May 28, 2010

WOW...I DID IT..!!!

A Marathon of Acrostics has come to an end. It has been a wonderful experience writing all along. Specially the second set of words of A-Z Challenge. 18 words posted in the last 18 hrs. 1 post per!!!

Thanks to Leo for the words and his constant encouragement which helped me complete the marathon of blogging. Thank you Vinay..!!

May 2010...has left me many memories :
  • Completed my 300 dreams milestone.
  • 70 posts already in just 28 days...i never imagined.
  • Started a new series "Your's Truly Me"
  • Wrote my first 55 fiction
  • blogging every hour.....still continuing...!!
In my personal Life
  • Completed my First year of Post Graduation
  • Started to live in our flat, left hostel. Living in a flat is a different experience.
  • Am now at home...enjoying with mom dad and sis
  • Its my best friend's birthday and marriage tomorrow(Swathi of Octaves)
  • Reading a lot of books and also read some wonderful books this month me its an achievement....I think its time for celebration..!!! I wish all my blogger friends join me in this celebration...!!!

Dont worry I will not stop...My quill still has heart still has mind still has share with wonderful people like you..!!!

Thank you


Zoom along
Over every experience
Over time it heals
Making it a memory of pain

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!


Yearn to live
Special to make
Today, live fullest
Rather day will fade away
Rather not earned
Yesterday a memory, a lesson

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!


Xerographic copier, even
Erases nothing
Rather copies everything
O dear, be careful today
Xerox may affect tomorrow

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!


With the values of self
And the world around
Rage turns to a war within

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!

Your's Truly Me #7

friends are not those who surround you when you are happy
friends are those who give you a shoulder to cry upon when you are sad
Friends are those who ask you not the reason, calm you down first
Friends are those who you find when you feel you are alone


Vicious thoughts
Evil heart
Not good to possess
Only their destroy
Man's happiness
Optimism helps
Unveil Happiness
Surround self in joy

Written for May A-Z Challenge...!!!


Upon her girl's death
Loud cries echoed around
Unknown her pain to us
Little life she gave birth to
A girl child it was
Tore her life, killed her
End will this crime ever???

Written for May A-Z Challenge...!!!



Terror created
Round the world
All are innocent, who died
Grief left to the rest
It will end, I doubt
Can someone stop terrorism???

Written for May A-Z Challenge...!!!


Seeing only hunger
To die they live
Amidst pain of hunger
Rather pain of life
Very awful life they live
End they wish to see soon

Written for May A-Z Challenge...!!!


Relax from stress
Elevate life
Must live with joy
Ever shall work disturb not
Minimize hatred, increase love
Bring smile to others
Eternal sleep may anytime come
Remember to live the present fullest

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Quest of words, unending
Urge on to stop
Inner quill never does
Love lets me write
Live shall I writing with it

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!

Your's Truly Me... #6

The beauty of life is not with people whom you care for
it is with the people who care for you, people who love
It is always good to love, but it is great to be loved
Never loose the ones who love you for someone you love


Perpetual beauty
Endlessly dancing
Always enjoying rain
Crowned as
Our National bird
Celebrates life fullest
Keeping beauty alive forever

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!


Ordous being
Artistic creation
Today is his bride

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!


No pain
Unknown to heart
Must live every pain
Be it Eternal sleep

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Making home look better
Useless things trashed
Never has she taken rest
Day by day, for her
All it becomes mundane
Never she complains
Ever forever she continues

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II....!!!!


Little life killed
At the place of birth
Making it raveyard
Ever will it stop
Never will I take aback
The promise to stop the evil

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Key to my life
Exceptional values
Eternal principles
Put by my family
Special making life
Always I treasure
Keeping them action
Ever will I live with them forever

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!


Jolly poet
Can imagine
Detail with joy

Written for May A-Z challenge Set II..!!

May 26, 2010


Ideate a fairy
Most lovable with a
Pleasant smile

Written for May A-Z Challenge... Set II..!!!


