Nov 22, 2010


The first part of the story can be found here [link]. please read the first part before proceeding :) else you would never understand the tale so please read the first part..!!!

````After 20 long years````

She woke up today just to make sure that her to-do list which has pending from last three weeks should not be left for the next work.
Carefully reading the Post It stuck on her almirah, she decided to first clean her old things so that the unused can be donated to Goonj(an NGO), India.

While looking through, her eyes fell upon something that broke her broken heart after 20 years. That was the first gift he has given her and today, she didnt understand why it was still with her. She wanted to throw that away but something stopped her.

Music Pleasant
to soul thats lost
bringing back
memories once sweet

The wind chimes, brought his memories to him. The little heart that was hard as rock for all these years, has suddenly broke down. She decided to back to her village the next weekend not to meet him but to meet her parents, her loved ones whom she had left 20 years back because of him. She left to the village next friday.

the early dawn
welcomed her with love
the flying birds
sung the songs of joy

lovely hearts
happy to see her
her parents
overwhelmed with joy

she was happy to see them all again. For 20 years, she has lived a life of an orphan away from her loved ones. She wanted to run away from him, but that made her run away from her life.

After too much time spent with parent, she started to leave back to home as she has lots of work at the office. While she was almost out of their little home, her father asked:

"Beta why dont you meet him once?"
"Papa how can even ask this? He is responsible for us not meeting for 20 years. Why will i ever see him again in my life?"
"Beta, one last time please meet him. This is your father's only request. Will be fine even if you dont come back to us again"
"OK papa. Take me to him. I want to see how he is without me in life."

She along with her mom and dad went to his house which she imagined to be her home for life.

She was astonished to see how the home wasnt changed over years and yes, the chimes that were hanging at the entrance, astonished her.

She quietly walked inside to see him lying there waiting for her.

She broke and he was happy.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

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Nanka said...

The sensation of being back at home was most poignant and stinging!!

Read both parts together and could there be a 3rd part :) Did she stay on or leave?? Could get interesting!!