Sep 28, 2009


People of my nation
Every one, listen
Redesign your living, as
India is dying
Start thinking, please
Thinking about yourself
Reconstruct the nation
Only not to you, to the future
Inorder to live
Kaizens important
Atleast now be an "INDIAN"...!!!

written for Acrostic Only...!!!

Sep 24, 2009


As we enjoy the beauty
of the sun going home
at the distant hills
it time for us to go home too

As the tiring day ends
walking with a friend
As the cool breeze touches
refreshing our senses

As the birds flying above
singing in joy, going home
the rhythms of their joy
can only be felt, never said

Suddenly I find my best friend
on the petals of the little flower
enhancing the beauty of the green leaves
tickling my soft cheeks too

Threw away the one I am
the little girl in me, came out
clapping and dancing
with my best friend

wish my best friend
to be always around
to show me my forgotten life
Sweet rain, please come back again

Sep 21, 2009


The tunes of the shells
The rhythms of the sands
The music of the waves
Wish to find you around

The fragrance of the breeze
The fresh presence felt around
The cool air dancing my senses
Wish to be tight in your arms

The distant hills so high
The chirping birds up above
The special world all around
Wish to live with only you

Many a times, i wanted
to feel your presence
but never till date
I foudn you dear

One day we will meet
when the heavens blush
when the angels blush
later, will be together forever...!!!

Sep 19, 2009

I WRITE...!!!

with the sun around
I wrote my dreams
with the moon above
I wrote my heart

better always
I tried to write
never was I happy
with what I wrote

but today I realize
my writings, some way
are better read inspiring
me to write more

in this happiness
I search words to write
a heart full of joy
can never write, i realize too

even though I tried
to write, my heart
joined the words together
This is what i could write

Hi i am very happy. happy above the world...on the cloud9. i won the Acrostic Only competetion for the month of August (check here)...!!!

No more words left to write friends....this is what i was able to write..!!!

Sep 16, 2009


One day we fought
For the littlest things in life
One day we celebrated
Every little joy of life
One day we faced
The toughest situations in life
One day we stood
For things that went wrong
One day we were together
For everything in life

But today, I realize it wasn’t a day
Four memorable years of life
Every day is a sweet memory now
You are my best friend dear
Who knows me better than me
Who understands my heart better
Who is special to me, to my life

On your birthday today
Here’s me, your sweet friend
Wishing you the world’s all joy
All the good wishes shower on you
All the happiness be yours
Happy birthday Dear
You are my dearest friend
In this special world
Let our friendship live forever..!!!

Chandu n Yamini...the best friends in the world...!!!

hi friends....i know it has got nothing to do with this month topic...but i couldnot miss this post...i loved to do this post....its my best best friend's birthday dearest friend..!!! we had been friends since last four years and now i am in search of words to tell u all how great friends we are....he is someone whom i can share everything...i dont have any secrets with life is a open book to him..!!! Friends...wish him all the success in the world...he really needs all your good wishes..!!!

will be back tomorow again..!!! hopefully..!!!

Sep 15, 2009


Rest of world die, May
Vain in, let they live
Ever will I think not
Start to cut, them
To my needs
In life, to fulfill
Never thinking
Greenery to be life

felt for Acrostics Only...!!

this is the situation of the present world now....never caring fr the rest of the world, people ccut down trees not realizing the harm they are doing to the environment...!! This acrostic is the attitude of the person who cuts down the trees...will one day do the same acrostic in a different way..!!!
Please dont cut down the trees yaar....they harm the nature...and our children can never live in a comfortable environment..!!!

Sep 12, 2009


The innocent faces
smile at times, cry at times
but enjoy their life
making it a joy, some fun

with the happy smiles
they lift their life, they struggle
with pain they work
but still they live

they are just little children
just like the ones of ours
but we never cared to think
for their better being

dont they deserve the rhymes??
dont they love the ice creams??
will they not want to play around??
will they not want to live their childhood??

they are the future of the country
lets join hands in the present
to help them study, to survive
to let them see how happy a life could be


Sep 10, 2009


Her smile is a pleasure, i thought
Her presence is a heaven, i felt

another me, coming to the world
waiting for her was always great

her little fingers, her little eyes
her sweet cheeks, her cute face

i waited, for another gift of God
another child of mine, a dear baby girl

Before i could see her, she is vanished
Before i could hear her, she is destroyed

the sacred womb, is turned a graveyard
killing the little life for just being a "girl"

Please let my little child see the world
let her see the light, let her see me

Later in life, she may just see the darkness
but please let see her the light atleast once

i the mother of world, pray, request, beg
please let my baby live..!!!

Sep 8, 2009


A sweet smile greets her every morning
With a warm hug, with the hot coffee
Expects her to smile back, and feel better
But never got it back

A loving hand brushes her hair every day
With love, with care, it runs through
Expects her to be happy and live with joy
But never got it back

Many eyes wanted to see her smiling
Many hearts loved her for the way she was
Many minds thought of her, and her life
But never got it back

She lived in the thoughts that ran through
Unable to link herself to the world around
She cried to know who she was
But never got it back

She wanted to know, why the smile
But the mother found it difficult
To say, “ Dear, I am your mother”
The dear daughter now never knew

She wanted to know, why the caring hand
But the father couldnot stop his tears
To say, “Dear, I am your father”
The dear daughter now never knew

She couldnot relate anything
The present world of hers lost the link
The link with her beautiful past
Living now, with just questions

Today all her questions still remained
Unanswered, but her breathe finally stopped
The pursuit of her identity is incomplete
She left the world, knowing not who she was…!!!!

i dedicate this post to all those suffering with Alzheimer's disease...when affected people forget everything...even who they are..!!! Long live the world but now die the disease..!!!

I think i will be writing about such social problems all this month....may be later on too..let me get serious now...!!! hope you will be there with me all along my journey...!!!

Sep 7, 2009

BE HAPPY...!!!

Be happy from heart
like the dancing trees all time
joy yours all time sure

Sep 6, 2009


For a cup of rice
All the time I wait
Mud at last I eat
In the garbage
Search will I, for food
Having not found
Everyday I wait for
Death that doesn't come

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