Mar 12, 2013

Your's Truly Me #23

Better be silent than debate
sometimes we don't really need to speak
silence speaks more

Mar 11, 2013


Across life
we cross different paths
every path teaches
the assigned life's lesson

If seem complicated
it us not life
our instinct decides
what life gives

Accept with smile
all life brings
hug it tight
happy we shall be

Written for: One Single Impression & Sunday Scribblings...!!!


Beautiful life's folds
Artistic Origami
Silhouette as unfold

Written for: Haiku Heights...!!!

Mar 7, 2013


Unlimited are
the number of options
but bound to choose only one

The choice decides
what you shall be
after years of practice

If you are woman
no choice left to you
as all are already taken

So never blame your"self"
as your fate is decided
not by you...never by you

Written for: One Single Impression...!!!


Merry time


Miss to realize

Eternal truth

Never I stop

To wait for it, the Moment

Written for: Sunday Scribblings...!!!


Oh! Cool breeze of love
bring me back from land unknown
show beauty of life

Written for: Haiku Heights...!!!