Aug 31, 2009

AM I???

Keep your secrets
locked from the world
just in my heart
am i a faithful friend??

Sharing your every little joy
those special to your heart
spreading joy all around
am i a joyous friend??

Wiping your tears
at your toughest times
they will be mine too
am i a caring friend??

Bringing the little things
together in our littlest world
making it special for us
am i a special friend??

Loving your presence
feeling the heaven on Earth
i am life, so special with you
am i a loving friend??

hi did you find my friendship month?? hope you all liked it..if you didnt...i cant do anything...coz' this is me and my love to friendship. i treasure it more than my life...actually it taught me the ways to live life...bindaas and always happy..!!! i loved the my month of friendship...coz it is the best topic to write on and i loved writing on it yaar....loved it..had a great time..!!!

this is my gift to all of you...accept this little gift from this little friend(not literally meant though) with me forever friends....i am nothing without you...please make me complete..!!!

Aug 29, 2009


Giggle your self
Tickle your senses
Drizzle your little smiles
Shower your sweet love
Gift your little presence

Your sweet friend is waiting
To be with the beauty
of your sweet friendship
To live her little life
with your sweet friendship

Aug 27, 2009


Run along the stream
Dance in the rain
Sing with the birds
Feel the breeze

To live life
I need you
your presence
our friendship

Promise me
never to leave
not till my last breath
if you do, i will be incomplete

Aug 26, 2009


Above the heavens, in a special world
guarded by my little angels you were
standing there, i see, you were strong and bold
of light, of joy, of smiles, of love, of care

showing me life, all filled with happiness
guiding me to the garden you were in
my angles made me feel like a princess
have loads to share with you, so was waiting

to meet you, in the garden as i stepped
stream of trust flew into my heart, dear
the shower of the flowers, both us blessed
in the world of love, we did meet here

i asked you, what is that from now share
you said, "bond of friendship" we really care

This form of poetry is called a sonnet ( more about it here). Since my childhood, i had been a great admirer of William Shakespeare and today, when i tried to attempt his famous sonnets,i am very of the world. This is my first sonnet and the most happiest to me is that my first sonnet is on my friends who are the treasure in my life....!!! hope you liked it...if anything went wrong....please let me that i can be right the next time..!!!

Aug 25, 2009


In you
Dear friend
Anytime around
You were always there, guiding me
Every time I smiled
You shared joy
Tears too

Make it
I am loving life
Dear friend, it is my treasure
I feel when with you
So special
To live

this kind of poetry is called FIB poetry(know more about it here).this is the first time i wrote one Fib poem for my na...two fibs...!!!!

enjoying writing yaar....i am loving to write...!!! thanks a ton to each one of you who read me everyday and i welcome any critics frm my readers who can make me better...thankyou..!!!

Aug 24, 2009


give me the power to live
live the life with strength
strength to be myself, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the miracle of love
love to spread
spread happiness, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the treasure of smiles
smiles in the tough times
times that i can live, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the ocean of support
support to let me know
know myself, forever
forever, i asked God

Give me the bunch of love
love to make my life
life precious forever
forever, i asked God

He gave me nothing I asked
ask me, i am happy
happy than ever i was
was this because of you, Dear Friend?

you are the treasure
treasure i care for
for the rest of my life
life with you, can never imagine

Aug 23, 2009


As long as the sun glows
in the rays of life, lets live
sharing the same special bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the breeze flows
feeling the fresh life, lets live
flowing in the real bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the moon found
under the tender light, lets live
enjoying the sweet bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the rains are seen
with every tiny droplet, lets live
tickling the chilling bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as the trees alive
with the greenery around, lets live
breathing the trusting bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long the stars shine
with the twinkling time, lets live
winking at the shining bond
of love, of care, of everything

As long as we are alive
dear friend, forever lets live
smiling at the special bond
of love, of care, of everything...!!!

Aug 22, 2009

NUMBER & ME...!!!

Yellow Tulip tagged me....and here i am doing this..!!!

