Aug 31, 2011


Wedding...a beautiful blending of two hearts, two lives, two hearts in way that the world identifies them as one...!!

This is my definition of Marriage...and now, when I am gonna experience the ecstasy...I design these Wedding Diaries where I can treasure all the sweet feelings as a memory for the future..!!

I have many things of the past to be included in the diary...but today is a special day...all the past for the next time :)

Today, we got our engagement rings :)..!!

When my mom asked me last week when I was in Pune, if its OK if she got the rings...I was confused...but said it was NOT OK and today, I feel so happy for having said so..!!!

Today, when we met and selected our engagement rings, it felt so special...!! It felt so good when I was checking out if my ring matches his'...Obviously yaar...Its HIM...I had dreamt all my life of him and today when he is beside, I have an ODD feeling :)...May be this is whats called!!!

Finally after wandering around three shops for almost 4 hours, we decided upon the rings :) that I have them with me...I realize that its just a month before the engagement now :) after a month...I will be all excited :)

P.S. Will upload the pics of our rings soon...the pic here is taken from the web :)

Aug 29, 2011


"Thank you"...we use this phrase almost everyday...!!

sometimes out of respect
sometimes out of love
sometimes out of formality.!!!

but a few days back, I realized that a "Thank you" from the bottom of your heart does makes a difference :)

Living in Pune, I inculcated the habit of thanking people for every small help that i got from them...!!!

Returning to Hyderabad, I carried this habit along bu one day it made me so happy for the same..!!!

One day i was traveling home in an auto Rickshaw...and when I reached my destination, i just got down, I gave him the money and said "Thank you Bhaiyya" and turned to leave.

"Madam ji" he called me back. I thought i gave less money and started to think i if i counted it right..!!!

But to my surprise, he returned all the money back and was smiling :)

"Kya hua bhaiyya??" I asked. (What hapened brother?)
"Madam, I have been driving auto rickshaw every day for the last seven years..I carried people of all classes and all ages...but you are the first one who thanked me for the same. It felt so good" I could feel the happiness he was then experiencing :)

"Madam, I will not charge you"
"But bhaiyya, I have to pay for your service"
"I want to remember this first thank you of my life, i dont want to make it regular. So for this time, dont pay me" he said this and left with a formal Hyderabadi Salaam :)

I really felt good that day....all the stress of the day was all gone..!!


Aug 25, 2011


"Hey darling" I was surprised to hear those words all over once again after 12 years.

"Hiii" It was louder and deeper that I felt...may be its true that when you love someone so much and dont get to meet them for a long time....even your cannot determine how to react...I realized it then when i met him then.

He is a true darling of my lovely grandpa :)

He brought me up amongst the greenery of the fields and cool breeze crossing from the distant hill tops...playing along the pure stream of was like living a dream in a wonderland.

I had to leave him for my further studies and career which made me live all alone in a distant world for almost 12years...I never got a chance to meet him.

Over time many things changed in my life and today, when I am about to get married,I couldnot miss his presence i am here and finally am with him.

"Dadu, I missed you so much..but being away from you i even had learnt so much..."I was lying on his lap living those good old days once again as the same little girl.

"Darling I always wanted you to learn everything in life and that is why i left you that day and till date i have been waiting to see you"

"Dadu, I met him an year back and in two days we are getting married"

"Darling I am so happy for you" he almost jumped from the platform on which we were sitting till then. "Such a great news you tell me now"...he was happy to heavens and the tears of joy came rolling down.

"Dadu, I have no one let in my life except you and him. I wanted to get married at the place where you found me when I was just a day old. He is coming here tomorrow"
His joy multiplied.

The day finally arrived.

I was in the best dress I could ever imagine in my whole life and was walking down the aisle with the most beautiful man in my life to meet my perfect man at the place where I was born and left to the world...Its a dream come true..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!

Aug 7, 2011


Friendship...the best of all relations...!!!

Friends...the only people in the world who understand the true person you are and when you try to be someone else, they can read that too :)...!!

Friends...whom you love so much that sometimes you even fight with parents and dear ones...but never know the REASON that you love them so much...!!

Friends...most adorable creatures..!!!

On this friendship day, I wonder who my special buddies are??

Are they my childhood friends?? who have known me for almost 20yrs and have been with me all the way long...they have actually shown me what FRIENDSHIP actually is..!! To us friendship is not solving each others problems...but when we meet we tease each us friendship is all about laughing and teasing and enjoying...we may have many problems but when we are together we forget the rest of the world...!!! Are they my special friends??

Are the special buddies ...OCTAVES?? who have been my friends since six years and have been with me in every problem I faced...who have built in me the confidence to face Life and live it Queen size...!!! Octaves till date have been those friends who knew the true ME...they know what I do, think and believe...may be my parents also do not know me better than Octaves do..!! I sometimes feels, they are my friends for life...but are they the special buddies I am in search of??

Or are they my Pune friends??? who had shown me life in completely different way and have been with me like a family for two long years away from home...!! Pune friends have definitely shown me a new phase of life which I dint even know that it existed...they were the shoulder for me when i wanted to cry..and a hug to celebrate my smile was always are they the special buddies??

I think each of them have their own special place in my life and if I want to compare them, I may kill myself before getting the right answer...!!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S are always special in every part of on this Friendship day, I dedicate this post to every friend of my life whom I respect, adore and love to the fullest :)

Aug 4, 2011



Written for Acrostic Only..!!!






Written for Acrostic Only..!!

BAD EGG..!!!

Bad egg
m named
Demanding colors

Each color
uide Differently
ame ununderstood

Bad egg is a children's playground ballgame played in Great Britain and other countries. Source about the game: Bad Egg

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!



Written for Acrostic Only..!!

Aug 2, 2011


Its already a month that I knew who HE is. Many things went on all these days but I wonder why didnt I ever share them here. No answer found. But now i have decided, not to miss any moment.

My land of dreams has always been so special to me in sharing about my dream boy. I wrote so many dream for him. Now that I know him, my dreams came true, I wish to share these moments too so that they remain fresh for years to come. He is gonna read them one day..!!

A life ahead
different it shall be
A new me
I feel I would be

no longer it scares
as its with you
no longer I think
as you are with me

give you shall I
what is unbounded
I give you my life
for all my love is yours