Dec 21, 2010


I wake up today and think something is missing in my life. What exactly is it, I really don’t know...!!

I sit down to write this with many thoughts in my mind but unable to put atleast one on the blog, is this as writer's block?? No I don't feel so. I think it’s about my life which at this point of time which is actually very boooring..!!!

So now I decide to explore myself through my Land of explore those small little things of my life that made me happy to the heavens...those li'l things which I treasure for all times to live and those things which I miss today..!! So, here it is a brand new series on this special place of mine where I can be me forever and ever…!!

So you might be wondering what exactly are you going to do here while I am exploring myself here…and what you shall be doing while I discover that missing thing in my life..!! So here is what you can do.!!

After you read what I explore about me, you might get a little thought that makes you smile for a while..I want you to share it here in my land of dreamers…Let the fellow dreamers know that special thing in your life….so get ready for the brand new series… “SMALL LI’L THINGS OF MY LIFE”…!!!

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