1. day of the year, when i take resolutions.....(haha never kept them though)...!!!
2. the month in which i was favorite..(February)...!!!
3. meals a day...(nothing i can think of three other than this...)...!!!
4. brothers i them..(all are cousins though)...!!
5. element of nature inspire me to write...(many more too)..!!!
6. from this class we are friends...(Preethi, Ravi, Satish n Yamini)...!!!
7. is my lucky number....(it is for all the Aquarians....)..!!
8. are my octaves....( i am the ninth in the gang)..!!!
9. total number of octavians...(special gang of friends)...!!!
10. years from now.....i will be someone i dreamt to be.....(let your best wishes be with me till then...after that too..)...!!!
11. th year of 21st century.....i will be a Post Graduate in Management and also a Master in Labour Law...(2011)...!!!
12. the date on which i was born...(i often forget it)....!!!
13. years....since we are in the same home....!!!
14. valentine's day....the day i think of my Dream Boy the most....(I miss him)...!!!
15. th Dad's birthday and India's Independence Day( both are very special to me)..!!
16. sweet 16....i am always at heart...happy always..(as you grow older,happiness fades....!!!
17. when i started to write...( i never thoguht i can write this much then...)
18. start of my wonderful life...met octaves when i was 18...(in college)..!!!
19. i was re-born....(had a tough time then...)..!!!
20. times used to write any imposition in school...(wrote many a times for definitions of physics)...!!!
21. end of the most happiest days of my life...(end of Engg)...!!!
22. gave seminar in 22 different engg colleges on reducing Global warming...!!!
23. tomorow's date(23 rd August, 2009)...when i will be again starting to Pune...(again leaving home)..!!!
24. mins past 1 that i started to do this tag...(nothing else got to my mind)..!!
25. Dec, 2008 was the most memorable day in my life....the first day at Sadhana home for special care children....(they taught me how to!!

I am not tagging anyone...its open to everyone...!!!

Aug 21, 2009


In the shining rays
living the beautiful days
lets be together

under the moon light
breathing the fragrance of night
lets be together

between the rain drops
enjoying every droplet
lets be together

amidst the cool breeze
giving each other warm Hug
lets be together

on the fallen leaves
listening to their noise
lets be together

with the chirping birds
flying up above with dreams
lets be together

day in and day out
to be there for each other
lets be together

hey friends....this is Haiku form of poetry (know more abt it here). each of the three line verse is a haiku...!!! this is the first time that i wrote 7 haikus in one go on the same theme...!!!

my other acrostics...i enjoyed doing them...hope you enjoy reading them...!!!

Honey Suckles..!!!
Pawn (2)..!!!
Ants in your pants..!!!
Angels and Demons...!!!
Kung Fu Panda...!!!
Love me tender...!!!

please leave your valuable comments....i treasure them..!!!

Aug 20, 2009


ain of love
Natural care
Developed our bond
o special

ester years
bvious the best
Unknown tomorrows too

ny day
Rest of our life
Ever, together we are

pecial times
Penetrate our life
vergreen memories
Count for years
I treasure them
s they have you
ove you....dear friend...!!!

Hello friends.....i am very very happy today....!!! after a long time..i had spent most of the time writing today..that tooo only acrostics...!!! six acos in one go...with out any break....!!! all of them written for Acrostics Only..!!! Felt very good...and here it is another which you just read..!!! Today is an acrostic day ...:)...!!!

wanna read my other acrostics?? here they are...!!!


beside for my series of this month, i also wrote this acro for Acrostics Only blog under the Writer's choice prompt..!!!

Written for Acrostics Only....!!!


The long chats, the unknown thoughts
Yummy Lunches, special coffees
Silly fights, ever lasting jokes
Long times, special for us

With them around
Life seems beautiful
World seems fresh and nice
Nothing can be better, as it is the best

Back home, with them again
Spending time, at our favorite places
I am living my forgotten life
After a long time, I am happy from my heart

With Octaves, life seems beautiful
Every second is a joy that I enjoy
Every minute is special, very special
Let my life be with them, with just them

Octaves, my special friends
Who know me better than me
They made my life special
Am living it, with their memories now...!!!
Check out the success of our blood donation camp here..!!!

Aug 19, 2009

TAG TIME....!!!

I was tagged by Vinay....and i am here to do it...!!!

More About the Tag:

the idea is to list five items in each category, not necesarily in the order of your can always add or subtract categories, according to your will. then tag five people....!!!

Hmm....rules part part starts now..!!!

My favorite Words:

1. Yamini
2. Arey yaar..(which i use very often....)
3. My dad...papa....
4. tch...tch...
5. what else..??? ( i am not asking....its also the phrase i use the most..!!!)

My favorite passtimes

1. Writing....writing...writing...!!!
2. Reading...i love reading...!!!
3. Chatting with friends...i am a sis Pramoda knows abt this welll...!!!
4. Enjoying the nature...standing near the window or in the corridor, and admiring the nature..!!!
5. Picture collection from the web....i have a good collection..!!!!

