Jan 31, 2009


One leaf floats with the summer wave
In search of destiny
It already has..!!!

***Last Post on the Last day of the first month...!!!!***

Jan 29, 2009


I was abandoned, when I was there around
Left me on a dark road, of all answerless questions
Shedding tears in that stinging rain, when none can see
All alone, unfolding some sweet memories heaped in my heart

I was abandoned, when I was there around
Where my words were never measured, but

The words I heard, broke me into pieces
All alone, was knitting those pieces to be me all again

I was abandoned, when I was there around
Where my hard work went unrewarded
The exertion buried me in deep distress
All alone, was shedding tears which were never mine

I was abandoned, when I was there around
Trust ran far away from me, never seemed to look back
Confidence shot me to knees, ripping every sense
All alone, was struggling to stand in every walk of life

I was abandoned, when I was there around
Will soon be recalled, one day, by at least one
For my special presence, or my silly talks
All alone, will be there in some part of the world

For I lived all alone, through all the twists and turns
Balanced all the ups and downs, solved all the problems
I will be far away, hiding my face behind the tears
All alone, I will be there not around, but still alive

***this is not just fantasy, it is a situation that some one in the world is facing these days.....i think it is true that..."people recognize the specialty of our presence only when we are apart"...!!!but when thy do, it will be very late..!!!***

though this is not my kind of poem with that special kind of feel good point, please review it...coz, my heart felt it too...!!!!

Jan 28, 2009


A smile is what I always wished to take
It was my world, it was my life
But now it just changed to be a fake
Never knew it could turn into a knife
Wounding my heart, that’s sweet and little
Between mind and heart, creating a battle

Torn away from flesh, my heart stays life less
I search my soul, just waiting to confess
Waiting for a shoulder to lean on
For a lap that I can lie on

Everything seems to be shattered
Thought my dear ones will be flattered
Now, it is only the dear friends I have
Who are helping me live my life with love

I am happy to have them with me
As a shining star, myself I see
They hold me close again, once more
And now, tighter than ever before

With octaves, I have hope in my dreams
However lost, things may seem
Definitely my dreams will come true
With those good wishes, from their heart through

***for those who dont know, OCTAVES is my gang name....they are my best friend....in fact everything i am today, is because of them. in the above pic....from left to right, it is Vijay, Karthik, Jitu, Chaitu, Chandu, Shashank, Sukku and Swathi....they are octaves of my life....they are the special notes of the music of my life...!!!***

Jan 27, 2009


Come see the sunset
For not its beauty
But for the rise again


sorry for the belated wishes...
i was busy yesterday
preparing for the technical seminar presentation
that i have today and so couldnot write anything
about the most important Republic day...!!!***

***P.S:had to use white...if not visble..highlight and check out...!!! no other option...!!!

Jan 25, 2009

CHILL FORM....!!!!

Winter weaves
Dewdrops to snow flakes
Making a white pillow

*** my other is blog updated with some beautiful pictures from my collection from the web. i loved them and hope you will like them too....!! you can check them here. and please drop a comment there too....!!!!***

Jan 24, 2009


Once in the dawn, I stood
Near a pond, with two swans
Enjoying their place with love
The sun rays kissed my body

The spirit of Love smiled at me
Waking me up to see the beautiful tree
Branch of it sheltering someone
Dressed in white, face I couldn’t see

The flute he blew created an enigma
It touched my deep senses with a deep tranquil
Enthralled, started to step ahead towards him
Swans came together; I thought it was him and I

Birds began to sing; thought they were happy
Rejoicing the beauty I just saw, elating my move
The smile then was greater than before
When the birds’ song grew louder

Then I realized that it was all a dream
It was my Alarm and not the birds singing
The music woke me up to the reality
But I am still there, in my Land of Dreams...!!!

this poem is not just fantasy..it is my dream that i have been seeing in my Land of dreams from a long time. But i could never find who that person was sitting under the tree, blowing the flute(my favorite musical instrument) dressed in white( my favorite color) at such a beautiful place created by mother, NATURE. i hope i find my dream boy very soon and live the rest of life in his beautiful heart...!!!!

this is just a small attempt to explain my dream...but what my eyes saw and what my heart felt can never be written in words...!!!

