Dec 9, 2010


I remember the time I first saw her...She was looking pretty but I was hardly able to recall her face after she left the room. She was there with all her family and I was with my dad and uncle. She had a good smile..this is what I could remember of the first day we met..!! roommate for 1 year and a friend forever. She is one of the many who pamper me the most. Romi, as we all call her, is my first friend in Pune and I was happy to find her. I was a little girl to her and always shall be :) and I enjoy it..!!

Romi...this post is especially for you dear...this is something I always wanted to tell you but i couldn't. I like you dear...I had hurt you many a times coz' I wasnt able to accept you sometimes. Many reasons...but today, Yamini likes you for whatever you are. Now that I am away from you, I understand you better. Love you sweet heart...for whatever you are..!!

Now that I am done with my boring lines, here is my birthday gift for you...some lines for you...coz' at this moment this is the only gift that your little girl can give you on your day..!!!

a wish for you dear friend
who understands, who cares
who listens, who is always there
a wish full of joy and love

cakes ready, the candles lit
Make a wish, blow them off
just look around, find me
making a wish too, just for you

birthday greetings, from my heart
may a happy special year start
that's full of joy, happiness
successes and celebrations

I promise
to share
every moment
special to you
as you are a special friend too

All these days, memories created
are special and will be treasured
Celebrating our dearest friendship
Here's my special love

Happy Birthday Romi..!!!


Jingle said...

Happy Birthday, Romi.

Creativity!! said...

Belated Happy Birthday To Romi.