My favorite people

1. My dad....the best person in the world..!!!
2. My of my best friends....!!!
3. Kalam sir....the person who taught me to dream...!!!
4. the children of Sadhana institute of Mentally challenged(can check them here)....they taught me how to live life with a smile, to be confident, and anything-you-want them...!!!
5. Yamini Meduri.....Me and myself.....i am my favorite...I love myself...!!!

My favorite bloggers

1. Prams.....not that she is my sister. she has that spark needed to be a writer. every post of hers, makes her readers think....!!!
2. Vinay....hats off to his poetry....he writes and inspires me to write...!!!
3. Mayank.....his simple yet sweet post makes his readers love his blog..!!!
4. Amit.....specially his article collection blog....simply superb...can learn a lesson with every post...!!!
5. Loungers....each of them are different in their style...but make the Lounge a beautiful place to be...!!!

(had a long list to go.....but as the rules goes....i had to list only five....damn these rules...)

My favorite hobbies

(definitely mine can the hobbies of others be my favorite???)

1. writing.....Its the soul of my life...!!!
2. reading....just the novels...the class books make me bored...;)...!!!
3. pencil sketching....yeah i do it too...will upload them one day in my blogs..!!!
4. paper crafts...i njoy doing them...!!!
5. dance.....its my passion....i love dancing.!!!

hmmm.....i think i am done with the Tag....loved doing it...!!!
now the most important part of the tag has come....tagging five others....whom shall i tag yaar??? the regular visitors of my blog now are already done with the tag....the rest, i dont know if they will recognize me...coz its been a long time that i havent been at their blogs....but then since i have to,.....willl tag them...!!!

the victims list:

Mayank...the crystal Maze..!!!
Preethi the white window..!!!
Raka...Phoenix-the destiny's child...!!!
Raj Kumar....our fun lovng Dcotor...!!!
Kajal....the pink orchid( i love calling her like this....though she changed her name..)..!!!

am done...hurray.....**claps**claps**...!!!

hope you njoyed reading this.....if you dint...then i ant help out yaar.....take it for granted...!!!
will be back soon..!!!

By the way its Chaitu's ( friend of octaves) birthday today...wish him a great life ahead. Also we are organizing a blood donation camp in our graduation college....Wish that it will be successfull...!!!

Bye friends...!!!

Aug 18, 2009


All these years, memories created

created with the bond we share
share of my life, is special with you
you made me smile, in my tough times

Times we chat, about everything in the world
world of poetry, was always our special talk
talk for nights, wait again for the days
days went on, leaving memories of special times

Times so special, were always with us
"us" is always what we are, not you and I
I cherish your friendship, your presence
presence that brings me happiness

Happiness, cheer, joy, smiles
smiles from the heaven, i gift you today
today as you celebrate, your birthday
Birthdays come each year, but each is special

Special gifts I may not give
give you, guess what i brought
brought from the angels above
above all, from my little hear

Heart-full wish, on this special day
day special to you, to me, to all your friends
friend, Happy Birthday, enjoy it till the end
end of the day, let me know how special it was..!!!

Happy Birthday Vinay....this is for you on your day...!!!

Friends..let me tell you about this special friend of mine. He is my teacher of poetry....he introduced to many forms of poetry...Acrostics, Haikus, Cinquains, Loops(this one), Fib, NaSaiKu, Sonnets, Nonnets and many more...!!! Besides all these, he has always been there for me in my tough times...helping me smile when i had tears in my eyes...!!! I can tell you....we are one such friends who make use of the smileys the most.....every line in our chat window is followed by a smiley....!!

This loop is dedicated to Vinay on his birthday...he has been asking me to write one loop since a long time...and here it is...written specially for him on his special day...!!

Vinay and Yammi...are the Smiling friends forever...!!!

Aug 16, 2009

YOU ARE...!!

You are the key
of my door to life
making it beautiful
with your presence

you drape around me
the freshness of the dawn
immerse me in the joy
of the tender cool breeze

you lift me up
from the flames of sorrows
bring me smiles
when the tears sorround

Dear friend, you never know
who you are to me
is not just a friend
you are something special

dear, catch the glimpse
of my special love to you
you are the hope of my heart
you are the heart of my life

Aug 15, 2009


Ever since my life began
every time i walk and ran
you were there all around
very near to me, you are found

Ever since my life began
to help me lead my life, as i plan
I saw you catch my hand
you are my angel with the magic wand

Ever since my life began
every day, as my life ran
i saw you smart and strong
helping me with the right and wrong

Ever since my life began
I have been your biggest fan
admiring your strength
you presence is my wealth

Ever since my life began
a wish, i wrapped in the can
filled with love, i wait to give you
a gift from up above, from years its due

Ever since my life began
to wish you, was my little plan
Dear Dad, Happy Birthday
May the happiness be all your way

Aug 10, 2009


Dear friend
You are my bliss
To be with you is LIFE

Singing the tunes of joy, I live
With you
Your shoulders to cry, arms to hug

Always there by my side

Your love, my friend
My life

Hello friends...a new form of poetry again....This form of poetry is called Butterfly Cinquain which follows the syllable pattern of 2-4-6-8-2-8-6-4-2. There are many forms of know more about them, check out here...!!!