Jan 22, 2009


The smiles you spread are treasure to me
To be a reason of them is a pleasure you see
Don’t worry; I will be there as long as I can be
As I know that the smiles you spread are my success key
Every day is too good to live, when the smile is with me
Teach me the way to spread smiles to dear ones, please
And when you started teaching, I collected them as a bee
Soon realized, it was not easy as one like me might see
Being a reason to smile was tough, but smiling was easy
The mission of learning it turned me happy and pleasing
And now, I am glad that the spreaders of smile are “WE”.

HELLO FRIENDS.....the 100th post of mine left be great memories that i can store all my life...thank you for being a part of it. meanwhile i was also awarded my Mithe. thank you friend....!!!! now it is time for me t pass them on.....

it is passed to Phoenix, Mayank, PreetiLata, Vinay, Prams, Aparna,Stephen...!!! congratulations friends,...!!!

this passed to Mayank, Hemanth, PreetiLata(Esp. for her different forms of poetry), Vinay, Stephen...!!! Congratulations friends...!!!

this is to some special bloggers in this blogger world...and tops the list is my favorite blog owned by Mayank, and then hemanth's, Phoenix, Amit, Mithe, Sawan, Prams, Mod Girl, Aparna, PreetiLata, Vinay....!!!congratulations...!!!

have a great time friends...!!!

Jan 21, 2009


***Long post but do read it completely..please...!!!***

beautiful is my life spent here
with all the good wishes from those dear
only smiles were those i can hear
that wiped off my every tear
threw away every little fear
made me bring to all you, so near
its my pleasure to be present here
amongst people so wonderful and clear

every simple word you read, every silly line you praised
made my pen feel great and turn into a needle
to weave the letters to words, words to lines
it was all done just for that smile that you wear
reading my simple work, and writing those great lines
so, today on this special day of my special place
my special pen wanted to write something special
for you special and wonderful people
But this is what it could write....!!!!**here are the roses of friendship to you.....please accept them...!!!***

hello friends....this is my 100th post. i wanted to make it a special one and was thinking about what to post since 1 week now. but couldnot think of anything. My Gang...OCTAVES suggested me to write a poem about my dream boy, about our gang, or something about me, or something about life(inspirational) etc. But i thought i will write about my special friends here, on this blogger world. i would like to share with you the journey of my time in my Land Of Dreams.

it was long back that i read an article about blogs and found them interesting. till then, i never knew what a blog meant. i felt to have a blog for myself but forgot the idea after a little time. but one day my cousin, PRAMS told me about her blog and i visited it. it was a great experience to read it. To me it felt like living in our own way, no matter what the rest of the world thinks. then i started my blog. it was titled "MY DREAMS MY LIFE" first but now it changed to "LAND OF DREAMS". a beautiful place since the time of its creation. i soon started posting the poems that i wrote from a very before.

there were no visitors to my blog except Octaves....Sukku is a regu
lar reader of my blog. she has read all my 99 posts and i am sure she will read this one too. but to me, i wanted someone else to read my blog too. then, i was made happy by my online friend, Satyajit who read my posts and from then on he calls me, "GENIUS" ha ha ha.....i am glad for having him in my friends list.

i was about to leave this place, but i came across someone whom i never knew....but now, one of ma best friends.....a special visitor always. he is Hemanth and i cant te
ll you how happy i was to see someone unknown to comment on my blog.

from then, i never turned back. i met many friends here and reading their blogs inspired me to write more. i was happy all the time for having having them in my life. and friends, my blog has become the part of my life. i started 3 more blogs, one for articles i write, other for pictures, another for my native home.

all through this journey, the best part was my "INDI BLOG MONTH" when i realized how beautiful our country is and how great we are to be for being the citizen of INDIA.

today, on this 100th post of mine, i am glad to celebrate it with joy and happiness with all you wonderful people. thank you for being there and never stop visiting my Land of Dreams...with you, my place is nothing than just a being place.

i dont know if this post of mine is special but to me, i am happy for writing all these. the teddy below is a special gift on this special day of mine to hemanth, sam, harshita, aneesh, amit, mod girl, meera, geethika, crystal, anwesa, prams, mayank, tulps, chriz, aparna, phoenix, sawan, mithe, priya joyce, prudhvi, lena, pisku, stephen, preetilata, surya, vinay, diay, archana, sneha, octaves(sukku, chandu, vijay, chaitu,swathi, jitu, karthik, shashank), satyajit, visu, pavani (my sis), and everyone reading this post...!!! :D

Dear friends, one words, last word for this post....
THANK YOU.......!!!!

