught me how to!!

I am not tagging anyone...its open to everyone...!!!

Aug 21, 2009


In the shining rays
living the beautiful days
lets be together

under the moon light
breathing the fragrance of night
lets be together

between the rain drops
enjoying every droplet
lets be together

amidst the cool breeze
giving each other warm Hug
lets be together

on the fallen leaves
listening to their noise
lets be together

with the chirping birds
flying up above with dreams
lets be together

day in and day out
to be there for each other
lets be together

hey friends....this is Haiku form of poetry (know more abt it here). each of the three line verse is a haiku...!!! this is the first time that i wrote 7 haikus in one go on the same theme...!!!

my other acrostics...i enjoyed doing them...hope you enjoy reading them...!!!

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Love me tender...!!!

please leave your valuable comments....i treasure them..!!!

Aug 20, 2009


ain of love
Natural care
Developed our bond
o special

ester years
bvious the best
Unknown tomorrows too

ny day
Rest of our life
Ever, together we are

pecial times
Penetrate our life
vergreen memories
Count for years
I treasure them
s they have you
ove you....dear friend...!!!

Hello friends.....i am very very happy today....!!! after a long time..i had spent most of the time writing today..that tooo only acrostics...!!! six acos in one go...with out any break....!!! all of them written for Acrostics Only..!!! Felt very good...and here it is another which you just read..!!! Today is an acrostic day ...:)...!!!

wanna read my other acrostics?? here they are...!!!


beside for my series of this month, i also wrote this acro for Acrostics Only blog under the Writer's choice prompt..!!!

Written for Acrostics Only....!!!


The long chats, the unknown thoughts
Yummy Lunches, special coffees
Silly fights, ever lasting jokes
Long times, special for us

With them around
Life seems beautiful
World seems fresh and nice
Nothing can be better, as it is the best

Back home, with them again
Spending time, at our favorite places
I am living my forgotten life
After a long time, I am happy from my heart

With Octaves, life seems beautiful
Every second is a joy that I enjoy
Every minute is special, very special
Let my life be with them, with just them

Octaves, my special friends
Who know me better than me
They made my life special
Am living it, with their memories now...!!!
Check out the success of our blood donation camp here..!!!