Heavenly hug
Upkeep love and care
Special person
Beyond others
Anytime and every time
Nurturing her
Dream of her life, to get

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!


Light to
Over darkness
Of the poor
Must work forever, will I

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!

May 22, 2010


For some
State of
The mind
Erupting anger
Deadly to world

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!

May 21, 2010


Earn yourself
Never grudge
Very able
You are too

Written for May A-Z Challenge Se II...!!!


Determined to
Practice of killing
A girl child
Relaxed I shall never be
Achieve this, my goal
Turn away never till my
Eternal sleep takes me away

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!

May 20, 2010


Cease cutting trees
Harvesting greenery
Alerting truth
Remnant existing
Remedy find soon
Else, no more we shall be
Death shall burn us

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II..!!!

Your's Truly Me #5

Never expect others to be nice to you, Only you can control your behavior
Treat others as you want to be treated, Ignore their mistakes, their negatives
Remember nothing can be perfect, Neither you are, nor is this world...!!!


Better life, I
Reckon to live
In this world
Never materialized dream
Kill it within, did myself

Written for May A-Z Challenge Set II...!!!


A small yet
To smile is here

Written for May A-Z Challenge--Set II..!!!


“I LOVE YOU” he said holding her and an umbrella.
In the deserted street, she heard the echo of the three words.
“I LOVE YOU TOO” she said kissing him.
In the delight, he left the umbrella. As the rain kissed them too, they almost forgot them. They heard nothing else except each others’ heartbeat.

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

My first attempt on 55 fiction...!!!

May 18, 2010

Your's truly...Me... #4

Believe, Really believe that you can
and dear friend, take my words
you really can...!!!

May 15, 2010


Zeal to
Noesis, I have from ZEN

Wow....finally completed the may A-Z Challenge in a record time of 15 days...feeling very good..and yes, all thanks to Vinay aka Leo who gave me all the words...thanks Leo..!!

i enjoyed writing all the while, and it feels good to be back my Land of Dreams which has always been special to me..!!!

I thanks each and every one who encouraged me all the way during my journey....thank you friends..!!!

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Happiness found
With family around
Friends to enjoy
In the hands of your love
Good health, lovely heart
Yardstick of success

Not a luxury car
Nor a duplex home
Neither a lavish dinner
Nor great amount of cash
Not the rich possessions
Yardstick of success

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Thinks of hatred
Hatred filled heart
Heart, not known
Known for ill feelings

Feelings I have none
None, shall have for her
Her presence I hate
Hate to the heights

Heights of negativity she brings
Brings no smiles
Smiles, she almost forgot
Forgot to enjoy success, she

She is a Xanthippe, Oh
Oh God, thanks
Thanks am not one
One can destroy joy
Written for May A-Z challenge..!!!


Wish not to meet her
n the jinx

o be

Caught never
ope do I

Written for May A-z Challenge..!!!

May 14, 2010


In this land of beauty
No poor, no poverty
No tears, no sorrow
No ill, no famished
I wish to see

In this land of culture
No castes, no religion
No gender discrimination
No states, no fights
I wish to see

In this land of traditions
No you and I disputes
No corruption, no depravity
No exploiting the fellow countrymen
I wish to see

The day I see my country
A Nation known for happiness
A Nation known for unity
A Nation known for love
In vanity I would say


Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!


Child abuse

Female infanticide
Breast Cancer

Child marriages

Honor killing


Which one shall I choose?


To start my journey

To harvest problems

To eliminated grief

Where shall I start my journey??

Written for May A-z Challenge..!!!


Bond built
Trust within
Be together
A promise

Leave never
In joy
In grief
A promise

Treachery hurts
The deepest
Especially when
Promise breaks

Dear Friend
Ere death
Of thou
Promise lasts

Thou shall
Assure thy
Trust forever
And ever

Written for May A-Z Challenge..!!!

May 13, 2010

Your's Truly,Me..#3

If you have accepted to listen, then continue to listen
Never expect anyone to listen to you
You will definitely be disappointed.