**dont forget to take my poem with you...it is yours, written specially for you....!!!***
**would love to see the teddy and the roses in your blog if you like them....!!!!****

Jan 20, 2009

99. TO MY FINEST PAL.....!!!!

I may not have seen you
But I know that you are there
I can feel you in my Land of Dreams
As I enter into each new day

I know you are always there
Those lovely moments to share
Also when heavy was my heart
You shared it’s every tiny part

Your smile, so sweet, so bright
Makes me forget every fight

It brings me a cute little light
That makes me going every night

You helped me to love myself

To throw all the sorrows on the top shelf
You showed me my life seem so good
That I started doing all that I could

You never judged me on anything
You accepted me for what I am

You appreciated my every success
You encouraged me on every failure

The friendship we share
Is so precious to me
It gave me hope to live
What is special to me is “WE”

You are my friend and that is true
You are my Guardian Angel, God has sent
To show my all the smiles
And walk those many extra miles


HI FRIENDS....this is my 99th post and i am glad for having at this point so soon...!!!! it has been a great time in this blogger world meeting all you wonderful people. Today, i have written these few lines for all my friends and hope they like them. the Green Pic(second one) was for some special blogger and a wonderful person in this world. but when i started writing who that special person could be, it turned out to me a list of names and each name was a special one in his/ her own way.....Here goes my List:

Hemanth, Prams, Vinay, Phoenix, Mayank, PreetiLata,Sawan, Mithe, Priya Joyce, Prudhvi, Lena, Sam, Aneesh, Mod Girl, Anwesa, Aparna, Archana, Sneha, Surya, Stephen, Tulips, Amit, Harshita, and last but not the least....my Gang Octaves, and Satyajit(Jaggernut) ( though they dont own a blog)...!!!!

all you people have been so good to me and dear friends, the poem is all for you. i wish i could see the pic in your blog too...!!!

i wanted to thank all of you for being there...but "NO THANKS, NO SORRY TO FRIENDS" is my principle so...will not do it. then how should I let you all know that i am happy for having all of you???? may be this time a simple SMILE tells it all...!!! so here goes my smile...!!!

****MY 99th POST.....!!!! ****

Jan 17, 2009


Cool breeze of the spring
Touching my body senses
Pleasured is my soul

HEY FRIENDS....my attempt on Haiku again...i hope this is a perfect one....if not please let me know..i will try it again...!!!

By the way, this is my 98th post....!!!

***today i created another blog that is solely dedicated to my Home Place...you can have a look at it and know about the beautiful place here...!!!***

Jan 16, 2009


Solitude is what I want
Contrary is what you gave
Still I am happy

Jan 15, 2009


The day special for cattle
comes after Makar Sankranthi
when the special workers are worshiped
for all their well being to live up in the fields

Kanuma Sankranthi is time for competitions
where, at times villages fight together to win
the competitors vary accordingly
be it oxen, be it cocks, it is all for fun

the elderly have a great time playing cards
when they win, they celebrate
when they loose, they also celebrate
not their failure, the success of their dear ones

***Last day of the three day festival....!!!***

Jan 14, 2009


when the girls are busy with the rangolis
the boys fly their kites and have fun
mother cooks in the name Sun God
father busy worshipping the cattle

it is time for some celebration
of the unique festival of Harvest
Makar Sankranthi, the main day
when it is all about tradition and culture

on this special day of life
may all the good wishes be showered on you
may all the happiness be with you
may all the joy and cheer be yours

Happy Makar Sankranthi...!!!

Jan 13, 2009


When the winter ends, the spring starts
When the dew drop begins to shine
It is a special time for the farmers
Not just to celebrate the harvest
It is the celebration of everything
That life has offered to every one.

The first festival of every New Year
Sankranthi, is a special festival for the Telugus
The first day Bhogi start the celebration
When its time for the new clothes, new food
The cows decorated, the girls traditionally dressed
The rangolis beautifully designed.

today, is a special day to every individual from Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu. today is the first day of the special festival Sankranthi(pongal)...a three day festival. it is the only festival that celebrates the Harvest..!!! celebrated very Traditionally...!!!!

every year i used to go to my native home but this time we could not.....
i am missing our native home alot....!!!


