Sep 11, 2011


write any topic
feelings from within are best
hearty weave awesome

Written for Haiku Heights...Day11...!!!

Sep 10, 2011


Family around

Stunning magic in itself

Best bond defines life

Written for Haiku Heights..Day 10..!!!

Sep 9, 2011


Best friends of all times
known for smiles we spread
unknown are the tears we shed

The promise we made
to be there for eachother
I know will never fade

Little fights enjoyed
top secrets traded
trust mutually built

Today as you celebrate
another year spent
I celebrate our friendship too

Today as you enter
another year of life
am all set to live our friendship

Happy birthday Chandu
my only wish for life
is our bond flourish forever

in love and care
in hugs and smiles
in fights and punches

Happy Birthday ra :)


Yearning peace we live
but none we get in return
still we wait for some

Written for Haiku Heights...Day 9....!!!

Sep 8, 2011


heart within hidden
brilliant art of weaving words
pleasure penning down

Written for Haiku Heights...Day 8...!!

P.S Donot miss my previous post...these are posted back to back..!!!


"I was fed up with my life and so I decided to end here I am on the railway track and waiting for death..!!!" she was explaining herself and answering her own questions about what she was going to do.

"I was never loved at home for just the reason that I am a girl. Was it my mistake that I wasnt born as the male child who would take care of the family later. Was it my mistake that the society treats girl children as the "Liability" while the other gender as the "Asset". Was it my mistake that I was born in a country where Goddesses are respected but the girl children are killed??" she thought when she remembered how her father never spoke to her in all these years.

"I studied well. I am employed and earn good salary and respect. I am married...but for what reason? Just to work as a servant to the man whom my parents bought for the marriage? Am I given to him along with the money so that he can torture me physically and emotionally?" she thought when she saw her wedding ring.

"Today when some idiots abuse me and throw me on the road, where was he? It never bothered him coz' he thought I was always my parents daughter. But where were my parents?? It never bothered them too...coz' they just believed that I am his wife...but dear God, where do I belong?? To my parents with whom I took my first breath or To my husband with whom I am supposed to live my last breath?" Now tears were all over...she cried her heart out...she never knew that her death was not near...!!!

"Dear God, If you made the rule that Males children rule the world then why did u not tell us that we were just slaves in this world before we were sent here...if u did...we would never have seen those dreams and never have wished to live freely...Why did u not tell us??" She is shouting now..!!

He questions maynot have woke up God...but they did wake the Lineman of the track who was sleeping nearby...He was startled to see the young girl in the torn rags and scratches all over her body. He understood the situation while tears rolled down.

"I am going to come back to you as I fear TOMORROW and life ahead shows no path to me" she was yelling while she heard a noise. She turned to see who it was and found him sitting beside her with a smiling face and loving eyes looking at her.

"Why are you here??" she asked him.
He smiled.
"I see no life ahead, my tomorrow is meaningless. No one loves me. No one bothers if i am alive or dead" she was screaming now.

He smiled and said " I have seen these tracks all my life...from here it seems that they end at a point but when you go there they are still running ahead...I have not yet found the end...such if life darling...Today it feels that its the last day...but there is always a tomorrow...and before we realize that there is none...we are no more...!!"

He said and left...she thought for a while and got off the tracks...!!

It needs a moment to end a also take a similar moment to start a new one too...!!

Written for Thursday Tales...Tale #76..!!!
Also for Sunday Scribblings...Tomorrow..!!!

Sep 7, 2011


Linkdaily disasters
action taken not any
hypnotic life turned

Written for Haiku heights..Day 7...!!!

Sep 6, 2011


Every color of life
chose you to shine
amongst all a smile
shines bright

Smiling beauty
I wish to call
but you are Phoenix
Rising from the ashes

Today as you cherish
another year spent
today as you celebrate
another start for life

Heres a small wish
from my Land of Dreams
to you, dear friend
I knew as a writer

May your dreams flourish
May your smiles multiply
May you be happy forever
thats my wish, dear friend

Happy birthday Raka..!!!


Linkmoment to cherish
the first kiss, am yet to feel
the bliss of the warmth

Written for Haiku Heights--Day 6...!!!

Sep 5, 2011


droplets of blessings
are gracefully falling down
reaping food for life

Written for Haiku Heights..!!!

Sep 4, 2011


with time it does change
inspiring life, live fullest
learn the way it comes

written for Haiku Heights..!!!

Sep 3, 2011


Facebook is all over these days...its become vital for the proper function of the machine installed in our body...!!!

Though I knew about my guy for a month now...I didnt change my relationship status in FB. But it never crossed my mind that I should also change my status until Jitu called me last night and suggested me to do so...!!

I felt he is right...coz' never in my life again will I be in a relationship...I may be engaged, married etc...but never again will i get a chance to update it as "IN A RELATIONSHIP"...!!

Soon I changed it and within a minute around 15 people liked it and 5 people commented and the "CONGRATULATIONS" are still am lovin' it..!!!

Changing my relationship status not only made people know that I found him but the blogger friends understood that I finally met the guy behind my poems in my Land of Dreams and also, my college friends got to know that finally Yamini is in love....wat to do..they never knew about my dream boy..!!!

Anyways...its sounds so good when i read my status message myself..!!

"Yamini Meduri went from "single" to "in a relationship"..!!

Wow..excitement doubles..!!!


Every spin ideal

Vital is from it learning

As its’ phase of life

Written for Haiku Heights..!!!

Sep 2, 2011


feelings so precious
of love, I started to feel
mirrors are my eyes

Written for Haiku Heights...!!

Sep 1, 2011


every word I write
inspired from the world around
is truly heartfelt

Written for Haiku Heights: Day 1...!!!