Apr 30, 2010


The zeal to dance
off the shore
never dies
of any wave

The zeal to rhythm
to the joyful music
never stops
of my little heart

The zeal to dream
off the world
never is down
from my land of dreams

The zeal to turn
at every curve
never can end
for every stream

The zeal to write
never ends
as my hearts speaks
from within to the world

through my LAND OF DREAMS...!!!

Written for April A-z challenge...!!!

Before I submit this post, i want to thanks some special people who made this challenge possible...!!

First thanks goes to Vinay aka Leo who brought me to this challenge and constantly encouraging me to write better...and then to Arlee Bird for conducting the series challenge..!!

A very special thanks to Shikha Sharma who gave me all the words i wrote for. she is my room mate and my best friend...Thank you Shikha..!!

finally april ends but the zeal to write doesnt..!!!

Apr 29, 2010


she is little bit of sunshine
to my little heart in blues
happy girl, high energy

she is a smile lighting my days
a dream very beautiful
the little girl smiling always

she is a little daughter
a sweet sister, a good student
a special friend, a best friend

she is a sweet girl from above
filling my heart with love and care
her presence is joyful to me

she calls me a friend
I call her a best friend
you all call her Yamini Meduri

It was very difficult doing this...the most difficult thing in this world is writing about yourself..!!

written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!


Eve joyful
None familiar
Only I dread to
Pass the crowd
Hell it seems to me
Overcome this fear
Better it would be else
I may be left alone
Amidst strangers

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!

Apr 28, 2010


From door to door
he wanders begging
some answer, some don't
but never leaves hope

He blesses the answered
smiles at those who dont
He is happy with the little
as he earned it himself

He shivers in the cold
burns in the heat
drenches in the rain
but never lost hope

His health deteriorates
his vision almost lost
his life at the end
but he still fights

Wandering door to door
he still waits for the answers
you call him a beggar
i call him a wanderer..!!

written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!


As the vermilion
fills her head
her heart skips a beat
in joy, in happiness

she now feels
no cold breeze
as his warmth
wraps her around

she now feels
no loneliness
as he is there
always a smile away

she now feels
no rain drops
as he is the shelter
of her life

She now feels
complete and perfect
with him in her life
to share every moment with

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 26, 2010


let go the hatred
in your heart
lets jump as we take
the unknown path

remember to have fun
jumping and skipping
in your life's path
every step is a memory

have an urge to live
a life full of energy
live it up to the fullest
bet you, you can be the happiest

written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 24, 2010


With a gifted teacher
the class is a magical place
the student is found smiling
there's energy everywhere

With a gifted teacher
learning turns special
be it subject, be it life
its a better experience

With a gifted teacher
life changes, as it should be
books become friends
life becomes interesting

With such a gifted teacher
I find myself gifted too
He taught me to be special
he taught me to be the best

He teaches with passion
he teaches with joy
being his student is a gift
that i would keep whole life

My teacher is on a mission
creating knowledge to share
I am happy to be one
in those thousands he taught

This poem is dedicated to Prof. Balaji Reddie, our professor for Production and Operations Management...He is my favorite teacher and may be a best friend too...he is sweet and moreover he always smile...He is the best teacher, best singer and above all he is a best person..!!!

"Sir, This is a small gift to you from this student of yours. We Love you sir...!!!"

Written for April A-Z challenge..!!!


A little soul
never left me alone
she is special
she is the best

She shares my secrets
my dreams, my peppy talks
she is my little girl
whom i saw growing up

She is my good friend
making me smile
even when we are apart
she is an angel

She is the woman
I call her sister
this is to my
sweet little sister

written for April A-Z challenge..!!

Apr 22, 2010


Respect self
Elucidate from problems
Specific values
Principles, you follow
Ever not, you forget
Create a better life
To make others respect you

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 20, 2010


All life long
Were busy sharing love
With their little ones
Day in and day out

All life long
Thought only of them
Their career, their life
Leaving back their own life

All life long
They built in confidence
To face life’s every phase
With strength and smile

All life long
They just knew
Giving you love
Showing you care

Now you have thrown them
Away from your world
They are in the quest of love
Of shelter, of life

All life long
You may be happy
But never forget dear friend
There are two souls happier than you

Your parents, whom you left
To the world, to live
But still, they would never leave
Their little child, though you grow old

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 19, 2010


Ever since I was a little girl
you were right by my side
knowing ME that from world I hide
making me precious as the white pearl

Gave me strength
to face life's every phase
imbibing confidence along days
to live life, all along the length

Your touch was special
your hug was wonderful
your presence made a difference
all these years, since my day one

I never realized how vital you are
until I left home,now living alone
But now my eyes light up
every time you call my phone

Every little girl has an angel
for love, for care, for help
but I am lucky for sure
having two such angels


Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 18, 2010


Entered my life
with love, with light
Lifting my spirits high
Making me dream high

They made me smile
They taught me to share
Their faith in me
brought me confidence to life

We fought, we played
we smiled, we cried
we made the most of life
all the years, we were together

Though we are apart
we are still together
sharing the values 
of love, of care, of friendship

That's my gang of OCTAVES
special and wonderful
To me, they are the best
The jewels of Friendship

Hey Friends....The Picture is my Gang Of Octaves....Its my friends group of Graduation...My Bestest Friends in the world....and now spread across the world...!!!
Please hope that we shall be together once very soon and remain forever...!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 16, 2010


A perfect place to live
loving people all around
helping each other
for a better life

No problems raised
no killing each other
sharing happiness
with one another

A perfect place
where children play 
where they study
not beg and abused

A perfect place
where elderly loved
taken care of forever
not left off on the roads

A perfect palce
where girls are welcome
seen as precious lives
not as a burden and kill

A perfect place I dream
of my country to be
but the thought
makes me nostalgic

Written for April A-z Challenge..!!!