***who ever missed the previous post go ahead....and read it...!!!****

Jan 12, 2009

HOW I WISH....!!!

how i wish to have some one so dear
the pain of my heart, he can hear
he, who can hold me so near
that never in my life i can fear

how i wish to have someone so caring
the every feeling, for only sharing
the cutest smile is wat he is wearing
the pictures of sorrow he is tearing

how i wish to be a dear one
to the best, to that some one
who can see the world in one
its me, only one to very some

hello friends....these are the lines written for the work of Sawan....!!!
in response to his whisphers of love...!!!
i loved them and hope you will all like them too..!!!

Jan 11, 2009


you showed me smiles
you showed me happiness
you taught me beauty of life
you brought me every light

and now, dear sweet heart
you also brought me the pain
to that same little heart of mine
to which you taught what love meant

please come back not to see how i am
but to touch that little heart
where you are already there
to spread out the love that you own..!!

Hey friends....this is not written today..it was written for a comment in Vinay's blog. As I am a bit busy with the browsing of MBA colleges, i could not write something new. So, I thought i will post those lines that i wrote as a comment to many bloggers....!!! i hope you will like them too...!!!
Like the three liners, these also go into the category where i will post out those special lines that i wrote for the special bloggers in this blogger world....!!!


Jan 10, 2009


patience is our strength
speech is our power
expression is our right
involving is our responsibility

we find people who
test our 'strength'
doubt our 'power'
take off our 'right'
suspect our 'responsibility'

we cant change our'self' for them
we are the same with everyone
but wen we r not allowed to speak
nothing wrong in shouting...!!!

Jan 9, 2009

The morning sun, the night’s moon
Change the ticking clock
It is all life

THREE LINERS......just three lines says it all....!!! all these days, i was just writing my thoughts and feelings but now, i am trying to make out something special. so, here are my three liners. just three lines and the feeling is said....i hope i will do them better.....!!!

Jan 8, 2009

TAG TIME....!!!

Hurray...i am tagged again...by Phoenix...
Thank you dear...!!!
here are my answers..!!!

1)What is your occupation?

A student and will be one always….!!!

2)What colour are your socks now?
I don’t wear socks my dear….but when I it is blue pair…!!!

3)What are you listening to now?
Song from a Telugu movie…..nice Song Rehman Composition…!!!

4)What was the last thing you ate?
An Orange….i eat one everyday..!!!

5)Can you drive a stick shift?
Whats that????

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?
My Dad….!!!

7)Do you like the person who sent you this?
Yeah….I Love Her….!!!

8)How old are you today?
20 yrs, 10 months, 26days…!!!

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
Hockey and Tennis..!!!

10)What are your favourite drinks?
Coffee…I love it….but I cant enjoy it these days frnds….some health problem…..!!!

11)Have you ever dyed your hair ?
Nope never……I am feared that it may get spoiled…..i have a very long hair and I love it…!!!

12)Favourite food?
Mamma’s Kitchen has everything that I love…..so anything from her is perfect one to me…!!!

13)Last movie watched?
Gajini……it was a boring one….i watched the Telugu and Tamil version so not found the Hindi one so interesting….!!!

14)Favourite day of the year?
the day when I call it “TODAY”…..;)….!!!

15)How do you vent out your anger?
I shout and after I come down…I start crying for having shouted at my dear ones…..!!!(coz, I will not be angry with someone I don’t care about…!!!)

16)Favourite toy as a child?
Teddy…I love it now too…..!!!

17)Favourite season?

Winter…I love winters but it doesn’t love me…!!! But this is what is called love where you don’t expect the other to return it to u in the same way..!!!

18)Do you want your friends to email you?
Yes,of course. And can you please show me someone who don’t like it???? Every one wants to read those nice words written by their friends…!!!

19)When was the last time you cried?
When I got my result…..it was a bad one…I cried not because the result was bad….but for those words that I had to hear form my parents…..in fact I was happy coz I know the reason for having not studied and for not writing the xams well....anyways lets not think about….!!!

20)What is on the floor of your closet?
Some dusted papers that my sister left out…..she never puts the books and papers in place….!!!
21)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
I have lot many….Ravi, Preeti, Vivek, Swetha, Shanu, Raghavan…all are my childhood friends….we were together since I was five…..!!!

22)What did you do last night?
Checked out some colleges where I can apply for my MBA…I am confused friends…I hope I can get into some good institute….!!!

23)What are you most afraid of?
Silence and sorrow…I hate them and I cant think about the situation when they come together….!!!