Aug 9, 2009


Like a feather in the wind
happily floating up above
never knew where to go
but still i flew, i know i have you

Up above from there
I saw the beauty of the world
the colors, the trees, the flowers, the peace
Everything, was never imagined

Like the beautiful angels
I had the wings of your friendship
That made me strong and the best
Without you, i will fall, unable to get up again

Dear friend, we are not just friends
we are the heart and soul of our lives
I or you can never live alone
Lets walk together, leaving the world

Aug 8, 2009


Heart spoke many a times
feelings at times turned rhymes
tuning to the heart beat
to the rhythms, that made it

But you are the one special friend
who can hear the unheard ends
of my heart, that i never heard
nor did i ever store

Dear friend, you speak my heart
with me actually knowing
Its an art, my dear
you master it, i can hear

You are the tune of my heart
the rhythm of my live's every part
Lets celebrate every moment as a start
Will be friends, even if one day we depart..!!!

Aug 5, 2009


waiting was never a happy thing to do
in this known land, for an unknown person
For his touch,for his love, for his care
for his support, for his presence

I wish i found him, just beside me
holding my hand, helping me walk
running along in the dirt of the roads
playing in the sands, out in the world

heaven must be a beautiful place
i always thought, day in, day out
When the world around was happy
i was in search of a soul happy for me

A lovely brother i always wanted to have
but never had one, for my own
for whom i am a princess
to me he must be the bestest friend

Aug 4, 2009


Flavors so many
Remain together
In every little joy

Empire of love
Now conquered
Dreams knit together

Staying by each other
Hearts ever so close
In every moment sharing love
Pallette of emotions fallen

Written by: vinay aka of the sweetest friends i ever got. he is always there to sheer me up and bring me smile....I adore his friendship...!!!

Vinay..this is especially for you....its your acrostic, its your post today....Thanks for being there always always cheer me up. You are ready to share my tears, you are there to be with me always...thanks for being such a nice friend yaar..!!!

Aug 3, 2009


Dancing in the wind
To the rhythms of joy
a smile always appears
when you near

Senses are refreshed
Wrapped in the warmth
Of support, of love, of care
you are there everything to share

Just like the little butterfly
beautiful, loving and free
bright and colorful the world is
you make it special for me

With all the love i have
In my heart today, and forever
I wish to let you know
My love, i can never show

Dear Friend, be there always
not just to cheer me up
but to let me live
without you, i may leave...!!!

Aug 2, 2009


When our spirits need a lift

They are around as a precious gift

When our SELF loses its identity

They bring to us our inner beauty

When we feel alone, not fine

They are there with us to dine

When life’s hardship knock

They still make our life rock

When all the pain melts in our chest

They comfort us, make us feel the best

When we lose the key to our private door

They keep it safe, in their heart’s store

When we jump in happiness

They are there with us to create a mess

When we stand with a ball in the ground

They are definitely found somewhere around

When we want a hug of love

They are there with as a little dove

When we want to brighten our day

They are there with us, forever to stay

When we are lost under the sun

They get us back to the world of fun

When we still don’t understand who they are

They shout to us, still smiling, “FRIENDS WE ARE”...!!!!

Happy friendship day friends....have a blast today....and be the finest friends to me as the way you always have been...!!! Missing Octaves this time...I am seriously having tears in my eyes...but then, i think i dont have anyother option than juss living with this truth...!!!

As a gift to octaves on this special day, i made this video but then when i tried to mail it, it was not getting uploaded because of the i thought Land of Dreams will be the right place...and here it is...check out and friends, this is not just for octaves, it is for every heart that loved me..!!! Thanks for being there every time...!!! Have a Blast...!!!

Aug 1, 2009


In every walk of life
they are just a step around us
Friends, they make our life special

Hello about another blog month??? In this special month dedicated to friends, i wish to dedicate this month to all my friends in this world....and so, get ready for a series about friends again..!!! wanna read the earlier series for friends??? check out here....!!!