Jul 29, 2009


As I stand alone
Watching the world around
Flashed my mind
The memories of time behind

The time spent with octaves
Was immersed in the joyous waves
The bond we shared
Is still loved and cared

I remember the time spent

Regularly at the canteen we went
Days went on, when we never knew
After four years, its still fresh and new

I miss my gang, my octaves
Trying to move with the life’s rays
But still, miss their presence
The bond we share, is the essence

Jul 26, 2009


Left their parents, their family
Their children, their colourful life
Their dreams, their everything
Just for us, for our lives

They proudly served our country
In the sun, in the rain
In the winds for all the time
They fought for us and our life

In a foreign land, not knowing where
Took their last breath, ten years back
Fighting for nation, Mother India
In the Kargil War, 1999

With the hand on my heart
I feel the pride and respect
With the tears in my eyes
I pay the tribute to the soldiers

Lets not forget to remember them
Lets not forget to respect them
Lets not forget their sacrifice
Let not forget them, the great Indian Soldiers..!!!

Jul 21, 2009


Hidden in the depths of our hearts
Always with us, but we search for it else where
Pretty smile is always beautiful
Precious it makes our life
In the darkest times
Never leave it behind my dear
Every moment with it turns to be special
So special that we will fall in love with life
Sweeter we will find it with a simple smile

hello friends..i am really feeling very bad for not having visited your blogs since a very long time.....i am really feeling sorry....i am not getting time to atleast check out my blog....the schedule is very hectic here....and we are hardly getting time to sleep....so friends, please accept this truth and be patient...i will come back soon with my regular blogging as soon as possible.....!!!

but then dont forget my Land of Dreams and this Dreamer too...ok..!!!

Jul 5, 2009


o simple you may find it
Major asset you own for life
In any way, at any time
Life seems to be happy
Ever after now, dont you dare leave it..!!!

I am very proud about myself today......this is the first poem that i wrote a poem in shortest possible time...i took juss 2 mins to write this....this is the first poem that took me so less time..!!!

I am really very sorry that i am unable to make up to check out your blogs or not even blog regularly in my Land of Dreams....yaar i can't make it because my schedule has become so tough.....will find enough time and let you know abt my life here..!!!

bye friends.....dont forget my Land of Dreams.....i Love it.....hope you all live it too..!!!