Nov 30, 2010

Your's Truly Me #19

It feels good to wake up late
make your breakfast
and sit idle on your bed

The best part is passing time
thinking about what to do
..and actually ending up doing nothing...!!!


My mother
best cook
chocolate cake
best she makes

One day
I shall be her
the best cook
but can I be her??

I wonder
there's magic
in her hands
which I dont

Mamma is the best
anyday, anytime
All cheers to her
the best cook in the world

Written for Monday's Child..!!!

Your's Truly Me #18

It's very important to be careful about what you speak
coz' once you spoke, there is no way to take back those words
so be careful as it may hurt your loved ones

I learnt this lesson the hard way..!!!


Most fun
Even with strangers
Lovely game
Dear forever

Written for One Single Impression..!!


For every blossom
A sweet silent smile follows
instinct I cherish

written for Haiku Heights..!!

Nov 29, 2010

Your's Truly Me #17

I wish I could sleep like this everyday
with no worries and all smiles
and day, I shall decide that I live the best life than anyother..


Little dove
Wings wounded
Feathers plucked

Nights scare
Dark time
Sounds dread
Peace abduct

Terror filled
Every noise
Every moment
Mourns dove

He ruptured
Her wings
She dreads
Little life

Antidote ever
Be established
To save
Little doves
Many suffering

To stop
Painful mourn
Here’s my
Silent prayer

Written for Sunday Scribblings..!!!


"Dad…Why did Mamma go to God??" She asked him standing in front of her mother's grave.

He almost broke into tears hearing his five years old little girl ask about her mother.

“Angel, God isn’t good in English no. That’s why mom has gone to teach Him. She is the best teacher in this world to teach Him, so you should be proud of your mother” he was almost dying to stop his tears flowing down.


“Yes Angel”

“Daddy, God isn’t good with mathematics also. But please promise me that you will not go to teach Him”

He was just looking at her.

“Daddy, I know you are the best Mathematics teacher in the world.”
He found himself crying already.

“Because I can learn English without mom but Daddy, Mathematics is very difficult. The problems are very tough you know.”

“I will not leave my Angel. I promise.”

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

Your's Truly Me #16

"It only friends who are with us forever
Its them who complete our life. and I think...DEATH tooo...!!!"

Nov 27, 2010


I miss you dear
while you are gone
am just alone

You taught me to live
but never to, alone
still, I learned

You taught me to love
for ages to come, so special
but you are my love

Miss you friend
as you are my life
that I lived with joy

come back soon
to make me complete
to promise, never leave again

P.S. This post i dedicate to my group of friends...OCTAVES whom I am going to meet after 1.5 years just 34 days from it shall be a great day...they are my friends for life..!!


Arts’ dearest niche area
reated attractively to sync
ightly with the header
ver years loved to
timulate imagination excite senses
True form of art
Inspiring many and I
Crafted lovely different spec
Special to acrostic lovers

P.S. Acrostics always my favorite :)..Thanks to Amias di and Leo...!!!

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Reciprocity:A relation of mutual dependence or action or influence

Ripping her little girl
Ending her new life
Cause no good dear
Its her in future
Profess your dear birth
Rending the little girls
Only leaves you alone
Causing end to human race
It kills you too
To live, Oh men
Yearn her birth not death

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!

Nov 26, 2010


Death is kind
really is it??
Death brings peace
to whom is it??

Fighting terror
many we lost
finding peace
many were dead

Terrorism is a pain
to even who kill
will they ever stop
can we live in peace

They lost their lives
to an evil game
though its two years ago
the pain is still the same

Tribute to the dead
on this day two years ago
prayer for peace
for years to come

Nov 25, 2010


Skirted rights she suffers
Tattered dreams she endures
Agony felt all over
Yet smiles just beautifully
In dark times even
None can take away
Gorgeous smile she owns

Alive for her race
Living life of many
In world many girls
Very disturbed life lived
Eager to live free

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Nonpareil planet of gas
Elated as gas giant
Placed away from sun
That’s still part of
Universe known till date
Neptune also Sea God
Earth’s major superior planet

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!

















Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Held in his arms
Am wrapped in love
Nice time I revel
Giggling his presence
I enjoy life
Nicest I found
Good time I spend

Over life I enjoy
Unique time with him
Till death I wish

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Jaded with my worlds’
Annoying act against girls
Dirty world that’s around
Ever shall it realize?
Dying girls curse termination

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Through white soft clouds
Happily I just whirl
Immense pleasure I felt
New world just created
Kept it heartily within
I have come back
Now to merrily enjoy
Gorgeous big world around

Written for Acrostic Only...!!!


From the grey soft clouds

A tiny drop falling down

Moment I cherish


Blossom soft as silk
Beauty echoes very fond
Flora of the world

Written for Haiku Heights: SILK
also for One Single Impression : ECHOES

P.S. was unable to post in time coz of bad connection..!!

Your's Truly Me #15

"Why do people think only from one side

when they very well know that there are two sides for everything?

The worst part is they almost think negative"

Nov 24, 2010

What Difference A Day Makes..!!!

walking on the edge of life
a desire to live still alive
I wish the time stands still
as they enjoy every minute

a smile they share
as it pains within
a hope of life
inspires them to grin

Ask them what life means
its not yesterday, nor tomorrow
Its in today, they explain
a great truth revealed

Fighting cancer all while
they teach us to live
what difference a day makes
ask them to know the best

Just another day its never
one more day with loved ones
they relish, they celebrate
and wish, one more day please

What difference a day makes
ask those who have none
they live in today
while we are busy
thinking about the future..!!

Written for Sunday Scribblings..!!!

I AM YOU...!!!

numerous choices
unable to choose
amidst helping voices
think life whose

my life I own
live it my way
leading life alone
every single day

fear to run
away from world
can non
without its word

amidst fear
I live life
not very clear
but its my life

looking around wonder
whose am I
over all I ponder
finding an eye

Shortly I hear
a whisper "I Love You"
too see I near
It says "I am you"

Leo..I Promise..!!!

No words
seem to rhyme
Nothing much
I seem to write

So much to say
none I do
Sit to write
not I always do

pen refuses
to write
heart refuses
to accept

then i find
a friend of mine
waiting for me
to write my heart

I know am not
writing my best
but one day I shall
make him smile

Its a promise
to my dear friend
I will be back
with all my heart

Its a Promise..!!!

This post I dedicate to Leo aka Vinay..who is my constant encouragement to write...Though he doesnt like what I write these days...he makes sure I write..!!Thanks Leo..this is to you..!!! I promise I wil be back very soon...!!!


A feeling delicate
as the little flower
A bond rugged
as the Mother Earth

A simple gesture
an unspoken word
A little gift
an adorable presence

We share with love
and respect a promise
to love each other
for ages to come

Your's Truly Me #14

"Its important to smile when someone says 'I Love You'
but its more important to smile when someone says 'I Hate You' "

Its not easy but its even not I just did..!!!

Nov 23, 2010


Hello Dreamers :)

As you all very well know.. I have a great time writing..but now its time for some sketching :)..!! I am also good at pencil sketches...which I have started almost along with writing...!!!

"As young is my is my pencil"
So here goes some of my sketches...hope you will like them too as you do my writing :)

At any point of time, I love drawing Radha Krishna. Their eternal love is what inspires me..!!!

This is the sketch that made me think about sketching....this is my second sketch i think...!!!

Beauty of love...!!!

Above all its the Mother's love thats the best in the world..!!!!

Hey please drop a comment...wanna know how i sketch :)..though they are bad..let me know....I shall improve :)

P.S. I dont do imaginery sketches...i can just draw something by seeing it...if any of the above sketches are your original work, then please let me know...I am sorry for copying them..!!!


Everyday stranger
Every night a darling friend
Simple truth of life

Written for Haiku Heights..!!!


Playing with colors
Over the canvas of heart
With those little children
Abandoned by loved

Sharing their smile
That’s wide and bright
Divvying our love
To those in need

Teaching them to write
Learning from them to live
Spending a day with them
A sweet bright idea

Lets share a day
To those children
Yearning love
Waiting for us

I promise dear world
Just another day of life
It shall not be
Will be a special one for sure