Apr 8, 2015


The moment she respired
She felt her mother
Through the soft fluids around

As she grew a little
She caressed her mother
Through the divine walls of her womb

As she developed a little more
She enjoyed her mother
Through symphony of her lubllaby

As she decided to see her
She escaped into eternal darkness

For she is a girl as her mother is…!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!

Apr 7, 2015


Perceptions & politics
Gossips & goosebumps
Collaboration & competition
Friends & not friends
All possible between just two people
Workplaces redefine relationships

Come what may
Together for the organisation
We always stand
Next minute we are divided apart
Yet we understand each other
Or do we think so?

Three years into a workplace
I've learnt more than ever
I earned my friends
That laughter at lunch
Chatter on the platter all time
Sweet & bitter relationships

Friends @work
Hard to find
But once found
Hard to forget

Written for April A-Z challenge...!!!

Apr 6, 2015

E--Ever after..!!

Together with your smile
I fantasized laughter 
Along with your little thoughts
I awaited a long talk
Pooled with your funny adventures
I envisioned challenging life
United in the warmth of your embrace
I anticipated to be living happily ever after

Written for April A-Z Challenge..!!

Apr 5, 2015

Its never the last..!!

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Tears of the little girl
for the toy lost
Cries of the young lady
as she leaves the family behind

Her first winning
of the race in school
Her every effort
to succeed in life

Together in joy
forever on grief
its her perfect mate
her special friend

Perfect with the delightful roses
Cuddling in its molten texture
velvet silky luscious creme
Its beyond his love

Ecstasy defined
as it softens and melts
embraces senses
dark or mild, sweet or bitter

On a sunny day, its dark
sweet in the rains
and hot in the snow
yet its never the last

Come what may
the size Zero shape
or the big fat tummy
for her, it's never the last chocolate...!!!

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Apr 4, 2015


A beautiful dream
of love in life
shared it with you
now shattered into pieces

Those silent stares into the void
endless wait by the phone to ring
a little wink, the naughty you
I still await denying the fact never to find

Gifts flowers diamonds
All I shall give up
Flooded by your thoughts
My heart denies to accept

Even if I do, I shall wait
A hundred thousand years
For my love is true
Even if you deny...!!

Written for April A-Z Challenge...!!

Apr 3, 2015


Countless stories of pain
Anger in heart, tears in eyes

Gigantic world, all against her
Every eye staring at her
Distant dream is her happiness

Written for April A-Z challenge..!!!

Apr 2, 2015


At the wake of the dawn
Awaited the mighty sun
For the moon to move
To spray its rays
For its his turn now

The pleasant moon
Lost in his world
Forgets the dawn
Rather trying to ignore
For it’s the beauty he lost to

His mightiness wins the war
And the rays fall on her
Her beauty shines in ray of light
Revealing her colors through the woods
Is it the luscious green or the scintillating blue?

He moves around the sky
From pole to pole to find her
As she runs across the timbers
He is mesmerized in her sight
Beaming out with joy

The day ends and the night falls
Sun sets and the moon rises
She is the most beautiful of all
The sight of her highness is a pure bliss
And if it’s the herds of peacocks
It’s a heavenly feeling

Written for April A-Z challenge...!!!

Apr 1, 2015


Stroke of the brush
Staining the canvas
Mild or dark

String of words
Woven together
Happy or sad

Sight of beauty
Captured on the click
Just at the right moment

Tuning melodies
Right blend of octaves
Moment's splendour

Beautiful blend of senses
Fusing expressions
Displaying passion

Painting dreams
Poetic verses
Photographic moments
Musical melodies
Dancing emotions
Any form of art
Is just the language of heart

Written for April A-Z challenge...!!!