Jan 28, 2012


Wedding bells I think of
beautiful flowers I dream
Smiles all around
the best stage all set

our handsome prince awaits
his beautiful bride
shining bright as he finds her
love is all we see

"I Do" they say
husband and wife pronounced
celebrations begin
with rhythm and rhyme

while their air is filled
with wedding tunes
I wish them all joy
May God bless them
with a blissful life ahead

To my friend Anson Jerrin Mathews and his best half Jinu Simon on their most memorable day of their life.

Anson this is specially for you..
Dear, as the new phase starts, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I
know I am a li'l late in posting this...but i thought better now than never..!!

May laughter and joy fill every room of your life..!!As your lives join in love forever and as the joy increase twice...Here's a dream specially for you from my land of dreams...!! This dream is my wedding gift for you..!! All the best and congratulations..!!

Jan 16, 2012

Your's Truly Me--#22

"When you can't change anything, better not think about it.
never change your'self" accordingly...you may be changing forever.

Jan 13, 2012

To PRAMS..!!!

This post is indeed a special one to me...coz' my first inspiration to blog has completed her 600 posts and is celebrating...so, here i am sharing my part of the celebrations too..!!
before i start of with the post, i must tell you where to really congratulate her..she is known in the blogger world as Being Pramoda [link] but to me she is my dear cousin...whom i admire adore and love more than my real sister. Di, you are the best sister in the world.

so having said that, here goes my post---

I still remember the first time we had a conversation about blogs. Then i dindt know anything about except that i read about them in a newspaper article just a day before. The first time we spoke about them, i was really interested. I felt this is where i can show that world that i can write. she told me her blog link and i started reading her. I got to more about the Pramoda whom i knew not before...i was impressed and started a blog of my own and what happened later is all history now. I look back now and find that its already 4yrs in this blogger world..!!

She is a true inspiration for me to write. I dont know where she get the energy to write after the long day work but she does it with full passion. Pramoda as i know her is true through her pen. She lives herself through every word.

open up a whole new world
where you can fly
with colors of butterflies
where you can swim
like the beautiful gold fish
where you can dream
like the life is forever
where you can live
through your quill

600 is definite milestone
but rest you must not

open up a whole new world
of better take homes
for they are true learnings
of good book reviews
for they guide us read more
of special family bonds
for they are special to me
of everything new
for that is what is BEING PRAMODA

Congratulations di...more to go...all the best..!!

Jan 11, 2012


Sweet fragrance of spring
Fills the foggy air
A gentle breeze
Kisses my happy cheeks
Dancing colors
On the nature canvas
Beautiful countryside
I experienced

As the sun start to set
As the sky turns crimson
As I pluck flowers
From the fields around
As I gather chilies
Of the fresh crop
As he waits
For me to return

I lived a dream
Of a lifetime
I then realized
Our countryside
So precious, it is
Such beauty
So hard to find
Such beautiful sanctuary

Jan 6, 2012

I LOVE YOU...!!!

You held my hand
Felt I won the world
you smiled to me
felt life at the best

I look forward
For every sunrise
The early mornings in your arms
Fresh and beautiful

I eagerly await
The midnight skies
Beneath zillion stars
To be with you

I love the new me
Born with the first kiss
Alive with every hug
Happy as ever

I love you
For being yourself
I love you
For the person you made me

Jan 2, 2012


in the waking minutes
lets smile and celebrate
new calender as we turn
lets forget bad memories

with smell of new rain
lets turn a new leaf of love
with the kiss of the cool breeze
lets fulfill our fantasy

new year as i enter
a resolution i take
to pick my quill
express my heart
more often