Apr 15, 2010


Am I that one child?
Blessed with miracle
Open arms, best hug
Enduring love and love enduring
Hug best, arms open
Miracle with blessed
Child one that I am

Written for April A-Z challenge..!!!
Hey friends....first time attempt on Palindrome poetry....Read the poem backward and forward...its the same....Thanks to Leo for letting me know about this form of poetry...!!!

Apr 14, 2010


quest to do the best in life
may end only with life
be strong, none could disturb you
look at the brightest side

Talk of prosperity
live in joy and happiness
give everyone a smile
be positive in life

the stars of luck
will even turn positive
the heavens will turn bright
to those who are positive

so friends,
leave blaming luck
work hard, have faith 
world is at your finger tips


Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 13, 2010


The sweet little hearts
jumping and running all over
laughter echo through skies
making the world around a heaven

Young and innocent lives
God's little miracles
sent to brighten our lives
with their smiles and cries

Play is all they do
they are the message form heavens
spreading smiles and joy all around

Child abuse is the war
on these little souls
victims dread to live
crying in pain and fear

Lets stop this war
Love them with all our heart
Make this world a safe place
for them to live and cherish

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 12, 2010


JAADOO-- means MAGIC in Hindi...!!!!

There is a magic
in your eyes
showing love
I was waiting for

There is a magic
in your fingers

as they brush my hair

all time we are together

There is a magic
in your palm
as it hold my face

to watch me smile

There is a magic
in your arms
as i am lost in your hug
forgetting the whole world

There is a magic
when we stare at each other
not a word spoken
just eyes speaking

There is a magic
you are my magician
showing me miracles

happen all my life LOVE YOU...!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

By the way, the picture is my sketch...!!!

Apr 11, 2010


My Land of Dreams
is a flower of thoughts
is a perfume of love
its a perpetual delight

My Land of Dreams
is the ocean of imagination
is the tree of smiles
is the heart of life

My Land of Dreams
is an appreciation of happiness
is the celebration of joy
is an art of imagination

My Land of Dreams
is the rhythm of my life
Its makes me special
as the music of Octaves..!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 10, 2010


The tale of love
of a sexy girl
of a cool dude

met one day
loved each other
lived happily...!!!

Here are the pictures of the tale..!!!

Lived together happily forever and ever..!!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 9, 2010


Gave them power
Only seeking help
Vow did they
Ever to serve us
Rather we thought so
Never did they
Mean the oath
Everlasting problem
Now its high time
That we revolt against them

Written for A-Z April Challenge...!!!

Apr 7, 2010


The grower of green
sprout the ground
designing the land
a beauty for year

The gardener of nature
respects water and sunlight
to him they divine
as long as he is alive

The nurturer of life
dies all the year long
comes back joyously
to give life to the world

The man born to farming
is the God of our life
without him, we are dead
lets stop him dying

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 6, 2010


The droplets of heaven
touch our hearts
driving away every pain
as an enigma of life

The pearls of ice
bring out joy 
drilling away agony
as an enigma of life

The falling leaves
fill life with smiles
covering life's sorrows
as an enigma of life

The little shrubs 
bring life to the dry soul
cherishing it with happiness
as an enigma of life

Like the empty sky
lets open our heart
with no boundaries
creating miracles in other's lives

Written for April A-Z challenge..!!!

Apr 5, 2010


Am in a huge dilemma
dilemma about what to do
to help them survive
atleast to take birth

They are left to darkness
not letting see light
the sacred womb
becoming grave yard

The girls unborn
missed the bus of life
they may have created wonders
when given a chance

Am in a huge dilemma
dilemma about what to do
to help them survive
atleast to take birth

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!!

Apr 4, 2010


People are dying
of hunger, of thirst
little children now seen
begging on the streets

The tired little souls
sleep hungry at night
never knowing if again
they would see light

Doesn't the regime
have the cognizance
of the dying world?
Will it ever understand?

Lets join hands
to help those little hands
to eat, to study, to play
and definitely not to Beg

Written for One Single Impression...!!!

Apr 3, 2010


I am safe in a place
which no one can see
but its the best
in billion different ways

Life gave me this moment
precious and rare
filled with love and care
to be in that place

I cradle there
as a little girl
I dance with joy
celebrating my life

one day I asked
why is it my place
one day I asked
will it be always mine

It said:
When I heard of you
I did what all Daddies Do
I opened my heart wide
where you always have place inside

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!!

Apr 2, 2010


itter moments
Lets leave, let
Inner joy
Steer us as
Smile is eternal Bliss

Written for April A-Z challenge...!!!

Apr 1, 2010


She brought me to life
Gave strength to survive
She understood my smiles
Even far across miles

She wiped off my tears
Was there to calm down my fears
She spread pure love
As the little while dove

With freedom I dream
With confidence I achieve
As she is always near
guiding through my path clear

She is my angel, My Mother
Who is best than any other
Filled with love and care
She is always ready share


Written for A-Z Poetry Challenge for April...!!!