24) Plain, cheese or spicy hamburger?
Not any one…I am not with this food…I love spicy Indian food…!!!

25) Favorite dog breed?

26) Favorite day of the week?

27) how many states have you lived in?
One ….!!!

28)Diamond or pearl?
Pearl…it is pure and natural…..i have written few lines about its creation too...!!!

29)What is your wish for this new year?
May all my angels blush for me and gift me all the happiness and guide me to the right road…!!!

30)New year resolutions?
YEA of course….No chocolates, No ice creams, No sweets…have to out down weight….!!!

Now I tag, Hemanth, AparnaRaviKumar, Mayank, Vinay, Amit, Mod Girl, Archana

Hope all you enjoyed my answers....!!!

Jan 7, 2009


“I cant understand you…”
Thought my parents
When I had my own views
To lead my life in my way

“Why don’t they understand me?”
I thought my self
When my parents didn’t agree
With my dreams for my life

When I fought with my little sister
For something very silly
My parents yelled at me saying
“Act as a grown up. You are not a child”

When I told a feeling about a topic
Or some opinion about a discussion
The same parents told me
“You don’t know. You are a child.”

As a pebble can create ripples
In that still water
These words created a disturbance asking
“Am I a child or had I grown up?”

I feel I know myself
My feelings, my thoughts
All are for my own life
For which only I am responsible

I love to live myself
With my dreams, with my hopes
To make them come true

Jan 6, 2009


Salute the being who gave you life
Respect her for not the way she is
But for the way she brought you up
Just say MOM..!! You are the best.

The person who stood by you, forget not
The care he took, the love he shared
The qualities he built in you, and for it
Just say DAD…!!! Be there for me always.

Someone who taught you the meaning of life
Took you to every corner of your “self”
Is waiting there feeling happy for you
Just say TEACHER…!!! Thank you for everything.

There are people around just as you are
Talking, playing, smiling and enjoying
And making you feel the goodness of life
Just say FRIENDS…!!! Never leave me alone.

There are general hearts loving you
For everything you are and you will be
They expect nothing but just your smiles
Just say RELATIVES…!!! Be there when I need you.

There is a beautiful little heart born for you
It is there somewhere in the world
Always waiting to meet you at least once
Just say SWEET HEART…!!! I Love You.

Jan 5, 2009


Think of the day with out your mobile
Not the whole day, just for a while

The power cables not active
So, it has nothing to give

When you are alone at home
No chance to go and roam

When the landline doesn’t work
To call those men at work

When the electric lamp has no back up
When you find not a candle to light up

When ever sight was just dark
Could see not a single spark

When you could hear nothing in stock
Except the ticking of the wall clock

What would you do???
What do you think life has offered you???

Jan 4, 2009


When happy thoughts flow in my mind
When beautiful dreams are seen through my eyes
When a sweet smile dance on my lips
When a wonderful feeling touched my senses

I open the doors of my little heart
To know about the place it was
This gave it every wonderful sensation
That it can never imagine to posses

My little heart drowned in the ocean of joy
When it knew that it was safe
Bounded with love & care for ever
In you beautiful SWEET HEART….!!!

hi Friends.....this new year has been a special one for me and my blog....!!! if i had heard lot of good news from every side....my blog is being showered with awards. Today, i started off blogging with the Award from Sam and then it continued with a hand full of them from Phoenix. i am very happy for having received them. thank you friends....!!!

I would now like to pass them to all those who are worth of them....if any one already accepted them...please accept them again...Thank you...!!! (The awards can be taken from the side bar on the right....!!!)

Cutest Blogger: Prams, Hemanth, Mayank, Vinay, Priya Joyce, PreetiLata

Blogger Friends: Hemanth, Prams, Mithe, Sawan, Sam, PreetiLata, Phoenix, Mayank, Vinay, PriyaJoyce, Aneesh, Sneha, Stephen, Lena, Mod Girl, Anwesa, Aparna, Surya, Amit, Harshita, V.Archana, Tulips, Prudhvi....!!!

Female Fatale & Rocking Girl Blogger: PreetiLata, PriyaJoyce, Prams, Aparna, Anwesa, Archana, Sneha, Harshita, Tulips, Prams...!!!!

Awesome Blogger:Phoenix, PreetiLata,Mayank, Vinay, Hemanth, Mod Girl....!!!!

