Nov 30, 2009


I want to be free
like the little flowers
blooming happily
to be the best beauty...!!!

I want to be free
like the green leaves
dancing with joy
in the cool breeze...!!!

I want to be free
like the tiny fish
swimming all the way
in my special world...!!!

I want to be free
like the little bird
flying up above
to the highest heights...!!!

I want to be free
be the true sign
of freedom, of liberty
but i am not...!!!

I am caged
between traditions
amidst rules
my wings are locked..!!!

Nov 22, 2009


Yeah...Yeah i know i am very late....very irregular these days....but yaar..try n understand...i am not able to make it up with my schedule....its being very hectic...but please dont forget ma land of dreams...!!!

now, i would like to share with you a real incident that happened just yesterday. its a bit boring but yes, worth sharing and worth reading....bit na....funniest...!!!

Main Charecters: Sri Nidhi (Sri) n Me

Preface: both of us are working for a conference being held in Mumbai from 25th-27th. we are supposed to call all the HR's of all the companies and invite them to attend the conference. we are the "conference cordinators". We have the college phone to call. no one keeps a track on the numbers except that sometimes it may get recorded so that you will not call up your home.

Day; 21/nov/2009
Time morning 9:00 a.m

Sri n I were coming to our office. we saw an owl on the wall. it was the centre of attraction for the whole team. we clicked pictures had fun for a while and got back to work. Around, 11:30 i suddenly remembered about owl and went to see if its still there. This time the owl looked very frightened and i could see only one leg. i thought, the owl is injured and is pain. i rushed back to the office and directly to Sri's cabin.

"Sri, i think the owl is injured. i am unable to see it in pain. Lets call Blue Cross."
"ok Yamini. lets search for the blue cross number in the internet."

we got 4-5 numbers and we tried all of them...all of them were wrong. we called Just-Dial and finnaly got numbers. there was no response since it was sat'day.

"sri lets call Red Cross. may be they will have some contact of the Blue Cross." and i gave the hyd Red Cross Number. we called them, took the mumbai red cross number and from there got the pune contact. When Sri called Pune office, we got to know that they dont have any contact of blue cross.

we were very desparate to help the owl and so, we searched in the internet of those volunteers and doctors involved with Blue Cross and somehow got the numbers. we called a chain of five people of blue cross when we finally got 2 people for the bird rescue out of which one was travelling.

By now we have already made 20 calls. the last, 21st call was Mr. Ajay.

Ajay heard all the story and then asked if we are able to see the wound. we said NO.

"See students. The Owls dont fly in the mornings. they rest. and while they rest the sit/stand on only one leg. it is their style of resting. and we dont rescue birds which are not in trouble. thanks for taking pain ma'm" he said and cut the line.

We couldnot stop our laughter for a while and the whole team, when said, burst into laughter...!!!

Though it was a foolish attempt, our research helped us know one thing


both Sri n I are now the voluteers of Blue Cross Society.

Nov 14, 2009


The little fingers
fly the balloons
the little palms
clap in joy

Their innocent smiles
refresh the air around
their special presence
make the day the best

They find happiness
in everything around
they sense a special joy
with every little thing in life

Today is the day
special to them
to celebrate
their sweet life

To every kid
be it at heart
this is my wish
from my Land of dreams


Nov 8, 2009

I AM...!!!

Like the cool breeze
blows around the world
I am free, to live

Like the fresh flowers
smiling to be present
I am beautiful

like the tough harsh thorns
of the beautiful little rose
I am tough, to myself

Like the dancing waves
of the vast blue sea
I am calm yet struggling

Like the morning sun
of every new dawn
My smile is extra bright

Like the world around
with all colors of life
I am the most beautiful

Like the flying birds
up above the world
I wish to reach high in life

I am the ship in the ocean
I know my lighthouse
The beach, I am striving to reach..!!!

Nov 5, 2009


She is beautiful
she should be
I made her so
with love, with care

I painted her
chose sweet pink
with the purest heart
I brought her to life

With the soft feather
I designed her smile
With the angels around
I sent her to that world

She is torn today, into pieces
with the culture of the land
her beauty is hidden
under that dark heavy fabric

Her perfection lost
with the torment
of the male world
she is swollen red

She died everyday
living for a new dawn
she mourned her life
still smiling for the world..!!!

This is dedicated to those women of the world who are covered from the world with the heavy traditional fabric, who are harassed by the male world, who have no right to live, who are deprived by their religion, who cry day in and day out, struggling to live with a wish to die...!!! I only wish that one day they live like us, a better life..!!!

I am really very sorry if had hurt your feelings and personal perspectives...!!!