Jan 29, 2010


Its a silent agreement between the little hearts. Its the language which only they understand. Its the feeling of love, bond of trust. They are ready to do anything for each other. Helping one another to be better. Making every morning beautiful, every evening chilled out and every day complete, they actually lived for each other. Their bond was built on TRUST.

Suddenly, one day the trust broke. One heart never knew or never thought of. But the other heart planned about it already. Why will the other heart have to suffer though it loved to be with the other??Why was the precious FRIENDSHIP suddenly broken??

Hey friends, I dont know why am I writing this. The above few lines are not just written out of fiction, its tuth. I dont want to disclose whose life it is about coz' its not important. What is important is that, why do people decieve their friends? Is it the mistake of the other innocent friend who believed in friendship?

The innocent friend, is all about whom I know very well. She is hurt, for sure she is smiling but with a broken heart. Its difficult but she is living with it. She cried her heart out silently with no tears rolling down. she is still a good friend to be with.

I just understood one thing out of this..that "it hurts when your best friend cheats you and leaves you alone for no mistake of yours."

Please..this is a request to everyone in the world..."Please dont break the bond of friendship. It hurts."

The few lines below are for that person who broke the bond, who broke the trust..!!!

I will never forget you
though i find someone new
new lesson in life, you taught
be it in pain that i am now caught

I know it wont be easy
Its tough, Its heart breaking
but will live it definitely
as I dont want to be hurt again

Of all times you hurt me
of all times I cried
I now think, why was I hurt
and even, why I even cried

I still have many questions
I still cry out of pain
But all I can say is
Dear friend, I still respect you...!!!

Jan 20, 2010


We were in the comfort zone
Winning everything for us alone
Never bothered to look out
Never even thought about

We moved out now
flying like the little dove
now we realize, its hard
to fly with wings scarred

We still are ready to fight
to enjoy success flight
coz' we cant just let go
to see others win...BINGO...!!!

Jan 18, 2010

I DO...!!!

I feel alone
even in a crowd
I wish to smile
I do, not from heart

I spoke out my heart
none heard
I refuse to speak
I do, now in grief

Wish to hate the world
Never to love again
Never accepts my heart
My values stop me

Every day I wake up
trying to smile
I do, even today
with a small wish

With every new ray
with every new dawn
I wish happiness
to the whole world

with every last ray
with every pretty dusk
I wish loads of joy
to the whole world

Jan 11, 2010


I know its been a long time that i wasnt blogging....but yaar, my schedule is not allowing me to...so please am sorry for being regularly irregular.

But these days i am also irritated with some issues that i am not actually able to write anything new but just now i realized that write the same issues and you will atleast be free from it and here i am writing them.

India is a country with a large percentage of youth population who dream high and want to achieve something big and bring a "change" in the country. They complain all the time about the oldest politicians and the system they are working in. They say they would fight against everything thats going wrong in the country. They speak of Ethics and Values. They possess high energy and one day, leading the country on the global stage. And some of them already proved in doing so.

But there is a section of this youth who just say and dont work. They speak of corruption and unethical behavior but in reality, they dont care how is it gonna affect the country. Corruption in my feeling is not only the fault of the ministers or the higher officials its definitely the fault of us, who get our work done in a short time.

We dont wear a helmet and when a traffic police stops us, we give him 100/- and escape from the legal punishment and later complain that Traffic police stop us just to grab money (this may be true in some cases). why do you give it first. Ask him for the receipt of the money you paid but you never bothered coz' for the receipt you have to pay more.

We complain that India is a dirty country and its all garbage every where. But who is responsible for that garbage? Is anyone from some other country coming to India and throwing the dirt and leaving?? we never bother to throw the wrappers in the Dust Bins. The roads are the public just bins for us. We throw everything and anything on the roads and never bother about it. how do you expect the country to be clean.

You sit in the class rooms and speak about ethical behavior and curse those who are unethical and political in nature. You say its WRONG and that we have to fight against it. Also, you say in our country, when a rule is made, its never followed. but have you ever thought that its is us who have to follow the rules and it is us who violate them???

And the most worst thing is that when someone says that what you are doing is wrong, you try to lecture them that only you doing it wouldn't effect the whole country and you try to convince them on it. Also, the most worst thing about this is that you defend yourself that its not wrong though you know that IT IS.

This is not just the fault the young India, but this is also the fault of the parents who teach their children not to do anything wrong and to fight against everything that's wrong. But when the children grow up and actually start fighting against something wrong, they are the first ones to stop them. They say " Beta Duniya aise hi hain. tum badal nahin sakti ho. Tumko hi badalna hi hoga" (the worlds is like this dear, you cant change it. Think you have to change.) Why would the parents imbibe the so called Values into their children when they know that they are not gonna allow them follow them when grown up??

I, through this post, just wanted to take off my frustrations with the world around me and share my word.

"Its our country friends. Its already deceased and we are supposed to make it normal. No one else would suddenly drop from the sky or fly here from the other countries to change our country. It is us who have to bring the change. It is us who have to take the initiative. If you cant then its ok but please atleast dont try and discourage the ones who want to bring the change. When you are wrong accept it and agree the punishment. Parent India, please your turn is over and its you children's life and let them fight against the wrong and please if you cant let them do so, please dont imbibe the values into them from childhood."

I am not asking you to change after reading my post. If you are grown up and understand the point i am trying to make, you will atleast try to think about it. I cant see anything going wrong against rules, and i have faced the problem of people trying to convince me and change ME. I am strong on my values and try to be like this forever so please, dont tell me that the world is like this and i have to change to live in it and blah blah blah. I am not gonna listen.

The post is completely my own perception and its not related to any individual living or dead. If related to anyone in person, its purely coincidental.

Jan 4, 2010

MY LOVE..!!!

Fine tune of the cool breeze
Dancing waves across the seas
Little shells in the sands
Green trees on the lands

Enjoying the twilight
And the little sky light
Winking at the moon
Expecting a little boon

I wait there, alone
To just hear a tone
Saying "I Love You"
Which I actually want to

Jan 1, 2010


Leave behind the bad memories
Carry ahead the joy you enjoyed
Lets smell the new fragrance
As the new year sprinkles joy

Lets forget the harsh days
Remember the happy times
Of the year that passed
with true love, we shall share

Refreshing the abandoned dreams
Awakening the lost "self"
Embracing the delightful love
Lets Imagine a new "Life"

Provoking every inner smile
passing it on to every soul
even to those across the miles
I am here with my special wish