Smiling Blogger: Hemanth, Mod Girl, Vinay, Priya Joyce, Preetilata..!!!

Honest Blogger: Hemanth, Phoenix, Mayank, Prams...!!!

Xtraordinary Blogger: PreetiLata, Mayank, Vinay, Mod Girl..!!!

Free Spirited Award: Phoenix, Hemanth, PreetiLata, Prams....!!!

hmm....hope all you like these awards and will behappy to see them on your blogs....!!!!

***Don't forget to review my poem ok...!!!***

Jan 3, 2009


You store my smiles, my tears
My good times and the sad ones too
You were there with me from years
All these days, the only thing I had is you

You changed from time to time
Just to store what I was and am
You have only those that are solely mine
You bring me everything that you can

You have a place on my bed
You share every feeling of my heart
You know all the thoughts of my head
You are just my own special art

You showed me strength to face the world
You brought me love from everywhere
You gave me power to raise a word
You showered on me all the care

Dear Diary, thanks for being there
I can be my ‘self’ only with you
I know you cant out it on air
But I know, my beauty is all you…!!!

***PICS: Hey Friends.....these pictures have some specialty. they are not just pictures, they are my diaries. the Green one is my 2008 diary and the Purple one is my 2009 diary. i started writing diary when i was studying VIII standard and i know what i was then and what i am now. to me diary is the best friend. every day i spend nearly an hour writing it.

Jan 2, 2009



*** a bit long post.....but please do read it....****

hope you all have enjoyed the new year day....i had a very great time....!!! my new year day brought me many good news that i was drowned in the river of happiness all the day....!!! let me tell you about the good things that came my way the day before...!!!

  • one of my good online frnd got placed in a company. He was almost into depression from last one month for not getting selected.
  • i got to chat with my favorite cousin, Prams after a long time. we share a special bond that i dont have with my own sister. she is like a best friend and a role model to me. you can know her from here. not even my parents know about the book but my sister does...!!!
  • we got a call from a person who is working with a social service project of the UNO. he knew about us from the home where we celebrated our christmas and wanted to contact us to talk about his project. he wants us to be the part of the project. it means, we will be the members of the UNO and will be working for 192 countries under it.
  • went to an old friends'(no more in this world.) home and met my other best childhood frnd there. had a great time there.

the problem with my internet seems that it is solved and so could upload the awards that i recieved from Mayank. Thank you Mayank...!!! I am glad for having recieved them and here are the awards....!!!!
i would like to pass this award to Vinay, Prams,Phoenix, PreetiLata, Mod Girl...!!!! If you have been already awarded with it,....reaccept it please..........!!!

this is forwarded to Amit, Prams, Aparna Ravi Kumar...!!! please reaccept if already you were awarded them....!!!

this is designed by Riversoul, got it from Mayank...!!! i request all of you to put it in your blog and fight against terror...!!!

This award is forwarded to Hemanth, Vinay, Phoenix, PJ, Sawan, Aneesh, Mithe, Preetilata, Surya, Prams, Harshita, Archana, Prudhvi, Sam, Stephen, Sneha, Anwesa, Tulips. Please accept them again..i know you already recieved them....!!!


***P.S. anyone who missed my new year post....please check it out..!!!***

Jan 1, 2009


The year ahead will be very new
With all the good wishes and the perfect times
Better chances to make our dreams come true
Beautiful times to brighten up our lives

It is a clean slate and the chalk is all yours
To write up your destiny, and strive to make it true
It is a surprise gift wrapped with time
Brings you all the happiness and joy in the world

So get…..set…..go….!!! Enter the brand new year
Start it fresh with all the good wishes
To focus on the goals and fulfill your dreams
To be happy and make your dear ones smile for you

Wake up on this new year day
To accept my wishes specially for you
May peace and beauty fill all your space
To make it a bright and comfort one…!!!


HI FRIENDS....HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR AHEAD. this is my new year gift to all you wonderful people from my Land Of Dreams...!!!
Unwrap it to find all those beautiful smiles for you, to accept all the happiness that you life has to offer you from now on, all the joys that you waited for...!!!
i wish to see this gift on all your blogs...this time no mention of names...it is for everyone who are in my blogroll and all those who visit my blog....!!!
thank you for being there.....!!!!

***all those who have not seen my previous post can see it. it is the last post on my INDI blog and the last post of the last year....!!! spread your feeling tooo...!!!