Mar 27, 2012


“Women Employment” is the topic of the day. I recently read an article about the reluctance of a manager in employing a woman and the reason he states was that the candidate is a woman and he can’t rely on employing her as she may leave at any time.

I was surprised to find out that there are still people like that. Today, when women are found also in the topmost positions of the organizations, “how could he reason like that?” was my question.

Women have always known about the impact that they have on the society. They always knew what is important and the ways to optimally achieve it. Its just that the man around is not open for acceptance, just like that manager who was reluctant to employ a woman.

Development of women is not in the hands of them because any task given to them, they do it the best. Its in the hands of the Men who are not ready to accept it. If man had been open for developing a woman and empowering her, then we would have shown him how stars are easy to reach.

As a woman of the 21st century, I would like to highlight something about why we are the way we are:

1. Women are definitely aspiring high but the families we come from are not letting us fight for our aspirations...we still are respecting the values..!!!

2. Definitely the requirements of women are the organization must understand the variation and implement their work policies and design their work culture..!!

3. If someone says "We choose not to be on the top"...may be yes and we have our own reasons.. we are indeed multitaskers...but, sometimes priorities play the game and we are intelligent in choosing as well..!!

4. We can be better every day, just that the opportunity given to us is not as open as it to men...that makes the difference..!!!

5. We started to think out of the box but we are still in the box and thinking...give us a chance to implement and we will come out with flying colors..!!

6. How can anyone say that a woman can’t handle the responsibilities well? I strongly believe that each of had learnt to live our responsibilities from our mother. Whatever the time may, the mother never forgets her responsibilities. The case of a woman is no different.

So dear world, being woman is worth and respect them for what they do your life wearing different roles of a mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter etc.

Salute womanhood…!!!

Mar 24, 2012


Being a teacher
Is different I thought
Its special, I experience

Being a teacher
I am learning more
Than I was as a student

Research books around
Student I again become
Sorting a pile of knowledge

Being at a college
Is always refreshing
Specially being a teacher