Aug 31, 2010


Woke up there
At a beauty I stare
Sweet song she sings
Flying with her tiny wings
Dew drops on the grass
Shine her as she pass
Garden bloom with her joy
I sit there every moment to enjoy
Singing dancing and twirling
Amidst I see her coming
To my little window
Flying in joy but slow
She stops by
To wish me hi
The beauty near me
It’s a real life to me
A smile I earn
Many more I yearn

Written for Monday's Child...!!!

Aug 30, 2010

Dream of Smiles

Dream of Smiles

I wander around in my dreams
searching up and down for smiles
i come across the land of dreams
where everything starts with a smile
filling the air with magic of love
the words create romance between hearts
and sometimes tears of happiness :)

I keep searching for the creator
creator who became a best friend
friend who showed lots of value of life in dreams
dreams completely filled with smiles
smiles shared to every wanderer in the land
land full of dreams filled with love smiles and friendship :)..

This is the land of dream
where friendship is the theme
everyone is ready to scream
and say we are all one team
with a small beam
enjoying with lot of ice cream
flowing like a stream
in the land of lovely smiley dream

5 point something
5 points about Ms Meduri

1.U read U smile and that is what Yamini is :)..
2.The person friend adviser mentor whom i can always depend
3.A great poet whose poets are adored by every friend :)
4.The person who created many things for social causes and helping people.
5.The most thing i loved about her ...when she celebrated her birthday with kids in homeless sweet of her...:)..

This post has been done to share a special reason ..we completed two wonderful years of our friendship ..thanks to you Yamini :)..



Her little ears longed to hear her mother’s voice. She counted on her heartbeat to hear those three words from her mom “I love you”. Every sound awakened her and she eagerly waited to see light. She wanted to see that special woman who is bearing her for months now.

Her tiny eyes closed, she dreamt every second about the happy family that shall be hers from the second she is born. She grew at a natural pace while the water around cuddling her gently. She never knew what hunger was as the soft womb had it all ready for her. She was tenderly molded and was beautifully modeled. She was beautiful as the pearl and radiant as the diamond. She was a magic created in dark but shall show light to the world. She was happy while the day to see her mother was nearing. She kicked her mom when she wanted to feel her more and then have a silent smile with the warmth of her mom.

But everything changed the day she was born. She expected her mother to be happy and have the tears of happiness at her first sight. She did find tears but there wasn’t any happiness in them. She still waited for her dad’s first kiss which she thought will get as soon as she saw him. She looked around for her happy family but found none. As she waited, it was time for her to sleep as she was tired seeing the colors of the world for the first time.

Her tiny eyelids opened again to find the world completely changed. She no longer felt her mother’s warmth or her dad’s presence. Not only this she also felt hungry. All the magic suddenly disappeared while she found herself in a dump of garbage when she suddenly realized that she was abandoned by her mother.

She closed her eyes not to see light again and closed her ears not to hear any heart beat again. She never wanted to see this world again not because this was cruel as it left her to the earth and winds but she was hurt to see the woman who bore for many months left her in a day.

Aug 29, 2010


To preserve planet
Every dawn awakes from dark death
But it dies again
Written for Haiku Heights...!!!

Aug 28, 2010

I’m the sister of Yamini Meduri…

And I’ve many reasons to be proud of being so. Read on…

** She is such a nice human being to stay with. To me, it appears as if she magically creates many positive vibes around her, which magnificently keep everyone happy and enthusiastic.

** She is the one and the only girl I’ve met, really, who does not like gossiping. I stress, being a girl she does not like gossiping, strange but so good.

** Yamini is one of those who are basically aim driven. Her confidence levels are so inspiring. Her love towards her life keeps her successful always.

** She has got quite a lot of friends. It is so nice to hear about them from her, especially Octaves. You guys rock!!

** ‘Akanksha’ the dream project for any person like me is being run by my sister, and I have no words to express why I should be proud of her.

So much to say, but I know, you all have known her and her kind heart from her posts. She is such a sweetheart to live with. The perfect definition of love she is, for me as a sister.

What I shall say about her writings? She has got a versatile style in fulfilling the poems. They mean absolutely fantastic at the same time they make much sense. You know it.

On this occasion of her 400th post, I wish her from bottom of my heart to step forward in life to reach her goals and aims. She is capable.

Dear, you are my sis and I’m proud of it, no words after this.

Ever Yours,

Pramoda Meduri

PS: Missing you badly here. Enjoy at home well and be happy as always. Keep smiling.

Aug 26, 2010


After long tiring days
after boring exams
am finally going home
for two months for internship
will catch you all from home..!!

Happy Blogging..!!!

by the time you read this post..i will be in the train for Hyderabad, the city of pearls and my home..!!!


a child's innocence
a mother's love
a kid's smile
a father's care

a friend's taunt
a sister's presence
a brother's guard
a lover's hug

a loving heart
a caring shoulder
a special hug
a wonderful kiss 


Aug 10, 2010


From the gates of heaven
I came here searching
for a person full of love
knowing not hatred

a connoisseur of Love
special feeling felt
when around
to feel it, am here

With God, I fought
none I say exist
created, He says
am here to find

Twenty one years later
realize, I do now
that she was with me
from the day one

lying in her lap
enjoying her love
her warmth, her care
I searched else where

Growing with her around
sharing every day with her
every minute I was searching
for her else where

My mother, an epitome of love
is just here, with me
in my little life
Dear God, I agree now

written for One Single Impression..!!!

Aug 1, 2010


Entangled in love
Of you I dream
Just you’re a thought
Still I blush with it

To dance with you
I chose a song
To walk with you
I chose a beach

A little sweet home
For just two of us
Smileys decorated around
I dream too

A morning coffee
An evening walk
A good night kiss
Is all I dream

Weaving a life
Smaller as the cocoon
I cherish your thought
The smile it brings

That tight hug
That sweet kiss
That special time
Is all I dream

To enjoy the sunrise
To cherish the sunset
With you beside
Is all I dream

Behind the cool
soft white clouds
You are hidden I know
Dear, I can see you

If you can see me too
Dear Love, a signal I wish
To let me dream
As I would know
You are there to live it with

Written for One Single Impression..!!!


A promise I share
With the people I care
Leave them, I can’t dare
For them, life I spare

Sharing a special knot
In its love, I am caught
Enjoyed lovely li’l thought
Many nightmares I fought

They were there for me
Happy, they wish me to be
Alone now I wander as a bee
Cherishing our sweet honey

Octaves, my friends
Together till world ends
Apart today, alone we spend
One day we shall join

On this day of friendship
A li’l wish from my heart
To all those friends
Who are apart, still together

Happy Friendship Day...Hope u earned a bunch of gr8 memories 2 b cherished 4 a life time on this day...I spent 2day wid many of them