Nov 25, 2010


Held in his arms
Am wrapped in love
Nice time I revel
Giggling his presence
I enjoy life
Nicest I found
Good time I spend

Over life I enjoy
Unique time with him
Till death I wish

Written for Acrostic Only..!!!


Nanka said...

Very romantic indeed!!

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

hanging out with a love one til death us do part ... is that marriage! LOL.

Amanda Moore said...

very romantic we are all lucky to have this kind of love at least once in our lives!

Yamini Meduri said...


thanks dear..!!

Yamini Meduri said...


y doubt?? am gonna marry my dream boy we shall be together till death..!!

Yamini Meduri said...


yeah very right..and am still waiting for my special love ;)